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Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200
Level by Level

It was suggested to me that a “leveled” Guide would be a good thing to have floating around
Gaia. The person who had suggested it said they had never seen a “leveled” Guide and after
asking around I got the general consensus that it had never been done but would be very much
appreciated. The “leveled” idea was inspired by a stunt I pulled a while ago that I called “Jace’s
Race to Space.” My progress went “level by level” at pre-conceived plateaus from level one:
“Dirt” to the highest level: “Space.” The idea was to go from 500g to 1000k in as little time as
possible. (16 days, can you beat it?) The levels logged on my profile and the information I put in
my signature led this idea to be created.

So I decided to create this Guide. But after a fashion I realized that it would probably be
impossible to create a Guide like this. I’d practically have to write a new Guide for each level
and much of it would be repeat information, so if you wanted to graduate from level one to level
two you would have to read through all kinds of crap before you could get to the pertinent
information. Not only that but I would also have to update it all the time.

So this Guide is what I ended up with as a compromise. A huge amount of generalized
information and one page of very specific information. This is the page of specific information. It
contains item-specific, type-specific and hoarding suggestions for what to buy and what not to
buy at your gold level. Pay attention to the “updates” post on page one or look at the date in the
upper right of each level to see when it was last updated. If I haven’t gotten around to updating it
in a while the type-specific portion is still relevant but the item-specific or hoarding (concerning
EIs) portion may not be.

The "levels" refer to both gold and experience. For example, if you already have 500k but no
experience vending/exchanging I do not recommend jumping straight to that level. If you're just
starting out, no matter how much gold you have, you should start at level one to gain
experience. That way, when you make mistakes, as you almost inevitably will, you'll make a
mistake and learn your lesson without loosing a lot of gold.
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Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200

Level One

How to choose items to buy for profit at this level and a list of some of the best to
buy for profit at this level.

Type-specific. At this level you are looking for quest and event items, for the most part. The
quest must have come out at least one month ago for the item to be a good choice for Vending
or Exchanging. Likewise the event must have been at least one month ago. This allows the
items to reach a stable price at which you can buy and sell it. If you really are starting with
100g you should look for items that sell in the market for 100-300g and have a large number of
listings. Up until you’re a 10k you probably don’t want to spend more than 500g on a single
item (which means the item should sell in the marketplace for 750g-1k.) If you’re at a really low
gold level (or just waiting for things to sell in your store) I suggest playing games for a few extra
gold or combing the marketplace for below buy-back priced items such as matte tiles or
peasant items.

Item specific. This is just a list of items you can probably buy roughly at your level (I might be
slightly off depending on the day or inflation/deflation since my update). All the items in this list
should be able to be bought for 500g or less. After some consideration I decided that the best
items to focus on are ones that sell quickly. Especially at this level you want a quick gold
turn-around. The items listed here are in descending order of the number of units a day they
sell. The top items sell thousands of units a day and then the list goes down to hundreds and
the lowest still sells more than fifty a day. By no means do you only have to buy and sell the
things on the list but all these items should be easy to buy and easy to sell.

Black Ink
Green Ink
Blue Ink
Red Ink
Sacred Key
Gold Ink
Goldfish Drop
Aquarium Goldfish
Orange Ink
Titan's Legacy (Seed)
Aquarium Hermit Cat
Jace Quin's avatar

Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200

Level Two
(10k - 100k)

How to choose items to buy for profit at this level and a list of some of the best items to
buy for profit at this level.

Type specific. At this level you can buy older and more expensive event or quest items as well
as Cash Shop items, rares and the least expensive MCs. Because of the margin of profit and
the fact that you are trying to constantly be selling ten different items in your shop I do not
recommend buying MCs or anything like that worth more than 10k even if you can afford it.
Obviously this law is not written in stone and you don’t necessarily have to obey it if you don’t
want to. Again, with the quest and event items you want them to be more than one month old
and you do not want them to be “in season.” If you’re in the lower half of this bracket I suggest
buying items for 1k-5k. There are some good rares and event items at this level but Cash Shop
items are always a good bet (provided they are not too new).

Item specific. Again, selling quickly is hugely important so these items are listed in descending
order of the number of units they sell a day. They range from hundreds of units down to
twenty-five units a day. These items should be able to be bought for 1-10k. If you are in the
lower end of this bracket you'll want to try to stick to less expensive items to achieve the goal of
selling ten different items in your store at all times.

White Ink
Enki's Catch
Pink Magical Giftbox
Orb Aggregate
Enchanted Wooden Trunk
Brown Magical Giftbox
Pink Link
Ninja Sword
Blue Magical Giftbox
Polar Bear Paraplush
Fox Ears
Wind Halo
Enchanted Golden Trunk
Fox Tail
Catastrophe 2nd. Gen.
Pink Ink
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Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200

Level Three
(100k - 500k)

How to choose items to buy for profit at this level and a list of some of the best to
buy for profit at this level.

Type specific. You're ready to buy the average MC which falls in price from 10k to 100k. You
can now buy most RIGs (officially known as Chance Items) such as the Double Rainbow,
Eternal Rivals, or Crystal Overdrive. I do not recommend, even if you can afford it, buying any
single item worth more than 100k. Remember, the goal is to have ten different items selling in
your store at once. That's hard to do if you have all your gold wrapped up in one item. I might
mention, at this level, that's there's no point in shunning good deals on "lower level" items. You
do not necessarily have to buy items only at your level. You can continue to buy cheap Benny
the Puppys or Heart Eyepatches, etc. if you see them. The only reason I say that higher-priced
items are better at this point is because you can only sell ten things in your store at once
(unless you want to deal with the hassle of trading back and forth with mules) so even though
the percentage of profit is higher with smaller items, you have to sell a greater volume to get the
same profit as from larger items, and with the Marketplace you have a bit of a bottleneck. MCs,
Cash Shop Items, RIGs, RIG items, some EIs, some older event items, and rares are all good
for profit. Steer clear of hard to sell items that have few or no units that move on the average day.

Item Specific. The following items move from hundreds of units down to at least twenty-five
units; arranged in descending order of the number of units. They are popular items that have a
lot of potential for catching misprices and quick turn-around.

Night Walker's Reprisal
Luck Key
The Gravedigger
Gro-gain MAX
Kitty Slippers
Scarlet Mist
Queen Anne's Lace
First Frost
Raider Shih's Garment
Long Drag
Occulus Mythica
Nitemare Sash
Black Widow
King of Life
Grizzly Hoodie
Secret Sparkles
Sparkle Werewolf
Pistoler 4th Gen.
Shadow Werewolf
Gothic Veil
Black Werewolf
Ice Werewolf
Rock Hard
Alchemy Starter Kit
Ashen Werewolf
Golden Magical Giftbox
Summoning Tome
Ace Meow
Assassain’s Guise
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Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200

Level Four: Beginning Hoarding

I suspect it was my original intention to list fifty items worth 100k-1M at this level but... I can't
give you advice for things I don't do. Yes, I do buy Chuck Norris Scarves and Golden Laurels
when I have enough gold to do so, but I don't turn it into my primary thing. I mostly continue to
buy MCs worth 20-200k. So I decided that this level would be more appropriate to have lower
cost hoard-items in this section and higher-cost ones in the next section, though you should
always reserve at least 100k to continue Vending or Exchanging while you hoard (although
personally I find that keeping a million or more gold in pure is good.)

You don't need a lot of gold to hoard items but if you're to the point that you have 500k-2,000k in
pure a lot of that gold is just sitting there not earning you money. So you can invest it in
hoarding to earn even more gold. I think your average user is going to want to start with event
items because they're easy and help give you a feel for hoarding. If you want more information
on hoarding check out my other guide: The Solution to a Problem; A Guide to Hoarding

Type-specific: Event items. Event-related CS or MC items.

Item specific: Organized in chronological order, starting at the beginning of the year. Arranged in
no particular order.

To decide if now is a good time (or not) to start hoarding a seasonal item, please refer to the
following little chart:

Valentines Day
Hoarding season: April through December
Sell: February 1st-14th

Saint Patrick's Day
Hoarding season: May through January
Sell: March 5th-17th

Hoarding Season: June through February
Sell: In the two to four weeks prior to the date

Hoarding Season: July through April
Sell: During the Prom event

Hoarding Season: January through August
Sell: The month of October

Hoarding Season: February through October
Sell: December 1st through 25th

A special note about Halloween and Christmas. For the best profit, hoard during the hoarding
season. For quicker, but less return on investment profit, hoard only in the month prior to the
event. I do not recommend this for any other holidays.

Valentines Day
V-Day 2k9 Heart Lollipop
Broken Heart Mood Bubble
Loving Heart Mood Bubble
Love Wrapped
Diapered Egg
Sexy Present (Valentine's Day 2k9)
Grace of Aphrodite
Grace of Anteros
Romance Pendant
Long-Stem Red Rose
Red Heart Balloon
V-Day 2k11 Diedrich's Balloon
V-Day 2k11 Radio Jack's Balloon

Saint Patrick's Day
Astra-XI: Lucky Clover
Floppy Clover
Clover Fluff Plushie
Lucky 4Leaf Clover
4 Leaf Clover Pin
Clover Cap
Luck o' the Gairish

Bunny Hoodie
White Bunny Hoodie
White Bun-bun Plushie
Easter 2k10 Egg
Easter 2k10 Grunny Egg
Oversized Carrot
Pink Bunny Slippers
Easter Bunny Ears
Bunny Tail
Chubbi, Cutie & Baby Chicky
Easter 2k11 Robotic Bunny Ears
House Bunny Ears

Men's Wearhouse Tuxedo
Men's Werhouse Flirty Suit
Men's Wearhouse Spring Suit

Jack's 2k9 Pants
Jack'd Skirt 2k6
Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Earings
Jackster Leggings
Jack's 2k9 Giant Lollipop
Jack's 2k9 Pumpkin Lantern
Jack's 2k9 Ominous Mask
Jack's 2k7 Headphones
Jackster Two-Pointed Hat
Vampire's Bat Swarm
Jack's Bat Clip
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Sharp Coat
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Twisted Hat
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Flashy Cape
Jack's 2k11 Shirt
Jack's 2k11 Boots
Jack's 2k11 Pants
Jack's 2k11 Mantle
Jack's 2k11 Scarf
Jack's 2k11 Gloves
Jack's 2k11 Tattered Belt
2k11 Werewolf Skin
2k11 Werewolf Hunter
Any Halloween Black/Orange item is fine, just don't go overboard with any one item.

Spirited Hat
Spirited Shoes
Jolly Hat
Spirited Boxers
Spirited Socks
Spirited Gloves
Gingerbread Man Cookie
Holly Pin
Spirited 2k8 Boots
Tangled Christmas Lights
Spirited 2k9 Captain's Boots
Spirited 2k6 Hat
Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe
Spirited 2k6 Gloves
Spirited 2k6 Scarf
Holly Candle
Spirited 2k7 Socks
Spirited 2k7 Puff Vest
Spirited 2k7 Hat
Spirited 2k8 Candycane Stockings
Spirited 2k8 Scarf
Spirited 2k9 Captain's Coat
Spirited 2k6 Boots
Spirited 2k6 Corsage
Spirited 2k7 Boots
Holly Hairpiece
Spirited 2k7 Jeans
Spirited 2k7 Peppermint Lollipop
Spirited 2k6 Candy Cane
Spirited 2k8 Santa Hat
Spirited 2k8 Candycane Dress
Tiny Christmas Head-Tree
Any Spirited 2k10 Item
Any Christmas Red/White/ Green item is fine, just don't go overboard with any one item.
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Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200

Level Five: More Advanced Hoarding
500k & Beyond

The things in the forecast either require a larger initial investment or a longer waiting period for
your item to pan out and earn you gold. Hence the fact that I refer to these things as being a
more advanced form of hoarding than seasonal item hoarding is. I try to recommend good things
but I'm only human. Sometimes I might be wrong.
For more information on hoarding check out my other guide: The Solution to a Problem; A Guide to Hoarding

Recondological Forecast

So, what does that crazy word mean? Hoard-thinking, if you want to be literal in your translation. I actually made up the word to make a joke about Meteorology. Extra points for guessing the joke.
Please note that everything posted here is my own personal idea and I am but one mortal man who is by no means infallible.

Hoard Now:
Work on Halloween and Christmas hoards.

User Image/User Image Carnival du Gothique

User Image Recolor Bundle #1
-User Image Blood Rebel's Anarchy
-User Image Midnight Reprisal
-User Image Hellish Envoy
-User Image Shade the Baby Dragon

User Image July Birthstone Necklace

User Image Fire Halo
User Image Sleepy Village
User Image Ultra Satan Slippers

Sell now:

User Image/User Image Culinary Coliseum

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Altruistic Pirate

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200

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