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What Not to Do

An explanation of the mistakes frequently made by questers when they are trying to
achieve their gaian dreams and how to avoid those mistakes. In the next post you will find the
things you should be doing when trying to quest.

I know that many of you out there have used Tek-tek to create your very own Dream Avatar.
They are referred to as such because for a lot of Gaians the “Dream Avatar” is just a dream, and
something that will never come true. While my Vending and Exchanging guides will teach you
how to earn gold I wanted to use this portion to explain how best to quest and warn you against
the biggest mistakes that most people make.

First and most horrible mistake: Gaia is not Tek-Tek. There is no way to re-layer your items and
sometimes even in the normal layering Tek-Tek doesn't work the same as Gaia. Confirm that
your dream is actually physically possible before you begin questing.

Maybe you want a Devil Tail or an Angelic Sash or even an Angelic Halo so much it hurts. But
the truth about these items is that the average (and even most of the above average) users are
simply never going to get them. So you may want to set this yearning aside. Try to settle for
the next best knock-off such as the tail pose of Dark Halo, Heavenly Drapes or Mythrill Halo.

Now that the really impossible dreams are out of the way we can move back to the other things
that most users view as impossible. Because truthfully, using the methods Gaia readily
provides such as playing games or posting and never buying Gaia Cash you really could not
ever earn enough gold to achieve them. But through Vending and Exchanging you really can do it.

One mistake a lot of Questers I see make is that they quest for the wrong item first.
If one of the items on your list is one of the older MCs like a Kitsune Mask, you’re going to want
to get that first because the only thing the price of that item is going to do is go up. (Obviously
there is a yearly cycle of up and downturns in the marketplace, but overall, older MCs aren’t
likely to just deflate one day and no longer be worth half as much as they were.)

Another mistake is wanting only first-generation EIs and buying them when they’re
still evolving. Evolving EIs are far more expensive than when they have finished evolving.
And while lower-number generations get their poses first, you may as well buy one of the higher-
number generations because it will have all the same poses after a fashion anyway.

Buying brand-new items is also silly. Yes, I know they’re brand new and oh-so-shiny but
in a few days they’re going to be worth half as much and you might be kicking yourself for
buying that item when it was so inflated. So don’t do it.

Before buying Casino items do your research and see if it might (or might not) be cheaper to
save up tickets for that item instead.

Try not to get distracted from your quest. Maybe you’re half-way to your goal and some
new shop items come out and you think: “It’s going to take me forever to get there anyway, I’ll
just buy this shop item I already have the gold for.” Don’t do it. If you really want to finish your
quest you will get there eventually.

Do your research before buying tattoos or body dyes. Sometimes dyes or tattoos would cost
you much less if you bought enough inks to make one yourself and sometimes purchasing
them from the MP can be cheaper.
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Altruistic Bibliophile

22,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 7 100
  • Elocutionist 200
What You Should Do

An explanation of the things that you should do while questing in order to actually
complete your quests and do so as quickly as possible.

If you are questing for a Dream Avatar or multiple items you need to prioritize which you should
buy first. Older MCs are most likely the items you wish to buy first as they are more likely to
inflate more and less likely to lose their value once you've bought them. However, if the older
MC is something like one of the ones I mentioned in the previous post and costs tens of
millions of gold you'll probably be a happier Gaian if you settle for a substitute item. After older
MCs comes older Rares and when I say "Rares" I do not mean anything that has ever come out
of a RIG. Rares are old, expensive, rare items that do not fall into any of the usual categories
such as RIG item, MC, CS item, or EI. After Rares should come the cheapest generation of a
fully-evolved EI. Then Cash Shop and RIG items. Then everything else in descending order of
price. That should be pretty much optimal.

If you are on a long-term quest for a large item or there are a lot of goals you want to achieve
you should create a quest thread in the Charity/Quest subforum of the Exchange.
Look at a bunch of other Quest threads before creating your own so you can get an idea of
what goes into making a good quest thread. It doesn't necessarily need to be pretty (though
many people do pretty them up with pictures and colored text) but it does need to look at least
presentable. Potential donators need to be able to read what you've written. They also need to
be able to tell what your goals are, how close you are to your goals, and what you have done to
achieve those goals. Most people include a list of donators. If you want people to bump your
quest thread (and Charity/Quest is a fast-paced subforum so you probably do) you should
consider a bump contest or some incentive for people to stay and chat. But you also want the
Quest thread because it will help you not only keep track of your quests, what order they go in
and how far along they are, but it will also help keep you on track by being a reminder to you
what you're working toward.

Even if you don't create a quest thread you should keep track of your quests. Make a list of
quests and order them appropriately. Keep track of how much you earn over time toward your
quest. When you start completing quests make a list of those as well to motivate yourself with.
A lot of people make signatures that have counters for their quests and others make
post-styles. If you are going to make a quest signature or post style you should keep it tasteful
and don't overdo it.

You should spend time each day earning gold or have a set gold-earning goal each time you're
on Gaia. Try not to set your goal too low or else you'll be underselling yourself and have to wait
even longer for that prized item but you don't want to set your goal too high, either or you'll
disappoint and demotivate yourself when you can't reach it.

I generally recommend earning your own gold (the whole purpose of this guide, after all) but if
you absolutely feel the need to attract donations instead of earning your items with your own
hard work you will definitely want to create a quest thread and also politely apply for donations
from the various charities out there. Applying for donations from charities, entering contests,
and creating quest threads are the only acceptable ways of soliciting donations. Asking for
donations from individuals or seeking them out in other ways are more likely to get you a lot of
irritated Gaians than any donations.

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