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it's way to hard to make money on this game i can sit here for hour's and not make much of anything the only way i made any coins was buying monthly items there's got to be other ways
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sadly i agree
I got hacked years ago and i came back now as a poor hobbo lawl
Well you just have to be creative.
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idk but its kinda geting annoying i gotta try super hard to get it
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i wanna gg yum_puddi gaia_kittenstar cat_rofl
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Gaia Gold is certainly NOT difficult to obtain. The amount of gold a person makes depends on the effort put in to acquire said amount. If you wanted 10m really badly, you'll have to work for it. It certainly can be made within a month of medium effort.

If Gaia Gold were easier to obtain, then all the items on Gaia would inflate proportionally. If it takes 600k to buy a Chyaku Norisu Scarf, and then gold was twice as easy to obtain, then the Chyaku Norisu Scarf would inflate to 1.2m in value. The fact that a person can make 1M with medium effort within a day shows the excessive amount of gold being distributed.
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Do a lot of farming in zOMG! xD

One of the more easier ways to obtain gold.
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Sometimes if you stand on the street corner and put your leg out, the coins will just start pouring in. B]
the farmin thing souds like a good idea ...but how come some of the coins inzomg dont come into my coins in gaia stressed
i think im a just keep playing other games smile
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...you should try fishing at Durem Reclamation facility..
well there's never really a place showing u how to make ur top buck plus there's things i would never get 600k in this game is low believe me

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