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Wow. I guess Jigsaw is that much more realistic now smile

I've got two pieces missing. Any ideas?
I've been having this issue myself as well. I actually noticed a few pieces vanish as I tried to place them and low and behold they were no where to be found when I placed all the other pieces.

EDIT -- I searched for other threads on this, and discovered that clicking shuffle fixes the issue and the missing pieces should reappear.
Shuffle doesn't seem to work for me..... I tried it a bunch of times, and there's no reaction.
I hate it when that happens stare
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File a ticket I guess but don't hold your breath.
I've never had this happen to me but I think I recall hearing about this (and the shuffle solution) back in 2009. If it's the same problem then it's a long running bug.
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yum_strawberry yum_puddi I hate it when that happens! It does it to me many times before... I sometimes find it beneath the completed portions though. Hope this helps! yum_puddi yum_strawberry
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hope it never happen in insane mode
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Hmmm.... it's never happened to me. In fact, I never heard of this happening before.
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You might want to change the background colour so the piece will appear? I only play insane and it never happened to me.. So second option is to always play insane puzzle ^^
It did happen on insane smile ... and, I've tried /everything/. it's just not appearing.....
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Lol same here
II RaInBoW sKittLes18II
Lol same here
sad hugs.
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Jecht Schmidt
hope it never happen in insane mode

Consider hopes dashed I'm afraid... Missing four of the bottom edge pieces in insane mode... maaann..

I wonder why it happens...

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