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Gaia Gaming Discussion Forum Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Gaia Gaming Discussion forum! Gaia Gaming Discussion is intended for talking about your favorite Gaia Minigames. If you have questions or discussion about Gaia Towns or Gaia Fishing, they each have their own forums. All other Minigame discussion belongs here.

In this forum you'll find guides, questions, and various discussions about the variety of games that Gaia has to offer. For links to various guides for most of the games, check out this thread. Just please remember to adhere to the rules of the forum, shown in the following two posts. Please also remember that this forum is a discussion forum, so topics need to be made with that in mind.

As a member, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the forum's rules before posting. Posting in this forum implies that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines and that you accept responsibility for the appropriateness of your thread or post.

  1. Introduction
  2. General Posting Guidelines
  3. Rules & Guidelines for Posting in Gaia Gaming Discussion
  4. How to Report
  5. How to Report in Games
General Posting Guidelines

Please be sure to follow the Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines here, as in all forums.

Common violations to avoid:

    Spam. Spam in GGD is pretty much anything not pertaining to the discussion of GAIA's games. Things included as spam:

    • Emote only posts/bumps when threads are still on the first page.
    • Random gibberish (Eg: afdsjkfls) or page stretching.
    • Threads like "Do you think Gaia will have games??" or "Where are all the games?"
    • Misleading thread titles.
    • Nerco'ing threads. Bumping a thread that has not had any posts in it for a couple of weeks, months, or even a year. If you feel you must comment on that specific topic, PM the user you wish to reply to. Bumping these long dead topics can get you warned for Spam.
      Threads and/or posts such as these are subject to deletion or removal from the forum.

    Trolling/Flaming. Posts directed at another member which are hateful, abusive, or intentionally inflammatory are considered flaming. Making intentionally inflammatory or provocative posts to incite responses from other members is considered trolling.

    Asking for/offering cheats. Cheats are not permitted on Gaia. Asking for cheats or hacks for any game, or supplying info/links on how to cheat in any of the games is not permitted.

Terms of Service violations may result in a warning or a ban on your account.

If you find Terms of Service violations, or threads that may need moved to a different forum, please use an appropriate report. The procedures for doing so can be found here.

You can find online moderators by following the "View Forum Moderators" link at the top of the forum.

Gaia Staff will NEVER ask for your password! If anyone asks you for your password, report it.
Rules & Guidelines for Posting in Gaia Gaming Discussion

Commonly Misplaced Threads

  • Videogame Threads: The most misplaced threads in GGD. They belong in the Gaming Discussion (or one of its subforums, depending on the topic).

  • NPC, Storyline, Avatar Threads: These threads belong in Gaia Community Discussion (or in Avatar Talk if discussing about avatars.)

  • Roleplaying Threads: These threads belong in Barton Town or one of its subforums depending on topic.

  • Guild Threads: These belong in the Gaia Guilds or one of its subforums

  • Spam/Finding a boyfriend/girlfriend/friends etc: These threads belong in Chatterbox.

  • Generic/Vauge Topics: Be as specific as possible! Adding "Gaia" onto the name of another game and saying we should have it is not suitable GGD material. Anything like that will be sent to the Chatterbox.

  • Asking for Gold/Items: These threads belong in Charity/Quests.

  • Gaia Fishing Threads/Questions: These threads belong in GAIA Fishing!.

  • Buying/Selling/Trading For Game Items: Threads dealing with the exchanging of game items belong in the Game Item Exchange.

  • Ask/Guru Threads: Threads made to have users come to ask you questions are redundant of the forum itself and will be moved to the Chatterbox.

  • Problems With Games: If you are experiencing problems with any of Gaia's Games, please report them in the Games Bugs forum. Proper bug-reporting procedure can be referenced in the forum's Rules and Guidelines.

  • Rally Giving Gold: Threads asking about rally being able to grant gold in the future be sent to the Chatterbox or Site Feedback depending on where it best fits.

  • Raising the Gold that Games Give: Threads asking that the gold rates in games be raised will be recycled. This issue has already been decided by the admins, and Gaia Gaming Discussion is not the place for Site Feedback.

  • Gaia MMO (Battle): All threads about Gaia's MMO (Battle) will be moved to the Gaia Online MMO (Battle) Forum.

  • Rally Betting: Betting in Gaia Rally is not permitted. Threads requesting users to race with them for bets/wagers will be deleted, and get you warned.
How to Report

Abuse of the report system will result in a warning or ban of your account.

Report a Post

Use the User Image button when an individual post in a topic contains inappropriate content.

    Reasons to Report a Post:

    • The content of the post violates the Terms of Service or forum rules.

    • The content of the post is off-topic.

    • The member who made the post has a signature which violates the rules.

Report a Topic

Use the Report this Topic button at the bottom of the page when a topic is not appropriate for the forum.

    Reasons to Report a Topic:

    • The topic violates the Terms of Service or forum rules.

    • The topic is in the wrong forum and should be moved to a more appropriate forum.

If you need to contact a moderator via Private Message, please use the "View Forum Moderator" link at the top of this forum to find a moderator.

Report Hacking, Scamming or Abuse & Harassment?

The Hacking, Scamming and Abuse or Harassment report forms can be found at the bottom of the forum index. When submitting a report, ensure that you fill out all fields and include as much relevant information as possible.

    Report A Hacking
    Use this form to report a Hacking. Hacking, on Gaia Online, refers to the unauthorized access of an account by someone other than the account owner. In most typical hacking cases, an unauthorized person enters an account which does not belong to him or her and takes items or gold from the account, often changing the account information so that the original owner can no longer access his or her account.

    Report A Scamming
    Use this form to report a Scamming. Scamming is when another member of Gaia takes your gold or items, or tries to take your gold or items, by making false promises of giving you rare items, get-rich-quick schemes, or by any other deceptive means. Scamming generally involves a situation in which two members of Gaia make an arrangement to trade gold, items, or a Gaia approved service (e.g. avatar art commission) with each other and then one of the parties involved in the arrangement fails to live up to his or her promise of an exchange.

    Report Abuse or Harassment
    Use this form to report ongoing Abuse or Harassment. If you are reporting harassment or abuse that is occurring directly in a thread, please use the "Report This Post" button instead.
How to Report in Games

Abuse of the report system will result in a warning or ban of your account.

There are basically 3 different forms you will see when you report in Gaia's Flash Games and environments, depending where you are reporting from. To better help you, we've created a small tutorial.


Jigsaw, Slots, Cards, and Fishing

Sometimes, when looking for a room, we find one that is not quite so ToS friendly. For the purposes of this how to section, let's pretend that the highlighted room below is a room that is in violation:

User Image

Simply click the room to highlight it as shown, and then click the REPORT ABUSE button at the bottom. The following will then show up:

User Image

Click Go, and that's that. Please remember to only report names that violate the Terms of Service though. If you get an 'undefined' name, click cancel and go back and re-highlight the name you wish to report, the room listing probably shifted a bit after you clicked it before clicking the report button.

However, room names aren't the only offensive thing in games, and are less often reported than the actual chat inside. Once inside a room, you will see everyone's avatars lined up along the puzzle line, slot machines, fishing docks, or card tables. These are clickable, and give you a few options if someone is disturbing you:

User Image

If the user is merely annoying you, you can use the ignore feature, which will prevent you from seeing anything they say while they remain in the room until you stop ignoring them. When you click the IGNORE USER section, a message stating Now ignoring [Username]. will show up in your chat window. If you'd like to see the user speaking again, simply click their avatar once more to see this:

User Image

Click it, and a message stating No longer ignoring [Username]. will show up in your chat, and you will once again be able to see what the user is typing in game.

However, sometimes users are actually doing something that violates the Terms of Service. In that case, you would select the REPORT ABUSE option. Pay attention to the name in the little box though, you want to make sure you are reporting the right person. When you select REPORT ABUSE, you will see the following (In varying forms depending on the game):

User Image

Please read this carefully and follow what it says. You really can get in trouble for reporting when there is really no reason to be reporting. Click okay to go to the report "form" :

User Image

Here you see the name of the offender, a reason drop down box, and a Notes section. First select a reason. Is the person flaming? Select strong language. Is the user talking in a sexually explicit way? Select Mature Content. Are they asking for your password? Select Account/Password Scam. Are they hacking the game? Select Cheating. Something else? That's what Other is for. Once you've made your selection, you can do the following:

User Image

As the picture says, a little explanation can go there. No need to copy the chat log, that is sent with the report. Click go, and you will get a report number. It would be a good idea to keep this in case you ever need to contact a mod regarding the report.


The Pinball game, being newer, has a different style to it, so it deserves it's own section. First thing you might note upon entering the game and testing this out is that you cannot click on the users' avatars. Instead you have a section for Report and Ignore near the chat window:

User Image

As before, if a user isn't actually breaking ToS, but you really don't want to hear what they have to say, or they're lagging your game with talking, you can choose ignore:

User Image

Simply select the name of the user you wish to ignore and click IGNORE. However, be forewarned: You currently cannot stop ignore a user in pinball. To be able to see what they are saying, either you or them will have to leave and re-enter the game room.

If they are violating ToS though, you can click the REPORT ABUSE button:

User Image

Pretty much the same as other games here, just with a new look. Again, note that you will have to select the user you wish to report from the drop down menu.

Flash Environments

Towns, Rally, Hollywood, and Sponsored Worlds

All of these are what we call Flash Environments. These areas require Flash Player, just like the games, but unlike the games, they do not have a specific purpose. They are more of a giant, scenic hangout place. However, no matter where you are hanging out, reporting is typically the same. You have two options when in Flash Environments to report:

User Image

User Image

The first shows how you report a user by clicking on them. This can be tricky in Flash Environments though, because people don't stay still very long. In that case, you can always use the report button, the second image shown. This is located at the bottom of your window, just to the right of the chat box. The only difference between these methods is that the first one fills in a name for you in the report box. But wait, not so fast, there's something you need to see before you fill in the report:

User Image

User Image

As before, it's a warning to reporters. Please ONLY use the form for things that break the rules. Here there are examples of what each violation in the list is. If what you are reporting falls in one of those categories, or is sexually explicit, click CONTINUE and you will see this:

User Image

The picture is fairly self explanatory. Select a reason (It won't let you report without one), fill in the offender's name if you clicked the button at the bottom of your screen, and fill in any notes you might need. As the window says, a log of the chat will be sent, so you don't need to copy the chat into the Notes box.

And that is that. Not very hard, just please make sure to only report when someone is breaking the rules smile

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