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I've analysed this for a month, the dealer's are tricky, so to beat a computer is to play like one on a much more intellegent scale.

This is my game standards, it cuts the dealers cheating hands in half!

Here's my standard rules to success I follow every game:
-Always get your card value 17 and higher, every dealer, Russel, Jinx, Cardbot, does this. Better to be safe that way..
-Double-down on 9, 10, or 11 when the dealer's face-up card is 6 and under. Never use your Cheat option on this, it ruins the purpose of it.
-Cheat Option is always used between values 17-19 IF the dealer's face-up card is a 7 or up.
-Cheat Option is used if the dealer's card is above 10 if your card value is between 17-19 (dealer's lowest count). If the dealer has a value lower than 17, don't hit, or you'll bust automatically (given), otherwise hit until you rank above, or bust, either way you'll lose if you don't try anyways.
-A 7 and up means the dealer is cheating to a 17+ (nice try Gaia)..
-An advanced technique to the Cheat option is to use it from 17-20 in this manner: if your cards is 17, dealer would have to have 7 or higher, 18 would be 8 or higher, and 19 would be 9 or higher.

Use these standards, and you'll get more than the tokens you started with, or just as many. Double-downs on 9-11 mean nothing to me when I do these standards.

To understand a computer logic, is to analyse their movements, and yours. What works better than avoiding it, since avoiding it uses up more time and energy than it's worth.

The key to beating a computer is to play like one..
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I figured that all out a while ago,
I always thought Cards to be the gold "cow" of Gaia (too bad I can no longer play it). Until I saw how most users never use methods such as these (or comprehend them).
If you think logically these rules and tips are what they are, any user could've figured them out by theirselves:
Un-fortunately (or fortunately for the elitists amongst us) most users do not think any further and this brief guide will probably help those.
Good job.
Unfortunately this game doesn't allow card counting. wink

And where is my insurance, Gaia? This ain't real blackjack.
The reason the computer always gets to 17 or above is because, as the dealer, they're forced to. It's a standard rule of blackjack. It puts the dealer at a disadvantage.

And insurance is useless. It's a waste of money.

But yeah, theese are pretty much standard blackjack rules. And anyone who has seen Swingers will tell you:

Always double down on 11.
this works
thx 4 tips lol
indeed they are good tips but i also suggested the lose it big method! you must place the max bet (3)then afterward when you see your cards and depending with the cards of the dealer you double down...if your cards are lower then 9 then hit instead...if they are 17 or up and depending on the swichtion stand.....it actaully works well to if you know what your doing and stuff and has the method indicates you lose it big...or well win it big ! plus its fun becuase it gives more of a threat in the game
Nice tips, although this won't stop the "OGM CARDBOT KICKED MY a**" threads rofl
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Just ignore those noobs who don't know how to play blackjack. I beat them all on my first try. Why? Because I used all the tricks listed here and I walked away good and happy.
I've never had the patience to be good at cards.

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