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Um... I remember getting a Secret Sparkles... thats the best I truelly got... XD
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Fashionable Fatcat

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nikki tehe
i got a dumb rug =/ but how often are you aloud to dive? today was my first time

Once everytime its full, hun! I have alot of trouble getting to it in time.... But when I do, it's fun. Almost liek a free RIG!
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whee Let's see........The best item I ever got was a 1st-gen. EI. I don't remember the username of the person who dumped it, though........I think it was "weasely-something-or-other". I didn't even think to get a screenshot, either. gonk stressed
2 Little Lucies
Obanyjdahfika horse?
blanket thing
little lemon lime

That's aweseome! biggrin I would love a little lucie from dumpster dive ^~^ whoever threw that is a generous person 4laugh heart
got 2 fausto's bottle 11th gen

Awesome! xd
All of you got awesome things x) All I got was trash sweatdrop
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The best thing I got was the Hermit Cat ^^ Other things than that I've gotten is:

Captain America's
Macy's AMERICAN RAG dress
Yellow Babydoll Socks
Child of Eden (shooting lights)

I havent played it that many times ^^ I get like 2 items a dive and I usually wait about 5 minutes between the dives.
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I have never gotten anything from the dumpster yet. Maybe someday I will.
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I mostly get 4th Amigo Pants, Babydoll items, Ocean Summer Tees, and various trash.
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Bugs. Trash. Hm. Go figure. :O
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The most expensive thing I got from there was a bouquet but I sold it for about 25k.
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I only ever got this mask but I like it!
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I got Boto Encanto. Fun item with nice hair.
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TRASH!!!! I always thank the people who donate stuff biggrin whether it was nice or not, at least I got something razz usually I get stuff from Admin razz so I can't re thank her >.<
i just got a princess kaguya but i couldnt thank the donater :S

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