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I haven't found anything really good but I was chucking 11th gen Fausto's bottles in there. I was trying my luck for another of the black re-color.
I haven't found anything really good but I was chucking 11th gen Fausto's bottles in there. I was trying my luck for another of the black re-color.

rofl I think I got one of yours a while back!

I have also gotten a white daruma doll and a Magical Girl item. Its funny, I would have never thought to buy those items, but somehow by just being free I now consider them to be pretty awesome items.
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Never gotten anything good. Most items are junk or worth less than 100 gold.
Damn admin keeps giving me paper!
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I like getting paper, inks and bugs. 3nodding The best item I ever got was Burning Cities (I think it's called) but not my kind of item so I sold it on the MP for 13k. Yay. ^__^
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Best item I've received is the Titan's Legacy

5 Crumpled Zerox Paper White's
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Best thing I've gotten was I think the white bunny hoodie. It was around Easter and I sold it for 50K.
Best item i got was demon blade (i think that's what its called) :3
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User ImageI think the best thing I ever got was the Cupid's Fast Response Armor. But, now all I seem to ever get is paper from admin.

I just got Congratulations! You Found: 5 Crumpled Paper Bag's Donated by: admin...

It'd be neat if there was a reason for all this paper like preparing for a new feature to do with paper (and maybe flowers)?

It would draw more attraction if admins stopped donating useless items.
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(◕ ω ◕✿)
Best I've got was Boto Encantado. :3
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I got solar headphones once ! And many starter clothes. I tend to forget about dumpster dive.
I got a cloud once. But I gifted it back to the user cause she thought she lost it. Hmm I also got a Faust's Bottle 5th gen, Gift of the goddess, White Bunny hat from the old dumpster.

Now I just get paper.
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Definately Cat Faces, for which I sold for 2mil at the right time. Made me feel like one hell of a lucky b*****d.
only paper or bugs
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I just did it for fun because I saw this thread and got Gaia 7th Anniversary Phee-Chan Slippers. I clicked out so I never was able to thank the person who donated them. Im going to toss them back in for some one less fortunate though. ~ heart
Also added some other stuff if you guys want to try for it. I dont know how long things stay in there ^^;

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