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Hello everyone ^_^

As most of you know, Gaia recently came out with the Aquariums feature. While it would seem to fit here, the admins have actually given us an entire forum just for the Aquariums! However, this does mean that threads about the Aquariums should go there, and not here in Gaia Gaming Discussion. Because of this, threads made here will be moved either to the Aquarium forum, or possibly to the Chatterbox or Recycle Bin if there are plenty there already.

Update: Gaia recently released the Booty Grab minigame, which is reached from the Aquariums within the signatures of others. Threads regarding the discussion of the new Booty Grab minigame and threads designed for clicking Aquarium signatures to reach Booty Grab should be created within the Aquarium subforum.

Click Here to go the the Gaia Aquarium Forum!