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Hey my fishy friends!

It's been a long time at sea, but I am finally pulling back into port. I cannot wait to get back home and see you all again. My boat will be arriving back next week, and I think you are gonna' love the haul. I have all yer hard earned trophies here from the past few months. My fishing tools were unable to catch them for a while, so I thank you all for yer patience. I'll be getting these trophies to their rightful owners by next week!

As well, I have been informed that we've been havin' some issues with cheaters letting other people login to their accounts to fish for trophies while the account owner is unable to be at his/her computer. That won't stand with yer old pal Logan, so I've made a new rule for fishing contests: No sharing your account with another user to fish for trophies. See below for more details on this rule!

Hope this is good news for you all and congrats to the trophy winners.

Your Pal,

** New Rule for 2010: No sharing your account with another user to fish for trophies! **

My fishy friends - I know you love yer trophies, and get really excited about winning them each month but it is *not* ok to let someone else onto your account to fish for you.

Sharing your account so someone can fish for you while you are away from your computer is a form of cheating. That is not fair to the guys and gals who are working hard to legitimately earn trophies by themselves. How can they possibly compete when some of you are able to fish all day and night non-stop because you have extra help? It is unfair I tell ya, and I won't have it in my lakes or competitions!

Account sharing to fish for trophies is not allowed and disqualifies you from winning a trophy. If you are found to be account sharing, your name will be removed from the scoreboards and you will be warned. Also be aware that account sharing is considered a form of hacking on Gaia and continuing to share accounts after you have been warned could lead to an account ban.

Take care my friends - play fair and have fun!
Yarrrr... sorry it took me so long to pull into port with all these here trophies.

Had a bit o' trouble with my boat and was stranded out at sea for a few weeks longer than expected. Not to fear though, everything is running ship shape now. Thanks fer your patience with me! Now I have to rest for a few weeks. This haul was heavy and did my back in. I am not as young as I once was...

All trophies from April - August 2010 have been given out to their rightful owners. Enjoy!

Your pal,

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