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Well, another month and another set of winners. Well done to all last month and especially to Chaos for breaking the million point mark. heart 3nodding

It's time for everyone to grab their rods ( xd ) and go fish!



Port of gambino

Durem Reclamation Facility

Fisher of the week -
<center>Junk Rankings for April 2005
Official Thread
Gaidin is now taking over the junk rankings for this month.
I will update the list here when I can.

1. No begging.
2. No spamming.
3. No multiple page quotes.
4. No stretching out the screen.
5. No disrespect please.

Try to keep quoting to a minimum, anything over 5 quotes is excessive.

Blacklisted people can be found on the second to last post.
<center>The Performance Index (PI)</center>
It is simply your total unadjusted score per fish caught (including fish and junk at all locations) for the month divided by the baseline of approximately 20 points per fish. (This baseline has been seen to fluctuate day by day)

For example, you only fished once at Gambino catch bucket of only seedkin. That's an unadjusted score of 18x14 = 252 / 18 fish caught = 14 points per fish for the month. That's a PI of ~70%. Your final score is therefore 252 x 70% = 176

<center>Stats >> Score: 176 Performance Index: 70% Fish/Junk: 18/0</center>
Then you fish at Durem and catch the following bucket:
<center>4 Pebbo Feeders, 4 Biters, 4 Boldurs, 3 Tires</center> That's 7x22 + 4x32 + 4x42 + 3x6 = 468 / 18 fish caught = 26 points per fish for the bucket. If this was the only bucket you caught for the month, you would have a PI of ~130%

However the PI is calculated for the entire month, so after fishing that bucket at Durem, your average points per fish would be 252+468 = 720 / 36 fish caught = 20 points per fish for the month so your PI would be 100% Your adjusted score is therefore 720 x 100% = 720

<center>Stats >> Score: 720 Performance Index: 100% Fish/Junk 36/3

Examples of ~100% PI:
<center>11 Bass, 7 Striper
<center>10 Seedkin, 5 Trout, 3 Tuna
<center>16 Pebbo Feeders, 1 Can, 1 Tire
PI fish values.
(look below)
Bass'ken Score Values
6 - Yellow/Orange Guppy
16 - Green/Brown Bass
26 - Blue/Gray Striper
2,000 - Mutha Guppa, Big Mouth Bass'terd, Candy Striper
Gambino Score Values
14 - Blue/Green Seedkin
24 - Cool/Warm Rainbow Trout
34 - Icy/Spicy Tuna
2,500 - Buckin' Bino, Chargin' Chino, Tootin' Tino
Durem Score Values
22 - White/Brown Pebbo Feeder
32 - Bluestone/Black Rocque Biters
42 - Stone/Sand Boldurs
3,000 - Diamondback/Rubyback/Emeraldback Lion
Junk Score Values
2 - Old Can
4 - Old Boot
6 - Big Old Tire
<center>Competition soon to come.
<center>Your Fellow Fishers

Top Fishers, PM me a short bio for me to post on here! ^.^
Include a picture of the avi you want me to use as well ^_^
<center>~Memorable quotes~</center>

Over Achiever
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*shakes dripping fist* PUT ME BACK IN THE WATER! scream

Snuggle Bunni
stressed my moms on the phone i better go rip her a new s**t hole

Snuggle Bunni
3nodding i have a feeling these letters arnt going to going down any time soon 3nodding personaly i like my kittehs more than minis cause there so much more adorable

Is that why you are holding one by teh tail?

Please post this VO

GAIA Fishing Trophy Winners March 2005

Bass'ken Lake

Bronze Trophy Winners

10. Rotfist
9. Teh Squish
8. Chuck E. Cheese
7. Kariuss
6. Xiozaia
5. Nehru
4. Pierre
3. ChrimsonGoten

Silver Trophy Winner

2. Gaidin

Gold Trophy Winner

1. Heavens Wraith

Port of Gambino

Bronze Trophy Winners

10. Naaro Yoichi
9. Zokan
8. Celestial Wolf
7. Elendilon
6. ShredPirate
5. Hunterornithocheirus
4. Pierre
3. StarFalcon

Silver Trophy Winner

2. Vtreka

Gold Trophy Winner

1. Strawberryraindrop

Durem Reclamation Facility

Bronze Trophy Winners

9. Duo__Maxwell
8. Vanya Cellest
7. Elendilon
6. Nimlock
5. MahaJose
4. Espresso
Silver Trophy Winner

2. Sir_Peter

Gold Trophy Winner

1. Snuggle Bunni

And the Overall Top Fisher in Gaia is...


You should be receiving your trophies very soon! GO FISH! icon_domokun.gif

filtered cigarettes still cause death, filtering your fish will cause trophys if done excessively. xd

::is sweating ((not really)):: I only have one slot left. I'm at 99 White pebbos... ::wipes sweat off:: I must succeed.. ::hears the old sphagetti western theme::

wadada wa, wa wa waaaa


As for me and Silver, it is becuase they know the story of last month. I won't bore you with it unless you ask.

I have all day to screw around on Gaia, so tell me a story! xd

But I must brb for about 10-15 min, so expect a reply from me in a few pages, or just don't feel rushed on posting the story for little ol' me. 3nodding

Gah! I spelled because wrong gonk Oh well... The boring story... Okay...

Basically I jumped into competitive fishing with bait degredation knowledge and about 15k whee I had a Distance Plus Rod and fished maybe 5 times a day for the first two weeks, filtering junk and guppies. Then, the last two weeks, I learned what I could really do, and started making 6k+ a day hardcore filtering at 20+ min a bucket. Over and Anjelous were "terrorizing" every lake that month, and scores were outrageously high, but I made it into the Top 10, even as high as 8th. Then the night before the 28th I discovered a faster pace, and worked my way into the Top 10 from which I had been kicked out recently. But on the last day of fishing I couldn't fish more than an hour. All I needed was maybe 3 hours and I would have made it. All the Top Fishers knew about me, as I spent time in the other thread that we frequented before this one. But on top of that, Vicious Jello, the 10th place winner last month, had had his brother fish for him by about the score I missed out on the Top 10. Thus creating quite the drama situation, and I have become well known amongst fishers because of it apparently xd There is the boring story...

Crimson - I need to decorate my house too, if you have seen it you know why xp
Wow, that's not a boring story!! It's like a Gaian action movie! With March being the sequel movie with a happy ending! Bumping you off the t10 at the last minute sure was an a*****e thing to do, but now you don't really need to worry about it because you'll have a silver now! That would have been *impossible* last month for you.

And I like the story becuase it actually sounds a little bit like my story this month in regards to the new discoveries in the early parts of the month. It goes like this.

With the knowlege that Housing was on its way, I spent the first week of the month fishing for the rest of my fish hats. At the time I only had the small fish caps, and a Bluestone Biter Helm. So I started fishing all 3 lakes to get my remaining hats. 3nodding

At the end of the 1st week, the overall scoring was still extremely glitched, but I noticed that my own score (even though it was fluctuating violently from 2k to 700k points without even saving a new bucket) I could tell that I was on a pace for top 10 overall.

When the scoring was fixed, I was still not in the charts, so my new task at hand was to figure out why. I hadn't been keeping track of which lakes I fished more, but i figured it had to be the fact that I didnt have 1/4 from bassken and gambino, so I alternated at those two lakes for a while not doing a lot of filtering, and eventually I popped up at like 8th place when my Gambino fish total hit the 1/4 mark. At that point I kept fishing at Gambino until I had equal Gambino and Bass'ken fish.

I was still top 10, so I had the luxury of filtering at Durem for 25 or so buckets (equal to ~1k points per bucket, but I spent a LOT of time in the marketplace and didn't fish more than 3 or 4 buckets a day for about the last week and a half.

...Yet I'm still in the top 10 xp

I have had practically the entire month off work, because I have the luxury of taking the winter months off because I make my money during the summer.

Anyway, I could have spent the month fishing hardcore at any of the lakes and gotten myself at least a bronze, but the marketplace has been VERY VERY KIND to me in the month of March. I have probably made at least 500k this month vending... And staying in the overall top 10 I have kept in the back of my mind all month the fact that with the new scoring changes COULD POSSIBLY mean that overall trophys will be awarded since now the top10 at Durem won't be the top10 overall. *keeps fingers crossed*

If I am not awarded a overall bronze, I will only be mildly disappointed though, because I have made a lot of gold in the meantime, as well as added quite a few fish hats to my inventory, and last but not least, I have a few new people to talk to on Gaia. smile
- Bloody essay... not a quote...
Over, why are there two of you???????...??...?

because (to follow the trend) this is

"Top Fishers Reloaded - Now with 80% more clones :O"
March '05 Stats � Score: 240153 Performance Index: 118.41% Fish/Junk: 8580/125
Previous entries in mini form.
Chuck has started to break away from PJ and has taken a 50k lead that will take time and caffeine to catch up to.
Still though theoball and Zokan haven't appeared onto the overall board, with their catches still not totalling 25% from Bass?ken and 25% from Gambino. Only time will tell who will be on top when they do pop onto the board. PI will play an important factor there. Good luck to all though.

Heavens is still out front ahead of both Gaidin and PJ. Gaiden has kept his word as he is now in the runnings for a silver like he was saying he would be early last week. He has a 3k gap and hopes to increase it regularly.

11th - 7th are all pretty close together and it's anyone?s guess as to who will win and who will lose out.

Port of gambino
Strawberry has a 40k gap between her and Vtreka which V is closing (so I am told). PJ now seems to be out of the running for silver and may have to settle for just a bronze.

It's not so close for the 11th - 8th ranks now as the gaps between them all increase. It looks like it could be time to stock up on energy tablets.

Durem Reclamation Facility
Youch... Snuggle Bunni Now has an impressive lead of nearly 100k. Her gold looks to be set in stone. The silver looks to be set as well with a 70k gap between Sir_Peter and the nearest Bronze medalist liger.

It now looks like chuck will walk away a lot richer with PJ maybe having to settle for a silver and a bronze (poor PJ).

Fisher of the week - Snuggle Bunni - Congratulations are in order for the impressive gap you have put in between you and silver. Well done Snug!

As the last week approaches I would like to congratulate all those that made it onto the top boards. Good luck to all of you struggling for bronze trophies and good luck to all struggling to stay awake to make gaps at the top of the boards!


Elendilon eek
I haven't been keeping up with current events due to exchange whoring again but elendilon seems to be over powering the competition just like he did at durem at the beginning of the month. I am personally amazed to see his PI so high. With that amount of fish caught I would have expected it to be a mite lower. sweatdrop
Sapphire looks like a strong contender for overall, currently not on the board but highy up in the ranks for every lake. Could be interesting o.O

30k is a days work in durem, but in bass'ken that will take a while to make up. Elendion and nehru may have an interesting battle for silver. I heard ninja that nehru overtook elendilon and with the small amount between the two at the moment anyone knows. My money would personally be on nehru. Elendilon may concentrate on overall rather than trying to save his silver, but currently with no real competition for overall I would say he has the time to stay ahead of nehru.
Port of gambino
With a 100k lead I doubt that anyone could catch StarFalcon now. Only 20k in it between 2nd and third. Another battle to watch me-thinks. The 10th place is going to become hard to hold onto as people make this one final push. Another set of fishing battles.
Durem Reclamation Facility
300k. That's the largest lead I have ever seen for durem. It's also a record breaking score for Chaos has become the first person to break the 1 million points barrier that until now has never been reached.
Fisher of the week - Chaos wins this one for breaking the million points in durem. Well done heart
<center>Hall of Shame
You do not want to be here!
You either broke one of the rules and/or pissed people off.

purifacation elemental
mach kid8

Please don't post here again.

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