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Lake News, brought to you by: Gaidin
Last updated: 5/18 @ 10:50 PM EST</center>

Attention! We have moved to a new thread HERE.

General: Yes, that is right, the TF thread will be "moving" or starting anew. It has become our tradition to make a new thread after 1,000 pages. It originally came from threads not being updated, or to get away from the annoying page errors that are inevitable when you get so many pages. So once we hit 1k pages, expect to see a TF 4 thread out there soon after 3nodding When we will hit the 1k pages is unknown, as there is currently a mass archiving again confused

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chaos_butterfly now has first in Overall, but we are all sure that that will change when Venus de Milo gets enough fish in Bass'ken. Venus has beeb working a lot today, so anytime we could see a new face on the Overall spot.

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Gaidin expanded his lead over Cilit BANG! to over 17k today, clinching the position even more. It seems he is really determined to take home this Gold. Cilit still has a good 36k over 3rd, so they seem to be pretty stable as well. Venus de Milo was pounding up the list here today, and should be showing up on Overall soon because of it.

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Manic, after 15 straight hours of fishing and then some, has managed to hold onto 1st for now. Shyla has been in this position once before, so we shall see what she can do. As for the rest, not much movement here, though chaos_butterfly could unseat betta at any moment.

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Venus lost Silver today in their conquest for Overall, but by a minimal score. I doubt Venus can hold both due to a late start and delays somewhere after reaching 76k in Gambino. The rest of the pack continues to move even though everyone below 10th seems to be dormant. Even the 10th position is stagnant. Now it is just a matter of who wants what place pretty much.

Final April Update
Last updated: 4/30 @ 11:40 PM EST

General: I know topics are being archived, but I felt the need to update anyway, in case all is fixed before the competition ends.

Gaia fishing 1.5 has been released with only two days left. The immense amount of trash in this new version, along with some new fish patterns will probably show up in lower scores at least in May. In fact they seem to have already taken their toll.


Elendilon wins Overall, it is that simple. There is no challenge for him, and he seems to be taking it easy over in Durem for now, when he fishes at all.

Bass'ken Lake

thoeball will take first, Nehru second, and Elendilon third. The rest of the spots on down are stable as well except for 10th. Sapphire Kasserack hasn't fished Bass'ken in over a week, and with just under 4 hours left in the competition at the time of this update, Celestial Wolf only needs about 1.3k to take the final Bronze. That is very possible as long as Sapphire doesn't fish any. It seems the competition comes down to the wire for the second month in a row for Bass'ken 10th.

Port of Gambino

StarFalcon has done an astounding job this month in taking the Gambino Gold. Gaidin will be awarded the Silver Trout for his efforts to keep ahead of Elendilon. 4th and 5th are stable. 6th and 7th are separated by only 700 points, but both are safe in the Top 10. It is 8th-10th that is really close, with less than 2k between 8th and 10th. It seems that Petaling Jaya has given up on 10th, but with the amount of time left she could try to make a comeback, and anyone under 7th is at risk. This could be a close one or it just could be nothing.

Durem Reclamation Facility

The rounds are still the same here as well. Chaos gets Gold, Elendilon Silver. 4th and 5th are secure as well, and most likely 6th too. There may be a tiny bout for 7th, but everyone in this Top 10 is guaranteed a trophy with SageTubbs 21k behind Gaidin, who has fallen to 10th.


Well folks, it certainly has been an interesting month, both to compete in and report on. I hope these updates have been useful to anyone who reads them, and maybe even fun reading. I would like to congratulate all of the Trophy Winners, you all worked hard and deserve it. Heck, in most lakes places as far back as 12th worked hard enough to deserve it. I am sorry you didn't make it, but trust me from personal experience, try again.

On a personal note I would like to thank all of the returning Top Fishers, new Top Fishers, and everyone else as well for frequenting this thread. It was a pleasure talking with you all, and I hope to see many of you return, along with new faces. This thread has kept most of us sane with our intense fishing hours, and when the stress was seemingly unbearable we could always come here to relieve it. It was another enjoyable experience for me, and the memories are worth more than the trophies I have earned. Thank you all.

Laters all, i'm out...
~ Gaidin.
Over Achiever
<center>[Junk Score] = [Score]/[P.I.%] - [Fish Score]

May Junk Rankings
Stats page still not showing any junk totals. Junk thread postponed until further notice.
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Current Rankings
1st Bass'ken</center>

Gaidin has been snatching up the top of the line trophies the past two months and already has two silvers in his grasp. This month it looks like he will be going for gold. With a 10k lead between 2nd and a 40k lead over 3rd the placings seem pretty secure for now. Gaidin is an active member of this thread, running the news updates. Last month he hosted the junk thread. Who says you can't fish and do something else at the same time? wink

Featured Fisher powered by Celestial Wolf
Do not harass featured fisher by means of PMing, begging, or other such n00bish activities. You will be blacklisted and reported if I recieve complaints.
<center> Contests hosted by Snuggle Bunni

contests no longer active.
Over Achiever
<center>The Performance Index (PI)</center>
It is simply your total unadjusted score per fish caught (including fish and junk at all locations) for the month divided by the baseline of approximately 20 points per fish. (This baseline has been seen to fluctuate day by day)

For example, you only fished once at Gambino catch bucket of only seedkin. That's an unadjusted score of 18x14 = 252 / 18 fish caught = 14 points per fish for the month. That's a PI of ~70%. Your final score is therefore 252 x 70% = 176

<center>Stats >> Score: 176 Performance Index: 70% Fish/Junk: 18/0</center>
Then you fish at Durem and catch the following bucket:
<center>4 Pebbo Feeders, 4 Biters, 4 Boldurs, 3 Tires</center> That's 7x22 + 4x32 + 4x42 + 3x6 = 468 / 18 fish caught = 26 points per fish for the bucket. If this was the only bucket you caught for the month, you would have a PI of ~130%

However the PI is calculated for the entire month, so after fishing that bucket at Durem, your average points per fish would be 252+468 = 720 / 36 fish caught = 20 points per fish for the month so your PI would be 100% Your adjusted score is therefore 720 x 100% = 720

<center>Stats >> Score: 720 Performance Index: 100% Fish/Junk 36/3

Examples of ~100% PI:
<center>11 Bass, 7 Striper
<center>10 Seedkin, 5 Trout, 3 Tuna
<center>16 Pebbo Feeders, 1 Can, 1 Tire
Over Achiever
Bass'ken Score Values
6 - Yellow/Orange/Red Guppy
16 - Green/Brown/Blue Bass
26 - Blue/Gray/Green Striper
2,000 - Mutha Guppa, Big Mouth Bass'terd, Candy Striper
Gambino Score Values
14 - Blue/Green/Pink Seedkin
24 - Cool/Warm/Frozen Rainbow Trout
34 - Icy/Spicy/Dicy Tuna
2,500 - Buckin' Bino, Chargin' Chino, Tootin' Tino
Durem Score Values
22 - White/Brown/Black Pebbo Feeder
32 - Bluestone/Black/Pyrite Rocque Biters
42 - Stone/Sand/Slate Boldurs
3,000 - Diamondback/Rubyback/Emeraldback Lion
Junk Score Values
2 - Old Can
4 - Old Boot
6 - Big Old Tire
Gaia has had many great fishers since fishing was released. This is a small shrine to the many great fishers of Gaia, in time I'll have pictures of each fisher here, and maybe some other cool things.
(I've done some switching around here, so thats why things look a little different)

The only one to win 3 gold trophies, and the only one to win a trophy in all 5 spots. Anjelous defined power fishing, showing us all what can happen when people have 16 hours to fish and all month to do it.

NovarrenUser Image
She might not have won a trophy, but she did win our friendship. With her helpful advice and kind words. She has been a staple for all of the top fishers threads. Sadly it seems she will be leaving fishing, when she does go she will be missed greatly.

Snuggle BunniUser Image
The Gold Durem winner in March, she began her fishing adventure to get the trophy for her significant other, so he would be able to get a Devil Tail. As the month progressed she passed Sir_Peter and took gold. When the month ended she had grown rather affectionate of the trophy, and wasn't able to send it to Eyosakura. Her carefree attitude and fun personality as given us all a look into our own childness.

ElendilionUser Image
Just as Anjelous defined power fishing. Elendilion took it to a whole new level. Shelling out unbelieavable amounts of fish. He shattered records and took Silver in Durem, and a staggering score of 1.2 million for the Gold Overall. It is hard to describe his awesome fishing pace, and he continues to get the gold Durem this month. Truly an incredible fisher

Chaos_ButterflyUser Image
This list keeps getting better and better. Chaos_Butterfly is the first fisher to win gold in all 3 lakes. She also broke the one million point record for Durem. Even in the first month of fishing she took a Bass'ken silver.
Once she starts not much can stop her fishing pace. Right now she is taking it easy, but may start trying to get a bronze in Gambino. Only time will tell.

GaidinUser Image
If there was a fairy tale for fishing. Gaidin would be the main character.
Trying out to get a Bronze Bass'ken in Feburary. Armed with 15k and a Distance Plus Rod. He set out and started fishing, despite power outages, disconnects, and an assortment of other misfortunes his pushed his way through the Bass'ken ranks. Making it as high as to 8th place. Unfortunately, he lost his place on the last day. Nevertheless, he went back to Bass'ken in March, and continued his pace, but staying much higher to prevent an upset such as Feburary had. Near the end of the month he saw an opportunity to take the Silver trophy, and he took it. Getting the coveted silver bass, instead of his bronze guppy. The tale doesn't end there. In April he sought out for a Bronze in Gambino and Durem. Seeing another opportunity for a silver in Gambino he began fishing rapidly there, while trying not to nelgect Durem. When the month was over, he had a Silver trout and bronze Pebbo in his hand. The fairy tale continues with Gaidin resting in the Gold Bass'ken position. Only time will tell if the tale ends with a happy ending.

Better known as Kalec. Alexi_Jameson became Gold Overall fisher in Janurary. The owner of a very successful price guide. The Gaian Consumer Guide, or GCG for short. His pace became a staple for fishers like Over Achiever. He fished along side Sapphire Kasserack, and an assortment of others. He isn't around much anymore, and as a result the price guide is losing popularity, and he is losing notoriety. Though for his achievements in fishing, and making the Top Fishers guild. He will be remembered by us

Sapphire Kasserack
User Image
The youngest top fisher is Sapphire Kasserack, and despite her age. She has done some marvelous things. Winning Gold in Feburary being one of them. She attempted for a gold Overall in April but wasn't able to do so. Elendilion attacked the charts and showed us all a thing or two about power. She tried again in May, and was going extremely strong, but due to an unforunate hacking she lost her items and her account has been locked out. She still holds the spot, and the only one in striking distance is Chaos_Butterfly, but she will only fish up to Sapphire's current score. We all want to see Sapphire when the gold Overall. She fished against Alexi_Jameson, and she was just behind her on the overall charts. Only time will tell if she wins or not.

Over Achiever User Image
Over Achiever is just what his name says. Fishing behind Anjelous for most of the month. He has become an icon in fishing. Even just saying OA will get people looking around. His attitude towards fishing, and his great company make him a truly nice person. Winning Silver in Durem, and a bronze junk and Bronze Gambino may not sound like much compared to Anjelous. But Over Achiever went beyond fishing and made friends with everyone in the thread. Over Achiever has done many a great things, and is still doing more. He is the epitome of a top fisher.
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