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To Filter or not to Filter?

Filter! 0.57142857142857 57.1% [ 156 ]
Save the Junk! 0.42857142857143 42.9% [ 117 ]
Total Votes:[ 273 ]
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Thanks for the guide, Shirlok, it saved me a lot of time. I didn't have to wait the whole time to see what would come out when I knew it would be a junk or a pebbo.
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Pwny Slaystation
You can bump your thread up to the first page as long as it's not already on the first page. This has been the rules for the forum for as far back as I can remember.

As cool as it would be to sticky this, this is only a guide and like the rest of the guides, they are not made stickies.

Back when I wasn't the only Fishing mod, there was a group of us working on coming up with what we could do to update the whole forum and all the old stickies, rules, guidelines, etc. Unfortunately I'm the only Fishing mod now and I have too many projects as is with real life and other tasks.
I don't see that exception anywhere in the rules, except if the thread is asking a question. However, if it is indeed a rule then perhaps the ubersticky should be amended to look something like this: This is a slow moving forum. Please only bump if your question or request for assistance has gone unanswered or if your thread has fallen off the first page, so long as said thread is a guide or contains otherwise useful information.

Hmm, well what about making a sticky for guides or otherwise useful threads? Granted this might seem a bit redundant if said threads are already on the first page, but I feel like it would add a bit more organization to the forum, instead of having to search through the forum (if they had fallen off the first page). Or at the very least, update the helpful links section of the ubersticky to include Bria's Angelic Rod Plus guide (even though it's not titled as such), and your own guide.

What became of this update, and how far did you get with it? I realize that you currently are the the only moderator left for the fishing forums, and that this minor thing might take up what little time you actually do have and that fishing forums are for the most part dead, but there's no reason why it should look it's age. emotion_facepalm Would you be open to users submitting update requests and/or submitting updates to you for approval?

the reason why most of the forums, including fishing looks dead.. because most of the people come into the competition rooms and ask forum/guide question..

if there be a suggestion.. it seems to me like it would be fishing/forum button was added to the fishing window toolbar..then the competitor can easily direct the questioner to it(new button, should be placed next to the Star Button(for stats page) (btw was my suggestion many moons ago.. so Staff do in fact listen . if the suggestion doesn't require revamping the entire site to accommodate our request... btw like some of my suggestions do..) side note it would be nice to however Sticky a "Newly made Staff Thread(editable by the mod of that forum) that would host the url's of e.g. Gaidin, Shirlox, Dicechoice, Tiranaki, and future guides) then let this be the hyperlink from the fishing room to the sticky and let the new fisher find his/her way from there

so it would be like this

Game Room.. =. Url button to Fishing Forum Sticky
Fishing Forum Sticky Thread = contains links to sub-thread Guides

simple .. enough .. even I with no game dev. experience could make this happen
if having the tools available to do so.. (*_*)...

and the design for the button should/could be contest... a simple design reflecting the fishing experience... (*_*)

Thanks again..

Time that we, the Oldtimers , give incentives that allow the forums to come alive again.
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Open to discuss!

Yay filtering!

Nice vid. Nice voice. Thank you for making these useful tips.
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Bump back to first page. ninja

I love the differentiating of feel and count. Personally, I dont like count at all esp when your tempo is not precise

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