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if you prefer to have a chance of large or rare fish then distance is your rod

if you prefer quantity over quality then strength is it

performance is the balance between those two

what do you guys think?
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There is many fisher's out there and many of them have their own unique way on how they like or feel comfortable with, To help them catch the fish they are questing for....

I personally think that the performance rod is best in many ways, Speed, Large , Quality , Then the Distance Rod, What becomes a factor to me when using a Distance Rod is the fact that the Distance when Cast can become a problem when not 'Filtering' you will be attracting trash at a very long distance taking away time consume when using....

I am not sure if there is not or if there is. A percentage on what Rod can catch more large then other except for the fact that i know the strength is very well useless in this case , and even if there is one it is all up to the player on how well he understands this lakes, and the lake that you choose to use this methods on. that will determine how well or what kind of fish you catch......

FishingKnight (My opinion)

Happy Fishing.
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I personally think that the Distance Rod is well rounded in all aspects, When filtering the distance can become the best tool in you're disposal , wide lines and extra wide at the top giving you an opportunity to see the movement of the fish before taking the opportunity to fight for the catch...

Ill have to agree that the performance (Depending on the Lake) can become very reliable when in need of fast fish or last minute round up. The problem seems to be the middle when the fish reach that area you're going to have a little more trouble and possibly lose Large or maybe a Rare fish, Skills and practice will become a huge factor on how well you will use this Rods and what becomes Comfortable for you....

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Well, speaking as someone who stinks at this game, the Strength Rod is the only one I can use with anything even approaching a reasonable success rate.

For me at least, the other rods have far too much play in them for me to be able to react quickly enough to be able to land even small to medium fish, and I find the rod constantly bending back and forth in front of my line to be a distraction.

Perhaps when and if I get any good at Fishing, I'll be able to benefit from the Distance and Performance rods advantages, but as a new, and really bad fisherman, Strength seems to be the way to go for now.
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Well, speaking as someone who stinks at this game, the Strength Rod is the only one I can use with anything even approaching a reasonable success rate.

I agree, strength is easiest from all rods I have tried, but hard to get big fish...

I am learning the performance rod, even though I get more fail than fish
try distance, can't get used to the small area...

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