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I got problem in fishing suddenly today. Can i report here and call any help?

If i use the launch automatically window to play, it screeen load and cennot enter in the pool even completed the loading.

If I click the "click here" link (to launch the game yourself.) , i got the blue / white screen problem.

(Before today, no this problem. But now can only fishing in the blue screen / white screen) crying
So I saw the new fishing update.
And excitedly, went over to Bass'ken to have a hand in the new fish.
But I didn't catch any, and as I went over to Gambino, the same problem repeated.
where are the new fish?
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A few minutes ago I went fishing, and got new fish, but then when I went to save the passcode it didnt appear, so I pressed the quit button and searched blindly for the "yes" button. After it, the passcode kept saying it was incorrect,so I kept trying just like they told me to do...But after the 40th time I got a message saying that the conection couldnt keep me alive, which is kinda awkward because I could talk in the chat and interact with the menus... Help?
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gonk i keep geting a blue screen when i try to fish i can still see the rod and my avatar but the rest of the background is blue this just started happening today
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gonk i keep geting a blue screen when i try to fish i can still see the rod and my avatar but the rest of the background is blue this just started happening today
Are you using Internet Explorer? Does this help?:
Delete your temporary internet files right before you load the fishing game. This doesn't always work. If it doesn't, you can try another server, or waiting a while and then try again. This problem only seems to happen with Internet Explorer, so you can also try another browser.
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I keep having the problem of saving ''successfully'' a game and the fishes do not appear in my inventory. I clear my temporary files but still my fishes are gone. sad
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you probably already saw this in the forms but might as while say it's happening to me too, none of the fish I catch go into my inventory but the do show up my fishing statistics screen
Yes, there's a couple threads about fish not saving to inventory. There seems to be no specific lake or type of room that affects this. I've lost buckets that apparently saved properly and showed in my stats, but not my inventory, both in regular rooms, and newly created locked rooms. I've lost fish in Bassken and Gambino. I haven't fished in Durem more than five times, so that hasn't been an issue for me, but I know others have mentioned having lost buckets there as well.

I've only noticed this since the update, but that may be because there were new fish to notice whether or not they appeared in my inventory, as opposed to just the number of old fish changing
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Thank you for sharing this info! I had the "no captha appearing" glitch. I had to let go of a bucket full of some really decent fish because of it. I wish I had seen your thread earlier.
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When i start to play the fishing game, the first and second page with the servers and stuff loads fine. But when i click on the person's name to play the game, it just stops loading.
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I have a problem with blank screen just nothing doesnt laod, am using latest firefox/windows 7 is there a solution to this? it happens with some games in gaia and not others, i cant play fishing/pinball/factori but can play others. I realy wanna fish, please help =)
I have a problem with blank screen
try delete your cache. for internet explorer its under "tools" then "delete browser history", the fastest way to get there is hold down the "Alt", while holding "Atl" press the letter "t" then the letter "d".... bam your there (depending on your version, if your not you need to hunt it down in outta the "internet options"... I think its under "general" tab). you wanna delete atleast "Preserve Favorite website Data", "Temperary Internet Files" and "cookies"... I tend to delete all except "Passwords".
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i deleted cache, still the same thing, i can play word bump, tiles, slots, blackjack, zomg, but still cant play fishing, factori or pinball. In the bottom left corner of the page it sais connecting then sais done and the page just stays completely blank.
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Pardon me while I bump this back up to the first page because there are people who have not seen this thread yet and are in need of assistance.

I just posted in a thread of person having issue and will give them link to this thread.
My fishs donĀ“t show up in my inventory.

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