This is something I'm curious about and I hope someone here and answer it for me:

Angelic Rods are quite rare, being only given out once per account...so there's no way you can stack them through fishing. But they can be sold on the Marketplace though...and here is where my question comes in...

Assuming you have the money for it (Angel Rods and Plus version easily go for hundreds of billions...if not trillions sometimes) and you BUY an Angelic Rod (Plus or Not), does it mess with the fish counter?

If you buy an Angelic Rod before you hit 75,000 fish, does it mean you can get a 2nd Angelic Rod?

Oh, and to answer Shirlox's question (even though it's months old), I did in fact get my Angelic Rod equippable; but I won't lie, I was fooled when it dropped...I actually believed I was given an Angelic Rod for my seniority here T nT lol XD (Been a Gaian since 2003)
Buying or otherwise acquiring an Angelic Rod does not interfere with your counter. You can, in fact, use an Angelic Rod to earn the catches needed to qualify for your own Angelic Rod. I used an Angelic Plus from another account for some of my later catches when fishing to this account's Angelic Rod. It just so happened that this occurred during a timeframe when the grant script was not working for anybody, but it does normally grant in that situation.