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Dixon Cider

congrats! ^o^
Dixon Cider
Username: Dixon Cider
Fishing Spot: Durem
Gaian Time of Day (Night, Day, Dawn or Dusk): Night
Rare Fish Caught: Emeralback Lion
Bait Used: A
Bait Level: A
Date Caught(Approx.): October 22, 2014
Rod Used: Angelic Rod
Fishing Mode (Casual/Competition): Casual
Row and Slot: 3rd row, 1st slot
How Many Games Had You Played That Day When You Caught It: 3
Were You Filtering, or Dredging/Powerfishing: Filtering
User ImageUser Image

congratz! took u long enough to post this! : P
I'm not very techy with stuff like this, It took me 5 years to learn how to put youtube media on my pro kk >n>
FMFM The Pirate
Dixon Cider

congrats! ^o^
Thank You heart
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Pandy Belle
Pwny Slaystation

Congratulations Jules on your first rare!

Brohoof for you /)

Cute avi Ziggy emotion_kirakira
D'aww Thanks, Gotta rock that Brony style emotion_awesome
Pwny Slaystation's avatar

Supportive Rival

Dixon Cider
After freaking 3 years of fishing though xD
Better late than never. =v

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