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I believe Bluedragonfly687 also caught a Tino this month that she reported in the TF thread. ninja Perhaps you were just waiting for more proof on that.

Anyways, good thread Naki! And rofl at DJ's 1k bass'terd.
She did catch one she sold it to a quester for a bunch of 05 letters and 39k sweatdrop

Edit: 3rd gambino caught a tino also he sold it to miroku neutral

What're you doing posting?! scream Get back to fishing, you!

rofl Yeah alot of Tinos caught..
*Runs away* gonk

Edit: Blue and naruto SHOULD be reporting soon or atleast blue is sweatdrop
I caught a Tootin Tino. I made the mistake of getting ripped off miroku but thats another story crying . But I did catch one.
Username: Bluedragonfly687
Fishing Spot: Gambino
Time of Day: Late morning I believe/afternoon Gaia time
Rare Fish Caught: Tootin Tino
Bait Used: A Bait
Bait Level: A
Date Caught(Approx.): Sat Oct 7th, 2006 (lol...my 1st rare..of course I remember)
Fishing Version Caught In: Not sure what u mean xp
Fish Movement: blue seedkin, no hard pull

Just sold it for letters and gold but here is my inventory shot I took the day I caught it. Pathetic Fishing Stats

Extra info: I used a strength rod plus and it was in my second slot in the first row. heart
Thanks Tooky, those prices seem about right to me, we'll see what others say first though.

Nidobolt: That's right, F bait is no-no. Always has been. UNLESS it's A or D level F bait. If it's your first 5 games of the day, and you use F bait, it's ok. After 5 games it has degraded completely to regular F grade and can no longer produce lucky buckets.

Okay, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks. (sorry for the delay of this post wink )
Hope its ok to report one that was caught back in August? might help with your research

Username: Tifflet
Fishing Spot: Bass'ken Lake
Time of Day: afternoon gmt, daytime on gaia
Rare Fish Caught:Mutha Guppa
Bait Used:D Bait with strength plus rod
Bait Level:was fourth bucket of day so acting like A bait still, was the first fish caught in that bucket, didn't complete bucket for fear of losing it on saving bucket.
Date Caught(Approx.):19th August 2006
Fishing Version Caught In:?
Fish Movement:Fast like a striper, it did stop at bottom in middle for a sec I remember due to me quickly moving mouse.

Evidence, I posted my fishing record on my Journal at beginning of this month, it shows up in it. Link to my fishing record

Questor offered 350k for it, so sold it, have the trade record as well.
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Thanks guys.

I can take narutosan's catch as a report, since there is proof of a sale, but unless he gives the other details I'll just put it in the list of the ones cause, but not file it as an actual report.

bluedragonfly: Thank you very much heart

TIfflet: Thanks as well 3nodding I think August is about as far back as I should allow.

So hmm, anyone else that caught one before August 2006, while it can still be reported and put on the list, it won't be use for data.

Oh yes, what I'm going to do, cause putting in a bunch of report would take up a lot of space, is host these on my website, and just link the username to the report. I'll save the screenshots and host those as well 3nodding
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The rare prices I'm used to are:

Guppa - 250k
Bass'terd - 300k
Candy - 850k

Bino - 100k
Tino - 130k
Chino - 200k-250k

I never pay attention to gembacks, so these are educated guesses:

Diamonds - 850k
Emeralds - 900k
Rubies - 900k-1000k

Great thread Naki. (I hope one day to be able to fill in a report. sweatdrop xp )

I'd just comment on the above prices, prior to the DC Glitch emeralds and diamonds were around 700-750k. We all know what happened to the vend prices after the glitch, so I think 850-900k is still a bit on the high side for those. Rubies on the other hand I think might be a bit higher, even up to 1.2 million. And I think Binos are a bit over 100k now, I'd suggest 100-120k is a more up-to-date price range for those. I think it would be better to have a price range for all of the rare fish actually, as prices vary from seller to seller and buyer to buyer, and can diverge significantly if there are more people questing for a particular rare mask. I'd suggest:

Guppa - 250k-280k
Bass'terd - 250k-300k
Candy - 850k-1000k

Bino - 100k-120k
Tino - 120k-150k
Chino - 200k-250k

Diamonds - 750k-850k
Emeralds - 750k-850k
Rubies - 900k-1200k
I think I found someone willing to pay 1.6M for a Ruby.. 1.2M is a reasonable price but a seller will sell their ruby for 1.6M instead of 1.2M unless the seller is a tf and willing to help a quester. 3nodding
I'd be careful about pricing info on this. There are numerous threads in the Gaia Exchange where someone has paid 50K for a sealed envelope only worth 9 or 10K.

So I do not doubt someone would pay 1.6 mill for a ruby, but I don't think that makes it worth 1.6 mill, just as I don't think a few morons buying sealeds for 50K make a sealed worth 50K blaugh

I have no problem with any of the prices listed, though I would like to see more of a range. A huge part of the range comes down to # of questors.

I can't speak for all rares, but the diamondback went from around 300K to around 700K simply because there were multiple questors for it, at least 8 or 9 that I saw, over the past 10 months. From January to July of this year, there were at least 2 or 3 questors at any given time competing for the same fish. I'm not even including the fish whore factor here.

So I believe a lot of the prices in the ranges are based on multiple questors. Those prices are similar to the ranges pre-glitch, but lets not forget that the glitch pretty much doubled the number of rare fish (and masks) in existence, with next to no price drop. That doesn't make much sense.
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Eh well I suppose I should file a report too since I didn't give much information in one post. xd

I should be writing my philosophy midterm essay, but ehhh... procrastinators never do what they should do. If we did, we wouldn't be procrastinators.

Fishing Spot:Port of Gambino
Time of Day:Night
Rare Fish Caught:Tootin' Tino
Bait Used:A bait
Bait Level: Fairly A level, but it was in the process of secondary bait degradation being crappy from heavy usage.
Date Caught(Approx.): Around mid-September, I can get the exact date if I check back into the September TF thread, but I will sift through them when I have more time.
Fishing Version Caught In:I wish I could tell you the exact version but I don't know how to look up exactly what version it is after they made those changes. Basically, the version with the preloader.
Rod Used/Fish Movement:Moved approximately like blue seedkin on my strength plus.
Row and Slot:First row, third slot.

User Image

Edit: Although it may seem completely unrelated, but maybe the type of rod used should be included within reports as well? I know that hooking a rare fish is completely unrelated to what type of fishing rod you're using, but I know my filtering style changes from rod to rod. So what I usually percieve as blue seedkin on a strength plus could easily be mistaken for a warm or frozen trout on a distance plus if it even moved a second faster.

And I caught the Tino on my strength plus whilst half asleep.
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Polk: that's why I have suggested fisher price AND actual last recorded sale price. I want to include the prices we as fishers feel are fair, but at the same time be realistic and include the prices people have actually payed for them. I don't really trust the vend as being accurate in regards to rare fish pricing at all, so I'd rather list a last recorded sale price, based on the exchange.

I always use ranges too, I didn't plan on putting one specific price. A range for the fisher price, and a range for the actual last known selling price.

Thanks Scarlet, I guess the rod info could be included, but all it really does is pertain to the movement itself. I suppose in the Fish Movement part I can just change it so that it says "Rod used/fish movement". 3nodding
Naki: That's great xd I agree, the vend is nowhere near accurate. While we're debating the diff on rubies for 1.2 or 1.6 mill, it wasn't that long ago that one seller was trying to fetch 4 mill + per ruby stressed
Oh right, I forgot that one...

most of the reports I've heard where in the first 4 slots, if not the first row. My own rares, the emerald was in the 4th slot, the bass'terd was in the 1st slot.

Chances are, if you've hooked and caught everything, and the first row is over and you have no rare, there isn't one.

Rare wants to be caught, to put it that way, so it will keep coming until you hook it, so unless you loose fish all the time, it WILL be one of the first things you hook, if not THE first.

So basically, the first 4 slots/first row rumor is more true than false 3nodding .
My emerald was caught in the first 4 or 5 slots. My mutha guppa in January was caught at the middle of my bucket.
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xd which is why the first 4 slots is just a rumor and not a confirmed fact whee

I should add the slot to the questions for the report.
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Small updates done. just added the reports to the list. Will beging making website with all the data neatly organized in tables whenever I can take a break from fishing. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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