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Deep within that hollow stare,
of our presence they're unaware.
A life that is fading away,
in spite of things we try to convey.
Memories locked up in their mind,
and there they're kept all confined.
Good times spent long ago,
and all their love they did bestow.
For these moments will live forever,
and our pride in them will endeavor.
Seeing them lying there we know why,
Alzheimer's is called the long good-bye.

Welcome to the official Wear The Lilac Day thread.

What is Wear the Lilac Day?

Wear The Lilac Day was started as a grassroots campaigns by Discworld fans after the series creator, Terry Pratchett, was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's disease.

In his book Nightwatch, the men who fought and died (and in one case, fought, died and kept on fighting) in the Revolution are remembered by the wearing of sprigs of lilac every May 25th.

What is it doing on Gaia?

Well, let's face it, Gaia is one of the biggest forums on the internet. So where better to spread awareness of such a horrible disease?

On the 25th May 2009, dress your avatar in purple, and go out and post in the forums. Add a banner to your signature as well so people know what it's all about. And that is it, that is all you need to do.

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Who is Terry Pratchett?

Do you live in a cave? Terry Pratchett is very famous English writer who created the Discworld series of books, as well as writing a number of children's books, short stories, and various collaborations with other writers (including Good Omens with Neil Gaiman, creator of the Sandman series). He has sold over 55 million books worldwide and was knighted by the Queen in 2009.

In 2007 Pratchett announced that he had been diagnosed with a rare early-onset form of Alzheimers disease. He subsequently made a donation of $1 million to the Alzherimer's Research Trust and has begun a campaign to raise awareness and research in to the disease.

When his donation to the Trust was announced a group of Discworld fans collected together to create "Match It For Pratchett", the aim being to match his donation of $1 million dollars by selling fake bunches of lilacs. So far it has raised over $1000, with $146 of that coming from early February 2009!

What is Alzheimers?

Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, afflicting 24 million people worldwide. Alzheimer's is a degenerative and terminal disease for which there is currently no cure. In its most common form, it occurs in people over 65 years old although a rarer early-onset form also exists.

It affects a person's memory and fine motor control, Terry Pratchett himself described the early symptoms with "I felt as if I was typing while wearing gloves". Sufferers forget small things at first, such as where they left their glasses, or the fact that they put some bread in the toaster, or left the tap running. But as it progresses it gets worse, many forget what their families, their husbands, wives, children and grandchildren look like. They think that they are younger than they are and so prepare for things such as their sister's wedding, even though their sister may have been dead for years. They become angry and frustrated as "strangers" enter their house or phone them, these strangers actually being their closest loved ones.

It is a horrific disease to go through, and it is equally hard on friends and family, who have to watch a person that they know and love slowly lose their mental faculties and forget their lives, the many happy memories they have shared together.

Why Should I Care About a Disease That Affects The Elderly?

Because one day you'll be elderly, and there is a chance that this disease could strike you, or someone you care about. There is a genetic link, Alzheimers can run in families, but just because it hasn't hit your family yet, doesn't mean it won't in the future.

For years Alzheimers research has been stunted, not enough people knew about this disease, not enough people cared, and so there is a LOT of catching up to do.

Here on Gaia we're not aiming to raise money. We're aiming to raise awareness, because there is no point trying to raise money when no one knows what Alzheimers is!

We go out and spread the word, and in a few years that $1 million mark will be smashed.

And in 10, 20, 30 years time, we'll be much closer to finding a cure.
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We're doing lots of fun things for this event!

Tektek contest **NOW CLOSED**

Create an avatar in Tektek that is PURPLE! You can have other colours, if they're part of the items (for example there's a scarf that is purple and red) but the MAIN colour must be purple!

**This competition is now CLOSED**

1st prize- September 2008 Sealed letter (it's purple!)- Winner is HeismyFiyero

2nd prize- Wonderland (it's a purple cat!)- Winner is Shenedoah

3rd prize- Toadstool from the Nov. 2008 letter (it's purple too!)- Winner is x-Sgt-Pixie-x

4th prize- 5000 gold- Winner is OneCrystalSnowAngel


Group A 3rd place- 2k gold- Winner is Deschaine
Group A 4th place- 1k gold- Winner is coldmoonlight

Group B 3rd place- 2k gold- Winner is Lunatalia
Group B 4th place- 1k gold- Winner is J4_Coltrain

Bouquet Giveaway

On the 25th May we'll be giving away purple daisy bouquets!

All you need to do is dress your avatar in purple and come say hello in the thread! (Please note: This is a first come first served give away, we have a lot of bouquets, but if this becomes huge, we may struggle DX)


Raffle Winners:

1. Violet Mink Jacket- Cerise Chinoise
2. Sun Daze Velvetine Hat- neomania123
3. Blacklight Punk Socks- oxGuardian_Angelzxo
4. Velvetine Neck Ribbon- MariPanda
5. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins- Kiss My Applesauce
6. Tsuru Furisode- xXxLemonWhalexXx
7. Purple Bar Earrings & Necklace- Darkangel212
8. 500 gold- Ghastly Dementia
9. Purple Ski Jacket- faindy1024
10. Amethyst Galaxy Grenade- flashlite5000

11. Purple Oval Hairpin- anupriyabond
12. Violet Bubbles Tankini Top- kelzi-375
13. 1000 gold- LilSizzly
14. Purple Heart Hairpin- RockNRollHOF
15. 1000 gold- Queen of Peeps
16. Venus Embrace Shoes- waypou2004
17. Purple Gaia Feet Stockings- Marshall_Hottie
18. Purple Lovely Genie set (belly gem, bra, vest, harem pants)- ErmofSD
19. Light Purple Leg Warmers- 0Lientje0
20. Lilac Sparkle Empire Dress- Lady Stamos

21. Horns of the Dragon Queen- AthrunZala1580
22. Soft Lavender Toothbrush- Deschaine
23. Purple FLEX top- The MEDDLING Kid
24. Soft Lavender Shampoo- LoveRobotsWOOT
25. Purple Geisha Wig- -Sgt-Marl-
26. Violet and Purple Reversible Hairpins- Jazmin`
27. Purple Gaia Feet Stockings- Scaramoushe
28. Purple Baseball Pants- TntMommy
29. Purple Umbrella- Tigerlily
30. 1000 gold- JY232

31. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress- courtney11205
32. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- Aqualio
33. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- Turquoisetherogue
34. Violet Deluxe Holiday Legwarmers- Sophie Gloria
35. Purple Nurse Skirt- Mel56789
36. Venus Embrace Shoes- XStormyXDayzX
37. Missy Lavender Ribbon- adol795
38. Violet Ruffled Skirt - Cteddiesgirl
39. Grape Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-top- xemix1406
40. Poiple Pointed Buckle Heel Slipper- FallingAngel54

41. Amethyst and Milk Quartz Necklace- o0xkaiida
42. Wild Orchid Kimono- TwilightRose-xx
43. Violet Mink Jacket - Hoshiko Yamada
44. Sun Daze Velvetine Hat- Khayzie
45. Blacklight Punk Socks- sayscy
46. Velvetine Neck Ribbon- Matsuri Michiyoku
47. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins - Sepintil_The_Third
48. Pool Stripe Sleeve Sweater- Blackwing Rose
49. 5000 gold- Chibi_Rosalie
50. 500 gold- Yvette Azelie

51. Purple Medical Scrubs and Scrub Pants - Elowyn_Nobody
52. Cheshire Cat Paws- Redheadstemper
53. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress- Heen
54. Soft Lavender Soap on a Rope- triz72
55. 1000 gold- WhiskersLovesFishies
56. Purple Heart Hairpin- iEquine
57. 1000 gold- devilsdarkfairy
58. Venus Embrace Shoes < Spare Prize
59. Purple Gaia Feet Stockings- Alias Facade
60. Soh Sari- becca10190

61. Purple Polka Dot Inner Tube- z a h s o m e
62. Purple Lily Boutonniere- orient_chera
63. Black Orchid Brooch- The USSR
64. Purple Yarn and Needles- Sugared Teardrop
65. Purple Flower Hairpin- Sasha_Warrior_Princess
66. Soft Lavender Fuzzy Bath Slippers - XxX_one-song-glory_XxX
67. Blue & Purple Saloon Girl Feather Headpiece- Happydonut_mcb
68. Purple Oval Hairpin- Angelique Atrocious
69. Blacklight Ribbon- L3iiJAHLADy
70. Sky Ribbed Pants- iZikk

71. The Purple Hat- Disareen
72. 1000 gold- Amethyst Phoenix831
73. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress - owo__Alice
74. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- _xselo94
75. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- Luna Arcanis
76. Purple Medical Shoes- Poison_Hawk
77. Purple Geisha Wig- Diaveborn
78. Grape BubbleNum Bubble- Sousakusha
79. Purple Ski Jacket- Captain Acacia
80. Deep Sea Wave Swim Trunks- Sean_Kahaki56

81. Cid Hippie Shirt- LaughingGal13
82. Poiple Pointed Buckle Heel Slipper- Brown_Eyed_Cutie_2007
83. G-Lol Bruise Mistress Top- SpiderCookie
84. Diamond Yukata- September S a p p h i r e
85. Violet Mink Jacket- duckies-and-doggies
86. Sun Daze Velvetine Hat - [BLiTZ]
87. Blacklight Punk Socks- Candle Maker
88. Deep Purple Rose Headband- Girlthatisbored
89. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins- HeismyFiyero
90. Pool Stripe Sleeve Sweater- SecretiveTruths

91. 5000 gold- DarkAMagician
92. 500 gold- Rosebud Baby
93. Purple Nurse Shirt and Skirt- Divine Crystal Maiden
94. Purple Ghoul on my Head- Salacia von Humpeding
95. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress- Dashing_Rain
96. Soft Lavender Loofah Pad- Knited
97. 1000 gold - 17_Coquikun_my_heart_22
98. Purple Heart Hairpin- EccentricElf23
99. Purple Wool Top- Taeminnie
100. 1000 gold- IRachelAkatsuki

101. Natural Amethyst Oblong Beads- shadofire333
102. Giant Purple Eyeball- BabyAthena96
103. Purple Polka Dot Inner Tube - Cuttlefishious
104. Purple Medical Gloves- Nettielea
105. Black Orchid Brooch - Lil_LocoCocoa
106. Violet Deluxe Holiday Legwarmers - Kiddo the fox-phoenix
107. Purple Ball Ornament Earrings- Chuulip
108. Lilac Buckle Trench Hat- Sgt Blueberry
109. Soft Lavender Torso Towel Wrap - Mad Mendacity
110. Purple GetaGRIP Headband- azkabanhuntress

111. Sunset Lavender Wrap- Kylesanchez
112. G-Lol Bruise Mistress Stockings - xXThexJonasXx
113. Violet Mink Pants- Kitten Britches
114. 1000 gold- magnolia15
115. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress - kitzu-jama
116. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- Aurora De Staria
117. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- Amaranth_the_ immortal
118. Purple Medical Shoes- iChidori19
119. Purple Nurse Skirt¬- Butterfly_Kloe
120. Blacklight Ribbed Shirt- toXXXic RAEn

121. Purple Ski Jacket- mitsuu-chan
122. Violet Bubbles Tankini Top & Bottom- Randomness_is_my_game
123. Cid Hippie Shirt- Masternic
124. Cheshire Cat Toes- Jesnisa
125. Purple Workjeans- Rawli-Pop
126. Purple Baseball Jersey- IgnatiusJesse
127. Violet Mink Jacket - coco-and-friends
128. Sun Daze Velvetine Hat- Wainga6
129. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes - 25Blueclouds
130. Deep Purple Rose Headband - kagome hanyu

131. Purple Cat Collar- DJINN987
132. Pool Stripe Sleeve Sweater- Exiled53
133. Purple Ink (1 bottle) - tsukiko maru
134. 2000 gold- pixystyx
135. Grape Clown Shoes - sinonyx
136. Purple Lily Boutonniere - Sakura11101
137. Purple Blue Flame Spiral Arm Tattoo- Ramulix
138. Soft Lavender Shampoo- xX_Zella_Xx
139. 1000 gold- Milky Mint
140. Purple Saloon Girl Chandelle Boa- alethea_angel

141. 1000 gold- Draydrigo
142. Purple Wool Top- Gaala_of_the_Funk
143. Violet Ruffled Skirt - NiGhTmArIa_12
144. Blue & Purple Saloon Girl Feather Headpiece- shinee WISH
145. Ribbon Luv Sleeves Violet- Okashii Ebi
146. Black Orchid Brooch- Ladykirch
147. Sasha’s Lei < Spare Prize
148. Flashion Purple Star Stockings- XQuietxRebellionX
149. Purple Oval Hairpin- malicer333
150. Slick Maroon Dress- Ploverpurple

151. The Purple Hat- Jyink
152. Sakura’s Cloak- Onikara Nightshade
153. Lovely Genie Purple Bangled Bra- shenedoah
154. Flashion Purple Star Stockings- Hikaridonya
155. Violet Deluxe Holiday Stockings- TrixieLaBoux
156. 1000 gold - Mistress Habibe
157. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress - amanda_poke_dora
158. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes - Nariana
159. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- Pink_Posy
160. Purple Medical Shoes- 0xRosethornx0

161. Black Orchid Brooch- enchantedsleeper
162. Blacklight Ribbed Shirt- Forbidden Pie
163. Purple Workjeans- MeekaMinniee
164. Loose Knit Light Violet Top - AClDRain
165. Wine Hippie Pants- Gin-Gin_version2
166. Missy Lavender Ribbon - Konega
167. Flashion Purple Skirt- purplegirl1111
168. Cheerleader Uniform (Purple and Gold)- Earth-Goddess723
169. Violet Mink Jacket- Lunatalia
170. Orchid Partition Socks- UnknownMistress23

171. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- Genis Sage Gal
172. Deep Purple Rose Headband- Witchkatt
173. Purple Cat Collar- J4_Coltrain
174. Purple Bar Earrings & Necklace- II Marie Antoinette II
175. Purple Ink (1 bottle)- drummerchica215
176. 2000 gold- DizzytheGear
177. Slate Gunner Top- xXEmoxXxPrincessXx
178. Blacklight Ribbon - Tonks_Nymphadora
179. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- KittyBdemon666
180. Soft Lavender Fuzzy Bath Slippers- NettoKun00

181. 1000 gold - WeLLiie B00tz
182. Purple Saloon Girl Chandelle Boa- MadHattersSweetRevenge
183. 1000 gold- SamekhMem
184. Purple Wool Top - Quinnriley
185. Blacklight Gloves - FrostVandals
186. Grape Bubblenum Bubble - Miss Morrygan
187. Ribbon Luv Sleeves Violet - leighanna_cade
188. Dark Elf’s Aura- Hersheydudette
189. Mimzy Aura - Girlfriend In A Coma
190. Purple Juggling Ball < Spare Prize

191. Purple Blue Flame Spiral Arm Tattoo- Zaktan_wannabe
192. Superstar Purple Skirt- Rapid Inuyasha
193. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress- Ciorrawolfmage
194. Orchid Partition Top- endless_wolf_siren
195. Purple Ski Jacket- Nasuh
196. Orchid Partition Socks - louieann04
197. Purple Mini Boombox- Squidy_Spazz
198. 1000 gold- Anarchy_Faith
199. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress - Vashasan
200. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- KayCool123

201. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- glancing moon21
202. Purple Kiss Mark Face Tattoo- weirdgurl59
203. Blacklight Punk Sock- gizemko3
204. Sky Ribbed Pants- Ikuzou23
205. Purple Nurse Top & Skirt- Isildil
206. Purple Juggling Ball Spare Prize
207. Ahhrr! Swashy Britches- Burnedangel5
208. Ribbon Luv Sleeves - angelxe1
209. Purple Workjeans- Ambereyes80
210. Violet Mink Jacket- explosion-head

211. Orchid Partition Socks- DeliriousScribbles
212. Purple Kiss Mark Face Tattoo- Sheldanise
213. Deep Purple Rose Headband- Mitsukit
214. Purple Cat Collar- mumble_mirumo
215. Purple Bar Earrings & Necklace- jo_fitz
216. Purple Ink (1 bottle)- roxykat7
217. 2000 gold - J.P. Chartreuse
218. G-Lol Bruise Mistress Stockings- Rosynla
219. Blacklight Ribbon- Nyxia3Parthenia
220. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- Technologics

221. Amethyst and Milk Quartz Headband- F e v e r ishly ill
222. 1000 gold- Angel princess Katerina
223. Violet Tied Top- Janette Morgan
224. 1000 gold- Snowwai
225. Purple Wool Top- Shadow Of Crepuscule
226. Violet Chess Shoes- Vixen_Hotty
227. Lilac Sparkle Empire Dress- EladrinStarmist
228. The Purple Hat - Mr. Smitty
229. Amethyst and Milk Quartz Earrings - 0X0BOOM0X0
230. Purple Medical Scrubs and Scrub Pants- Reality bleeds

231. Amethyst Galaxy Grenade - Sumomomo
232. Soft Lavendar Bar of Soap- Merines_Amara
233. Purple Beatnik Sandals- Roxi780
234. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes - Chimokko
235. Purple Raincoat- Pan Tiam
236. Womens Purple Nurses Shirt- ChristianGal
237. Natural Amethyst Oblong Beads- Kagephookah
238. Purple Ski Hat- Lunasariel
239. 1000 gold - saksak96
240. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress - Satsuki_94

241. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- Oiwio
242. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse - TomV
243. Violet Ruffled Skirt - RepoLadyWallace
244. Blacklight Punk Sock- xXRebbeliousNinjaXx
245. Sky Ribbed Pants - NemesisKismet
246. Purple Medical Gloves- himeteardrop
247. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins - Qasalia
248. Ahhrr! Swashy Britches- C r u x I I I
249. Deep Purple Rose Headband- Mandralyne
250. Flashion Purple Top - nicedude2

251. Violet Mink Jacket- AtomicInfamyy
252. Orchid Partition Socks- Loanlystar
253. Purple Kiss Mark Face Tattoo - anamaniac57
254. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins- Atmoneas Lee-Lee
255. Violet and Purple Reversible Bracelets - Starai
256. Purple Bar Earrings & Necklace- oh savvy
257. Purple Star Bottom Tattoo - DixieLush
258. 10000 gold- Squishy_Kat
259. Soft Lavender Toothbrush - little_miss_otaku
260. Dark Violet Leather Stiletto Boots- xSkepticalityx

261. Soft Lavendar Bar of Soap - badboybillrulez
262. Aquarium Big Gem < Spare Prize
263. 1000 gold - Naoko Kensaku
264. Violet Tied Top- OneCrystalSnowAngel
265. 1000 gold - Classical Teen
266. Superstar Purple Skirt - Trothael Kaesin
267. Light Violet Scarf- M - Sweet n Leo
268. Lilac Sparkle Empire Dress- TwoMindz
269. Lovely Genie Purple Headpiece- FayeElise
270. Amethyst and Milk Quartz Headband- kit-the-wiccan-one

271. Purple Nurse Shirt and Skirt- Armageddon Majesty
272. Cheshire Cat Paws- Athytia
273. Violet Bubbles Tankini Bottom - Kiss in Digital
274. Violet Ruffled Skirt - Annie Anthrax
275. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- rashiyu_789
276. Cheerleader Shoes (Purple and Gold)- LightxPrincessxBre
277. Sunset Lavender Wrap- yoUr_sHadOweD_liFe
278. Aquarium Big Gem- Sirena Black Is Gone
279. Orchid Partition Top - Pittypatgirl
280. 1000 gold - HInaIchigo59

281. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress- Kaylee316
282. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- Adalido Riftscribe
283. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- ThePsychotic Cupcake
284. Violet Ruffled Skirt- XxNekoGirl92xX
285. Purple Kiss Mark Face Tattoo- TheUnused
286. Sky Ribbed Pants- Faid Shadowlight
287. Purple Medical Shoes- Onyona Ninja
288. Fitted Purple Top- Tayuechick
289. G-Lol Bruise Mistress Skirt- Hhoky
290. Black Orchid Brooch- Kippz214412

291. Purple GetaGRIP Top - Nihr
292. Violet Mink Jacket - Limca
293. Orchid Partition Socks - Junk Hobo
294. Purple Reading Glasses - Masquerade Slaughter
295. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins - Kaiyachan
296. Violet and Purple Reversible Bracelets - Rinn Black
297. Purple Bar Earrings & Necklace- KitsuneKagetsu
298. 500 gold - AvianFlame
299. Purple Shoes with Loose Socks- Bardess Ookami
300. Flashion Purple Star Stockings - Akivaa

301. Purple FLEX top – Kazzary
302. Loose Knit Violet Wool Top- Katherine_83
303. Aquarium Big Gem- nikki_sierra
304. 1000 gold- Kittyboton
305. Violet Tied Top- Flawers
306. 1000 gold - Muni Muni Purin
307. Purple Beatnik Sandals- Kasumii lovee
308. Purple Ski Hat - LavenderLilacs
309. Soft Lavender Torso Towel Wrap - Smoozle
310. Natural Amethyst Pendant- Raez0rz

311. Purple Lace-up Cork Sandals- Myrcury
312. Grape Clown Shoes – Spare Prize
313. Purple Ghoul on my Head- Mermaidsuperkitty
314. Violet Bubbles Tankini Top- SammomTresed
315. Blacklight Gloves- Toxic Rave
316. Violet Tied Top- X-rainbowglow-X
317. Corroded Apocaripped Scarf - JillyBeamOfSunshine
318. Purple Space Girl Boots - Kauzl
319. Purple Shoes with Loose Socks- AccioFunds
320. Orchid Partition Top- sillyputty75

321. 1000 gold- Aiswen
322. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress- rafi-rafi-rafi
323. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes - SkaPigeon420
324. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- TenshiInochi
325. Violet Ruffled Skirt- Mrs PornPuffs
326. Velvetine Neck Ribbon- Barbie Queue
327. Blacklight Ribbon- YeehawMeeyoh
328. Violet Tied Top - xXIHateUsernamesXx
329. Fitted Purple Top- Nitrono95
330. Beat Slim Orchid Shoes < Spare Prize

331. Purple Shoes with Loose Socks - 13starsofthewolf
332. Sun Daze Velvetine Dress - BobxNoneya
333. Sun Daze Velvetine Hat - XxTwinklE__TearSxX
334. Orchid Partition Socks - Mara Earth
335. Purple Reading Glasses - L~CORP
336. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins- Lady Beldandi
337. Amethyst and Milk Quartz Earrings- iSerrafiina
338. Purple Bar Earrings & Necklace- Gliesha
339. 500 gold - Rasheeba
340. Purple Flower Hairpin - BlackDragonFly

341. Purple Shoes with Loose Socks - LordAmes
342. Toadstool - Kyoko Suomi
343. Loose Knit Violet Wool Top - Toph Heart of Rock
344. 1000 gold- xBladePhoenix
345. Natural Amethyst Oblong Beads - DragonBlaz
346. 1000 gold - Cracovin
347. Lilac Buckle Trench Hat- Lyra_Belacqua
348. Black Orchid Brooch- Rensing
349. Purple Ski Hat - xEddax
350. Soft Lavender Fuzzy Bath Slippers - Mena Chiona

351. Corroded Appocaripped Scarf - The Great Cheesepuff-Sama
352. Purple Star Bottom Tattoo- Dolphing
353. Slate Gunner Top - Disaster At Your Doorstep
354. Dark Violet Leather Stiletto Boots- Fullmetalonion
355. Soft Lavender Soap on a Rope - Fishing For Fun
356. Violet Chess Shoes- Nereis
357. Violet Tied Top - Angels are Hope
358. Violet Pompom Gloves - carmeltiger
359. Purple FLEX top- Savygarnet
360. Purple Saloon Girl Chendelle Boa- Floretta Syracuse

361. Missy Lavender Dress - Darthsethus
362. 1000 gold - DarkDragonEliot
363. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress - ninjaofpineconia
364. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- Elegant Dark Lady
365. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse- Blush Rose
366. Violet Ruffled Skirt - sh1va
367. Velvetine Neck Ribbon- chulita2007
368. Violet Tied Top- Remedy Forgotten
369. Yellow Star Ska Shirt (it has purple sleeves)- Dakk
370. Poiple Pointed Buckle Heel Slipper- Duck-munkey

371. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes- x-Sgt-Pixie-x
372. Jenny's Mysterious A-line Dress- Karasu2001
373. Knot Purple Top- The Devils Musician
374. Violet Tied Top- recordsatnite
375. Purple Juggling Ball < Spare prize
376. 1000 gold - rob9120
377. Purple Shoes with Loose Socks - Lady Silverface
378. Beat Slim Orchid Shoes - 20 Inspector Pepper 09
379. Violet Bubbles Tankini Bottom- harpsdesire
380. Slick Maroon Dress - x_so random_x

381. Purple Gaia Feet Stockings - Zolah
382. Purple Bar Earrings & Necklace- DragonG386
383. 1000 gold- xx-fliper-xx
384. Dark Elf’s Aura- Kaoruko Hashimi
385. Purple Ski Jacket - animegirl15
386. Light Violet Scarf- Ilufftwilyte
387. Violet Tied Top- Fuujin-chan
388. Jenny's Mysterious A-Line Dress - iRawrRachel
389. Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes - watercolourgal
390. Jenny's Mysterious Clamshell Purse - oO- R O A D K I L L –Oo

391. Purple Bar Necklace < Spare Prize
392. G-Lol Bruise Mistress Stockings - froggygirl58
393. Dark Violet Leather Stiletto Boots- XxKaulitzChickxX
394. Soft Lavender Loofah Pad - Wind Sorcerer Scarlet
395. Violet Ruffled Skirt - Silvermoonfall
396. Purple Heart Hairpin - Broken Stars in a Box
397. Purple Medical Shoes - experienced angel
398. Purple Reading Glasses- KariKamiya18
399. Blacklight Tube Top - Erin143
400. Sun Daze Velvetine Hat - Hello_Folly

401. Blacklight Punk Socks - Tams_Tinkerbell
402. Purple Reading Glasses - RixiyLeRoo
403. Violet and Purple Reversible Hair Pins - kitkatkitty11
404. Purple Lace-up Cork Sandals- Deadbride9
405. 500 gold - -masturbative-eye-patch-
406. Purple Ball Ornament Earrings - lancelot0x3
407. 1000 gold - Tyche Nitely
408. PomPoms (Purple and Gold)- Midnightmeteor
409. Lavender Floral Apron - ForYourSake
410. Lovely Genie Purple Belly Gem- soccer gurl_72796

411. Purple Nurse Skirt - Perfectly_Imperfect_Me
412. Light Purple Leg Warmers - begrieving snow
413. Purple GetaGRIP Top - Abbey Rhode
414. Missy Lavender Ribbon - Nifteri

Wearing Purple on the Day!

Deadbride9 PMed me with a great idea!

Along with having your avatar wear purple on the day, we can all wear purple in real life!

So, on 25th May, wear purple, get your friends and family to wear purple, take some pictures and post them up so we can see you all decked out in your colours!

There won't be any prizes (the raffle is seriously taking off) but it will still be fun to see everyone in some sort of purple!
User Image

Do you know someone who has/had Alzheimers? Let us know their name and they will go here.

Do you have any stories to share about someone who has had Alzheimers? Let us know and we'll post them here as well.

I will do my best to participate in this event. One of our family friends died from Alzheimer's, and it one of the saddest things I ever had to watch. sad

I'vgo a story If you'd like.

My great-Grandomther, somking half her life & growing old of age, was put inot a senior care home. We knew she was getting worse by the day. She had cancer I belive & had alztimers (funny, I don't know how to spell it and I'm posting here!).

By about 2006, she was moved again, but this time, to a closer area, so we could visit her more often.

What gave me hope that she was fighting the diseases, was that every time I'd see her, she'd remember me, no matter what. Even through all the suffering, she held on to those close to her & fought to do so.

xX Katie - Kisses Xx

Grandma Bertie has Alzheimer's...

She lived a great life while she still had her memory.

There's this one time my whole family went to visit her and she kept calling my stepmother by my real mother's name.

"Sue? Sue?"
"I'm DORIS, Bertie."
"Isn't this a wonderful reunion, Sue?"

It's sad, but I found it kind of amusing...
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The only memory I have of my grandfather is when my dad took me to visit once.
He had no idea who I was, he remembered my Dad but thought of him as being a kid still.
It was really sad for me because I never got to know him.

Rosebud Baby
This is such a great thread.

It is very close to my heart because I worked in the home health field, caring for patients with Alzheimer's. I am now caring for my husband who has been afflicted with the disease.

One thing many people don't realize is there are many types of Alzheimer's. My husband has the Frontal Temperal Dementia. I realized it and the doctors diagnosed him six years ago, at the young age of 59. He gets very aggressive at times, so it can be rough to deal with, but it isn't his fault. I have two teenagers (young adults) and it was very rough on them at first, but they are really a great help now that they understand the disease.

The best thing to do is keep them mentally busy. I immediately started my husband doing things on the computer to keep his mind active. He loves the puzzles here on Gaia and works on them every day. The doctors are thrilled with this because his progress has been slow. Some people believe I am being mean to him because I push him like this, but if I had given up and started pampering him and doing everything for him, he may not be here today. I want to keep him as long as possible, so I love him enough to push.

I cared for my mother and father-in-law who had the disease also, so have dealt with it for years. I think it is wonderful to make people aware of diseases like this, so they will have some idea about it in the event it hits their family.

before I read this thread I had no idea Terry Pratchett had alzheimers! I fully support the cause though, my grandpa has the early signs of it, and has already gotten lost about twice because of it. I will wear purple on May 25, for Terry, my grandpa, and the opther millions who have it.


I am coming out of the bathroom, and I am trying to throw something away while opening the door. My attention on the location of the trash can, I realize that I am trying to push open air. I see an elderly woman holding the door open and giving me this odd look. I start apologizing because I am sure that I almost touched her head. "Give me a hug," she says. It was so abnormal that I got really scared so for some reason I found myself hugging her. Mid-embrace, she whispers in my ear, "I will pray for you." I start laughing, not to be rude, but because the situation was so awkward. I kind of realize that something is up though. So I walk out and see this guy staring at me. "She has Alzhiemer's." I explain to him why I had been laughing, even though people probably are in this situation all of the time.

"One day," he said, "She is going to hug the wrong person, and say that to the wrong person. She does that to everybody she comes in contact with, and quickly forgets." So, I ask, "She won't remember meeting me when she comes back out?" "Nope." She comes back out and she goes to him, and he says that we were just talking. She asks for a hugs again and once again, "I will pray for you." I ask how long, and he tells me that I wouldn't believe him. I tell him to try me, and he says eleven years. I ask him if he is her husband and he says yes. I ask how long they have been married, and he said fifty-three years. "If I asked her, how long would she say?" "Go ahead and ask her." So I did. "Thirty years." And then she hugged me and said her little saying. He said that they needed to be going, and she asked me, "Will you pray for me too? That way we can be friends?" And I told her that I would and she hugged me and they left.

before I read this thread I had no idea Terry Pratchett had alzheimers! I fully support the cause though, my grandpa has the early signs of it, and has already gotten lost about twice because of it. I will wear purple on May 25, for Terry, my grandpa, and the opther millions who have it.

experienced angel
I have a great interest in this subject, having worked in the medical field for years and dealing with Alzheimer's disease in my family as well. My husband is an Alzheimer's patient. He is still working at this time, but we can see the day getting closer that we will have to have him retire. He is old enough to retire but also realizes that working is keeping him active and alert. Our fear is that when he retires, the disease will progress at a much faster rate.

He is on two medications, Aricept and Nemenda, to slow the progress of the Alzheimer's. These drugs work for some and not for others, so all you can do is try them to find out. We did notice, with him, he regained some of his thought processes. There is no cure, but there are medicines to help in the beginning if it is caught soon enough.

We realized this is what he was dealing with when he called me one day to say he didn't know his way home. This was a trip he had made for many years. I guided him home and immediately made an appointment with the doctor. After many tests, he was diagnosed. The neurologist said not to let him drive more than 10 miles, so we wouldn't have as much a chance of him getting lost. His job is within that range, so needless to say I worried, but after starting the the medications, this did seem to be a good range. Of course, until the medications built up I still received a few calls, but he hasn't had that problem for a while. I do have him drive me places from time to time, so I can assure myself that he is doing ok behind the wheel. I also got a phone with the walkie talkie on it, in case he has trouble using the phone. I take every precaution because you never know when this disease will take over. I do try to keep him dependant on himself, but also pay close attention to his abilities. We take it one day at a time.

Thanks to my friend Rosebud for leading me to this thread. I think it is a wonderful idea to share the information we have. You never know when it will hit someones family. It is like a medical bomb, when it hits, it hurts a lot of people. We know first hand.

My ( Great ) Auntie had Alzheimers it was really upsetting for everyone. We would go visit her everyday and she would always ask how was her mum. When we told her she had did years ago she would start crying and then ask it again the next day. Sadly she passed away not long ago from cancer just before christmas. I will wear lilac on the 25th may :]

Classical Teen
I support this thread entirely!

I hate it when people act as if they have Alzheimer's Disease.
Especially since my great grandma had it.

She died a year or two after she had it. I'm guilty again for not visiting her more often.
She didn't even know who I was or anything, she asked:"Who are you?"

I mean she was the one who taught me how to play piano and who got me into writing. . .

I just happened across this thread and am very glad I did. Otherwise I'd never have known there was a wearing of the lilac!

My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago. Thanks to the care of my grandfather and thanks to treatment the disease has been progressing fairly slowly giving us time to spend with her and time to understand what is happening to her.

I know it's been roughest for my grandfather. My grandmother was a woman who was always full of life and energy. She's always been a bit eccentric and has broguht a lot of fun and happiness to a very conservative, straight laced man. He's been taking care of her as best he can.

My grandmother has always been a warm, loving, and entertaining woman. To see her become timid and helpless is really hard.

Also, Terry Pratchett is my favorite author. He's had a lot of influence on some of my own writing.

So for my grandmother, and for Terry I'll definitely be wearing some lilac.

hmm i will join in too i lost my grandmother to this last year it was really horrible to watch, in the end she didn't even remeber who my mom ( her daughter) was it was really sad so i would like to help too


        I think my grandmother suffers from that... She's convinced my name is Charlotte... not Kristen.

        It saddens me, because she doesn't wanna see people, she doesn't recognize. D; So I have to be Charlotte, to be remembered...

        I'll do my best to get everyone I know to wear purple~ heart

Xx lollipops_rainbows xX
I really hope people will be aware with this disease.My grandma, She just passed away a month ago...It's was really hard to see her suffer through this disease.I would always visit her. She forgot who I am, my name,our memories. EVERYTHING! I was so upset and sad.She died and she forgot everything we did together! We were very close. I was her only grandchild. We would knit with my mom,go to our farm together,watch TV.She used to live with us. So it's really hard to let someone go that near to you. I really hope people will be aware. And this is such a great thread! Starting from now I will try to wear purple! ^_^ But first I need to find some clothes sweatdrop

my great grandma had Alzheimer's during the last years of her life. She often didn't know who i was and I would just go along with it so she felt like she had many visitors in one day.

This disease is very tragic. I lost my grandmother to it a few years back, toward the end she'd always keep telling people that she needed to buy her youngest daughter (Who would have been in her fourties at the time if she hadn't died.) some new clothes for school. I really hope they cure this in the future, so nobody else will have to see their family members go through this.

Amaranth_the_ immortal
As many as 5.3 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s.
This is an illness that effects everyone in some way, we all feel the pain it causes. Whether it is a family member or a friend chances are some one you will meet or know will be afflicted with the Alzheimer's disease.

I and my family are currently suffering because of the horrid disease. My grandfather has had Alzheimer's for about three or four years. He no longer remembers who my siblings and I are or even who my mother is, his own daughter. and now it is to late for the doctors to do anything for him, he is to far for any treatment that would slow it or lesson the symptoms. Now all we can do is be there for him and pray.

But it's not to late for our future we can still fight. We must take a stand and support the research that will one day obliterate this debilitating disease.

Megg xXx Lycan
Ahh, this is a good thread...
Brings out awareness...
My own Great-Grand-mere had alzheimers, it was painful to say the least...
We lived overseas and so we would always send her post-cards from our travels, and she would always place them by her bed.
We finally had the chance to go see her, we knew she wasn't doing so well.
When we got there... well, she remembered who we were, but...
not the rest.
She knew that we were her great-grand-daughters, her grand-son and his wife,
but nothing more.
She always kept asking us: "No Son?"
She couldn't seem to remember if we had a brother or not.
But she had all of our pictures up, our names scrawled across the back.
It was a long day, with many conversations.
She passed away only a few hours after our departure, perhaps she was waiting to say goodbye to us?
But the most painful part... was that she could remember almost nothing,
only names for a few random faces.
I wish for nobody to have to go through the same experience,
Because to know that someone had died,
someone close to you,
and couldn't remember who you really were,
is one of the most painful things ever...

My grandmother had Alzheimers, she passed about a week ago..

rest in peace dear grandma.. Im going to miss you.. cry

Blood Princess Lorraine

I have a great grandmother who was really happy and so as her family when she still had her memory. Her dogs were used to be fat. her house used to be organized. And her big house used to be clean. She's living in the mountains happily with some of my relatives taking care of her. She was really active and all funny as long as I can remember. And my Great Grandmother is the only one who has the territory of the family. But when she had Alzheimers everything changed. My relatives left so another set took care of her but not so much well as before. Her dogs died but some still alive but as thin as bones. Her house is all dusty and the lot is all leafy the poultry was gone. The well I used to watch also disappeared and I couldnt stand to watch her be that way since there was no cure. It's like she never existed. When we gave her some mangoes she even forgot who to eat them she dropped them even almost ate they peelings. And when we were leaving she wouldnt et go of me saying Let's Go Home it's dark and with a false name. I couldnt do anything but cry inside of the pain. Now that Im back to the city I dont know what's her situation there in the mountains but all I know her memories would still remain forever.

My aunt that was very close to me died with this deisese,

when i went to see her she didnt even know my name.

im glad to support.

I love my Great-Grandpa very much. He would always tell us stories of my Papa as a kid and about how he was a radio controller in WWII. Around 4 years ago he was diagnosed with this awful disease. I hate Alzheimers with all my being.

It kills me knowing that everytime I see him, he forgets me a little bit more.

My grandfather had Alzheimer's. It was very sad to watch. It did hurt to see him not only mentally deteriorate, but physically as well. He was eventually confined to a chair.

Our first clue was an accident he got into when I was in college. My dad took away his car after that. The next clue was when he went for a walk and we couldn't find him. I think it was one of my other aunts that found him, about 10 miles away from his house. He went for a walk and couldn't remember how to get home. At first, my dad and aunt (his children) hired a live in nurse to stay with him. Unfortunately, he got to the point where we had to put him in a home to keep an eye on him better.

The funniest memory I have of him in this state was when we had the live in nurse, he would get up in the middle of the night. One time he got up, ate all the bananas. When they got up in the morning, he accused her of eating them all.

My aunt (his daughter) took it the hardest. She was very active in visiting him at the veteran's home and with a group they had for wives and family members of residents.

He eventually died of stomach cancer. I can only assume the reason they didn't find it is because he was so far gone by this time; he barely recognized anybody and would mumble constantly, he never told the nurses he had any pain or something along those lines.

I certainly hope that a cure is found. Adult stem cell research seems to be the most promising. I hope they keep taking that route instead of the other alternative 'deadend' research. God bless all those affected by family members living with this disease as well as those individuals suffering with the disease themselves.

It's great this thread exsits and was featured.
My Grandmother from my Dad's side has alzheimers.
My living Grandfather from my Mum's side has Alzheimers.
My Dad himself is showing signs of it.
My Grandad who passed away had Parkinsons on set dementia.
I hate the disease.
The saddest thing was at my Grandad's funeral my Grandmother didn't remember him.

eludmix the dark
It's never easy to say goodbye, but even more so when it takes a long time. My grandmother has altzheimers, or whatever the infernal thing is! All I care about is how she's doing right now. She's said and done things she hasnn't meant, including slapping my sister. I'll do whatever, if it has a chance to help my grandmother. Sometimes she even asks where my Grandpa is, and he died a year ago. This who mess started at aroudn that time, and it seemed small then. But now, it's so much worse. It makes me want to cry, especially since it's not the real her that does these things. It's the fake her that does the horriblle things. Not long before I went to visit her, she had stolen something from a store. I'm young, and it's hard to say goodbye no matter what. But, whenever it's a rolemodel, or someone you love, it's painful to.

Oh~ This is so lovely.

My grandmother has Alzheimer's- she was 62 when she was diagnosed and it's been 3 years. This past December, we found out she had breast cancer. Right now she's going through chemo and doing her best, but it's really, really hard. She had to be moved to a private nursing home and has been having some really violent fits of anger lately. Just last night she almost assaulted one of the other residents for absolutely no reason.

It's a little frightening- my grandmother is a sweet, gentle woman with a bit of that southern spice, but not enough to get this violent....and then, when she forgets three minutes later, and asks why everyone is being so wary about what they say....*sigh*
I miss who she used to be, and I'm scared for what she's becoming. heart

It's surprising and a little upsetting how little people know about this awful disease. Thank you SO much for bringing this to Gaia.
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Extra Important Information

Everything here will take you AWAY from Gaia as it is all other websites. Big thank you to Sassy Little Angel for compiling most of these!

Alzheimer's Society- UK
Alzheimer's Association- USA
- Canada

This is a link to the definition of Alzheimer's.

Here is a link to the ten warning signs. It helps you recognize the disease if you know what you are looking for.
10 Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

These are the stages of Alzheimer's Disease.Stages of Alzheimer's

Last but not least, these are the Alzheimer's related diseases.
Diseases related to Alzheimer's


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