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Welcome Gaians, to the Von Helson Family Archive!

We are the Von Helson Family, and the purpose of this thread is to show some background of the storyline, along with recent events conserning the Plot.
You may not recgonize some of the family members, an please understand, that WE ARE NOT [NPC]s, we just carry on the Von Helson name for plot and storyline purposes; to spruce things up a bit.

This thread may be updated from time to time.
Don't be alarmed.

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-The Von Helson Beach Retreat-
Come If you support the Von Helson Cause.

Table of Contents
-Family Members/Relations
-Banners/Fan art
-Story Thus far
-Family Stories
-Lovely Supporters
Family Members and Relations

These are permenent and not subjected to change

The ones listed are the origonal and prominant family
In total there are 5 kids of Vladimir Von Helson
Vladimir-Father of the Twins
Mrs Von Helson-Mother of the twins
Maria Von Helson-Daughter of Vladimir (twin)
Anna Corine Von Helson-Daughter of Vladimir (twin)
Felicia Von Helson-Grandmother of the twins
Julia Von Helson-Sister of Vladimir
Countess Von Helson-Ex Wife of Vladimir RIP
Vincent Von Helson-unknown
Louie Von Helson-Brother of the twins
Samantha Von Helson-Sister to the twins
Regina Von Helson-Sister to Julia and Vladimir
Trisha Von Helson-Older sister to the twins
Countess Nyx-Sister in law of Vladimir

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Mrs Von Helson
User Image
Maria Von Helson
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Anna Corine Von Helson
User Image
Felicia Von Helson
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Banners & Fanart

This post will include Fanart made by members, as well
as banners
you can put in your sig to show your support!
If you would like to
put your art in this post please pm me or simply post in the thread.

Our first banner! Yaaay! A big thank you to Mud--Kip for making it!~

[ What We Know About The Von Helson Family ]

-Anniversary '05- The Von Helson family hosted Gaia's second anniversary at Von Helson Manor. Unfortunately, the party was ruined when the rivaling Gambino family began to absorb all of the attention of the party. Outraged, the Von Helson Sisters (Anna Corinne and Marie) asked Johnny K. Gambino and his son Gino to leave. Gambino refused, and the Von Helson Sisters captured Gambino's son, threatening to hurt him unless Gambino left. He agreed and he left the party.

-April Fools '05- Months after the episode, Gambino began building up his wealth, and created an enormous skyscraper, soring into the heavens. So succomed by his wealth and power, Gambino was shot by a sniper, causing him to fall off his tower. Unfortunately, the tower fell as well, destroying Von Helson Manor, and had said to have killed the Von Helson Sisters.

-July '07- A few years later, the Von Helson Sisters returned, asking support from the Gaians again, this time competing with H&R Wesley's clerk Edmund. The Sisters dominated the competition, until the end when Edmund made a maraculus recovery, thus having more support from the Gaians. Edmund was then attacked by the sniper, causing him to evacuate to Gambino Mansion. Later there Ian was also attacked by a man in black with white hair, thought to be the elusive Zhivago. Gambino, Edmund and Ian were seen evacuating Gambino Mansion to a secret location.

[ NEW! ]

-Halloween '07- Tensions arise among the Gaians, forcing them to choose sides between the Von Helson family cause and the Gambino cause. October 29th, 2007: A massive war between human refugees and Vampires of the Von Helson name came to be; a ruthless battle that shook the cores of Gaia's civilization. New faces come into the battlefield: Louie Von Helson-- Son of Vladimir, has joined the human side of the war. His traitorous actions have eliminated his family relations. Louie, Moira, and Edmund infiltrated the Von Helson manor. Vladimir was about to destroy Louie, when Edmund shot Vladimir with a anti-Vampire charged bullet. As Vladimir began to expire, he left his family fortune and power to Louie. At this point, command of massive Vampire forces are lost, and have to leader that does not wish to change them human. Stories are told of secret alliances of the Vampires, but any real knowledge of this is still unknown.

[ Sources ]

The Gaia Newsroom
Primary sources

If I forgot something, or have something wrong here please, PM me!
The Lovely Supporters

Hello Darlings!
Thank you very much for visiting our thread. It fills our hearts with
warmth to know you care. So much has happened
in the past, so much destruction and hatred. We are finally getting back onour feet thanks to wonderful Gaians
such as yourselves. Below is a list of all our supporters. If I've missed you somehow, please send me a pm right away!~

Disclaimer: No one in this thread is an actual NPC. We are merely playing the part of one. A real NPC will have a red name and [NPC] in front of their name.

1. Depressed Little Vampire
2. B e r r y C a k e s
3. Nevira Shadowfire
4. Prince Haijin
5. Vinca Von Helson
6. Zhivago x
7. [CNP]Ails von Helson
8. CrissxAngel
9. ChihayatheBlackAngel
10.Lazy Zelda Dragoness
13.Ellen Von Helson
14.Vinca Valentine
[ Forum Moderators ]

iMarie Von Helson
Countess Von Helson
Anna Corine Von Helson
Maria Von Helson
Felicia Von Helson

[ PM me if you want to become a moderator ]

[ Black List ]

kool guy55
[NPC] Gambino
[NPC] Gino

[ The Thread Is Open! ]

Start Posting!
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