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How does Breast Cancer Play a Roll in your life?

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One of my loved ones has Breast Cancer 0.1588785046729 15.9% [ 17 ]
A friend of mine has Breast Cancer 0.0093457943925234 0.9% [ 1 ]
Myself/someone I know has a different form of cancer 0.18691588785047 18.7% [ 20 ]
I support anything to help fund research for all forms of Cancer 0.41121495327103 41.1% [ 44 ]
Other? 0.23364485981308 23.4% [ 25 ]
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Trick or Treat for Donations instead of Candy!
Proof of your donations will get you a prize ^^

Trick or Treat for the Cure is about making Halloween mean something more than just candy and costumes. Miki (Angel of Terror) and Foo (Foo-Foo) decided that on Halloween Night, because everyone is being charitable and giving out candy, perhaps they will give out donations as well to something we all care about, breast cancer research and awareness.With the help of our good friend Devi (Devjra) we hope to complete our mission to get as many people possible to go out Trick or Treating in pink and ask for donations instead of candy. The donations will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and other Breast Cancer sites to help find the cure! Read the following posts to get informed about Breast Cancer and the many ways that you can help in the finding of a cure

-Do not use this as a way to scam people out of their money, Money people donate is for a REAL cause to help REAL people fighting a REAL disease. not for your personal Game and Beer use, May Karma be your judge.
-Follow the ToS
-Donations given Via the internet & Mail will receive a receipt (ONLY if you ask for it), if you want to receive we require proof of such receipt.
-No asking for anything, this is a event for raising money for Breast Cancer research, not a charity for your begging pleasure.
-If you do not PM me to be on the Participants list, and donate to a foundation, do not PM me looking for a gift.
-Bumping is acceptable ONLY if there is no one else in the thread. If there is someone you can start a conversation with, talk to them, Don't spam us.
-If you want to be a participate wither you are going to do our event, try to do it, or will do other things to help the cause. please PM me so we can put you on our list!
-and Lastly. Be nice, Chat, and Have fun.

Welcome||How you can Help||Get Involved||Their Struggle||How We are Affected||More Information||Particpants||Our Progress||Contests||Banners||Profiles||Affiliates||Donations||Pink Ribbon News
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Below we have several things you can do to help find the cure and help prevent/fight breast cancer. If you know of an organization (that is completely legit and you can prove it to us) that accepts donations please send us a PM titled "How We Can Help" please include links and such.
If you donate to one of the foundations please send us a Pm with proof of your donation. (so that you may receive your gift and so that we may keep an estimate of how much has been donated)

Donate a Mammogram
Just by clicking one button daily you can help buy mammograms for women who otherwise can not afford them their selves. This is of no cost to you, and is completely legit, if you have concerns check out Snopes they've got what you want to know. Don't forget if you sign up on this site you can get a free Breast Cancer Ribbon Pin (but you must pay for shipping)

Susan G. Komen
Donate, and join the Global Breast Cancer Movement.
(Proof of donation required for gift to be received)

National Breast Cancer Foundation
Donate, and learn new ways that you can help and volunteer in your community.
(Proof of donation required for gift to be received)
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Join us in our event to find the cure! Just read the following to see what you can do to participate. And everyone who does (and proves it to us) will receive a gift of Angel of Terror and all the fine people who donate to fund the gifts.
Ways of proof will be listed later.

We must receive your PM's of proof BEFORE November 25th 2009. anything later you will not receive a gift for.
After December 4th the thread will close and we will not accept anymore proofs of donation period.

How to get involved:
Young, old, or somewhere in between you can help by getting involved!
We would like you to go out Trick or Treating for donations, preferably dressed in pink.
You will need:
A smile
A greeting
A bag/box for donation collecting

Some greeting suggestions are
Start with:
“Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!”
Then proceed with
“Would you like to make a donation to help find the cure for breast cancer?”
“I was wondering if you could make a small donation for breast cancer research?”
and similar things like that (we are open to suggestions on greetings)

What to avoid:
“Can I have money?”
“Do you want to save the boobs/tatas/funbags/breasts”
“Do you like boobs/tatas/funbags/breast?”

Overall avoid being a creeper. Remember there are kids out there and they deserve to be spared breast jokes/slang. Keep it appropriate and formal!

What to wear:
Clothes (preferably pink)
Breast cancer ribbons
Pink fairy wings/tutus/headbands, things you can find at Halloween stores
Anything Pink!

What NOT to wear:
A giant breast costume
Anything that exposes your breasts
Skimpy clothes
Just keep it appropriate and kid friendly please!

Proof of Donation
If sent in via Internet, we require a copy/screenshot of the conformation e-mail
if sent via "Snail Mail" we require a photo/scan of the receipt (please not you will only get one if you send a note asking for one)

Prizes are a secret. XD but definatly will be worth AT LEAST 3-10k.
We shall see.
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Are you someone who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer? Do you know someone who has been? Tell us your story, in how you (or a loved one) are copeing with Breast Cancer and what you do to fight back.
Send us your story in a PM titled "Our Struggle" and we will put it here for everyone to read, show others that their not alone and that other Gaian's can understand what they are going through.
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Read here to learn a little bit more about our founders Foo-Foo, Angel of Terror, & Devjra, and their affiliation with breast Cancer and their Drive to find the cure.


Foo-Foo is not directly affected by breast cancer but she has been volunteering for things these past few years. Her favorite was the breast cancer walk. Seeing so many people unite for one cause was amazing. It made her feel like there was hope in the world and she got to meet amazing people with unyielding will power! Breast cancer survivors are real life hero's. She feels that the will to live and fight is a very important part of beating cancer and that supporters are vital to the survival of cancer patients


My name is Ren and I have not been diagnosed with Breast Cancer but I have, however, been living with MPNST for almost a year now.
MPNST stands for Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor. It is a cancer of the connective tissue surrounding nerves in the Peripheral Nervous System. It is an aggressive Cancer that can be classified as a Sarcoma. It is frequently lethal, generally resistant to conventional radiation and chemotherapy, and metastasizes mostly to surrounding tissue, other nerves in the Peripheral Nervous System, the Lungs, Liver, and Brain. 50% of people diagnosed with MPNST has Neurofibromatosis. This condition I do not have.

Cancer has indirectly been in my life for a long time. When I was growing up two of my aunt's were diagnosed with breast cancer, my grandma with lung cancer, and recently, my cousin with prostate cancer. When my doctor told me it was my time around to battle with cancer I just sat there for a minute before saying "How can we fix this?" No tears no nothing. It's just not my thing to cry and brood over stuff. I was first diagnosed with MPNST last Christmas with two benign tumors in my middle ear and one malignant (MPNST) on my Facial Nerve. I started Neoadjuvant Therapy, which included Molecular Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy, and got surgery to remove the tumors June 15th, 2009. I was officially marked cancer free, got to keep my hair, and chose not to do Adjuvant Therapy. Which was a terrible mistake. My previous tumor metastasized to my Brachial Plexus Nerve of my right arm. Fantastic. I am once again doing Molecular Targeted Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatment and am back on the road to kicking Cancer's a**. So far, my hair is nice and thick and my Oncologist tells me with my current treatment it should stay.

Living with MPNST is definitely a challenge, like any other cancer really. After hearing my prognosis, the way I see it, being diagnosed with MPNST is a death sentence. The prognosis is poor, with only 23% of living individuals 10 years after diagnosis. I may see it as a death sentence but it's not stopping me from wanting to go to college and get as much out of life as I can. And who knows? Maybe I'll end up being part of the 2% that's still alive in 30 years. That's plenty of time to get my Ph.D! Currently, both my cousin and I are battling it out with Cancer and are avid supporters of any rally, support month, cancer run, and buy as many bracelets as we can and pass them out people. When I heard my friend's were planning this BCAM thread here on Gaia I did a huge "WOOHOO" and asked if I could jump on the bandwagon. They let me and I am so fugging excited to be a apart of this to raise awareness. I hope to make it to as many June 7ths (National Cancer Survivors Day) as I can and April 19-25th is my support week for my cancer! (National Minority Cancer Awareness Week). Move over MPNST I insist on going. talk2hand

I lav you all. 4laugh heart
Happy BCAM!

Angel of Terror

Wow well, I'm gonna try to keep mine short, Devi took up lots of space (just poking fun hun). Like my fellow founders I am not directly influenced by Breast Cancer as in I do not have it. But many of my loved ones do, and not only that but in the past 3 years over 16 of my family members have died from various types of cancers. I have never been able to do much in the way of volunteering because of my own health issues, but sense I was 14 I have been doing the Relay for Life every year when it comes to my home town, and I light a candle in remembrance of each of my family members whom have passed away. I am although closely affiliated with Breast Cancer as my role model of my entire, my grandmother, life has it. She has been the only Mother Figure I have ever had and the only person whom has ever really taken care of me despite all of my illnesses, injuries, and depression. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at a fairly young age (which I honestly can not tell you what it was because she will not talk about it) and after many years they finally were able to remove it. In addition to her breast cancer she has Skin Cancer, more then 3 times a year she has to see a doctor to make sure it is not spreading and to often times have skin removed, I remember when I was a little girl she had to have almost half of her nose removed because of the cancer. And now at the age of 61 she is finding more ways to protect herself from re-developing Breast Cancer, and from the spread of her skin cancer. Keep on Fighting Grandma Keep on Fighting!


I am basically the thread mule, Shared by Foo, Devi, & Angel. All information is stored here, All Pm's Received here, and all gold donations to help fund the purchase of more profiles, banners, and gifts are accepted here.
Do not send PM's to any of the founders about questions concerning this thread, send them all to me. and you will be responded to within the day.
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Want to be more informed about Breast Cancer, symptoms, causes, and why this is such a worthy cause? Read on.

(Frequently Asked questions)

Q. What are the warning signs?

A. The most common sign of breast cancer is a lump or thickening in the breast. Other signs include:

    • change in the size or shape of the breast,
    • discharge from the n****e, or
    • change in the color or feel of the skin of the breast or n****e (dimpled, puckered or scaly; warm, red or swollen).

It's important to note that there may be no warning signs or symptoms. Breast self-exams, clinical breast exams and regularly scheduled mammograms are vital in the screening and early detection of the disease.

Q. What causes breast cancer?
A. No one yet knows YET. ):

Q. How likely am I to get breast cancer?
A. Statistics show that a woman has a 1 in 8 lifetime chance of developing breast cancer.

Q. What should I do if I find a lump while performing a monthly breast self-exam?
A. Check the other breast. Some lumpiness is normal. However, if the lump is new or unusual, it warrants examination by a physician.

Q. What are my risks for getting breast cancer?
A. Being a woman and getting older are the biggest risk factors for developing breast cancer. Other risk factors include:

    • age;
    • family history of breast cancer in a close family member on either mother's or father's side;
    • onset of menstruation before age 12;
    • onset of menopause after age 50; or
    • not having children or having a first child after age 30.

Q. How can women protect themselves against breast cancer?
A. Early detection is a woman's best defense against breast cancer.

Q. Does breast cancer occur in men?

A. Breast cancer can occur in men, but its relatively rare; it accounts for fewer than one per cent of breast cancers.

Q. Is pain a sign of breast cancer?
A. Unusual sensations in the breasts should be checked out by a physician. Usually, pain is NOT a sign of breast cancer. Statistics show that pain in the breast is more often associated with benign conditions.

Q. Can injury to the breast cause breast cancer?
A. No connection has been found between breast cancer and breast injury. In some cases, an injury to the breast may make an existing tumor more apparent.

Fun Facts

Did you know...

    • 80-85 percent of breast cancer cases happen in women with no family history of breast cancer
    •The number of breast cancer cases rose sharply after 1973 when abortion became legalized
    •Breast cancer was hardly heard of before the 1960's when doctors began giving women hormone therapy
    •The American Cancer Society says that cancer is 85 percent 'lifestyle' caused

Here are some things which greatly increase your chances of getting breast cancer:

    • Taking the birth control pill (estrogen)
    • Taking hormones for menopause
    • Smoking cigarettes
    • Drinking alcohol
    • Prolonged dieting or semi starvation (less than 1800 calories a day for women, less than 2500 calories a day for men).

Here are some things which will reduce your risks for all cancer including breast cancer:

    • following a low fat - high fiber diet
    • aerobic exercising 5-6 days a week, 30-40 minutes a day
    • Not taking hormones for menopause or the birth control pill
    • Not having an abortion (the more abortions, the greater the risk of breast cancer)
    • getting enough calcium in the diet (1200 mg a day)
    • taking Vitamin E (200 -600 I.U. daily)

Why is breast cancer so deadly?

    Breast Cancer is deadly because the breasts are a silly millimeter away from one of the largest lymph nodes in the body (literally inches). Cancer in the breast often spreads to the lymph nodes and from there, can easily and quickly metastasize (become systemic).

Cancer Stages

Staging - Cancer is staged, based on the size of the tumor, whether it is invasive or not, whether lymph nodes are involved and whether cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Staging helps define prognosis and guide treatment decisions.

(This is just a general idea of staging and these stages may not be used to determine how far along the cancer is in other diseases)

Stage 0—Carcinoma in situ
In stage zero breast cancer, atypical cells have not spread outside of the ducts or lobules, the milk producing organs, into the surrounding breast tissue. Referred to as carcinoma in situ, it is classified in two types:
    * Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)— very early cancer that is highly treatable and survivable. If left untreated or undetected, it can spread into the surrounding breast tissue.
    * Lobular Carcinoma In Situ (LCIS)—not a cancer but an indicator that identifies a woman as having an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Stage I—Early stage invasive breast cancer
In stage 1 breast cancer, the cancer is no larger than two centimeters (approximately an inch) and has not spread to surrounding lymph nodes or outside the breast.

Stage II
Stage 2 breast cancer is divided into two categories according to the size of the tumor and whether or not it has spread to the lymph nodes:
    * Stage II A Breast Cancer—the tumor is less than two centimeters(approximately an inch) and has spread up to three auxiliary underarm lymph nodes. Or, the tumor has grown bigger than two centimeters, but no larger than five centimeters (approximately two inches) and has not spread to surrounding lymph nodes.
    * Stage II B Breast Cancer— the tumor has grown to between two and five centimeters (approximately one to two inches) and has spread to up to three auxiliary underarm lymph nodes. Or, the tumor is larger than five centimeters, but has not spread to the surrounding lymph nodes.

Stage III
Stage 3 breast cancer is also divided in to two categories:
    * Stage III A Breast Cancer—the tumor is larger than two centimeters but smaller than five centimeters (approximately one to two inches) and has spread to up to nine auxiliary underarm lymph nodes.
    * Stage III B Breast Cancer— the cancer has spread to tissues near the breast including the skin, chest wall, ribs, muscles, or lymph nodes in the chest wall or above the collarbone.

Stage IV
In stage 4 breast cancer, the cancer has spread to other organs or tissues, such as the liver, lungs, brain, skeletal system, or lymph nodes near the collarbone.

Stage 0 ------100%
Stage I -------98%
Stage II ------88%
Stage IIIA ---56%
Stage IIIB ---49%
Stage IV ----16%

Glossary of terms:

Adjuvant Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy given to kill any remaining cancer cells, usually after all detectable tumor is removed by surgery or radiotherapy.

Biopsy - The surgical removal of tissue for microscopic examination to aid in diagnosis.

Chemotherapy - The treatment of cancer with drugs

Combination Chemotherapy - The use of more than one drug during cancer treatment.

Computed Axial Tomography (CAT, CT scan) - A test using computers and x-rays to create images of various parts of the body.

Lymph Nodes - Hundreds of small oval bodies that contain lymph. Lymph nodes act as our first line of defense against infections and cancer.

Lymphocytes - White blood cells that kill viruses and defend against the invasion of foreign material.

Malignant Tumor - A tumor made up of cancer cells of the type that can spread to other parts of the body.

Mammogram (Mammography) - A low-dose x-ray / picture of the breasts to determine whether abnormal growths or cysts are present.

Mastectomy - The surgical removal of the breast

Metastasize - To spread from the first cancer site, for example, breast cancer that spreads to the bone.

MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) - A sophisticated test that provides in-depth images of organs and structures in the body.

Neoadjuvant Therapy - Treatment given as a first step to shrink a tumor before the main treatment, which is usually surgery. Chemotherapy and Radiation are an example of this.

Oncologist - Physicians who study, diagnose, and treat cancerous tumors.

Palliative Treatment - Treatment aimed at the relief of pain and symptoms of disease but not intended to cure the disease.

Primary Tumor - The original cancer site. For example, breast cancer that has spread to the bone is still called breast cancer.

Prognosis - The projected outcome of a disease; the life expectancy.

Radiation Thearpy - X-ray treatment that damages or kills cancer cells.

Radiologist - A doctor who specializes in the use of x-rays to diagnose and treat disease.

Recurrence - The reappearance of a disease after a period of remission.

Regression - The shrinkage of cancer growth.

Relapse - The reappearance of a disease after its apparent cessation.

Remission - Complete or partial disappearance of the signs and symptoms of disease.

Quadrantectomy - An operation in which about 25 per cent of the breast is removed.
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Here we keep a list of everyone who wishes to take part in "Trick or Treat for the Cure"
If you would like to participate please send us a PM titled "Participant"
After November first if your send us poof of how much you donated to the cause your name will be lit up in pink with an estimate of how much you donated
If you are unsure what this is for please go back up an re-read "Get Involved"

1. Foo-Foo
2. Angel of Terror
3. Devjra
4. Artificial Happiiness
5. 5-X-Blue-Fire-X-5
6. Naiteal
7. GuitaristPick
8. Arson Estride
9. Cliff123
10. Zynu
11. Arson Estride

User Image

Here we keep track of all money and mammograms donated
Check back often as these will frequently change.
If you are unclear about these please go back up and re-read "how you can help" and "get involved"

This image is of before "Trick or Treat for the Cure"

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User Image
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Costume Contest
How Pink Can you get!?

Show your support for breast cancer awareness by dressing up or show off your nifty BCAM Trick or Treating costume and sending in a picture to BCAM!
And yes we are talking about REAL LIFE outfits! ^^

Pink Sweetheart Teddy + Heart String (possibly more we will see)

How to enter:
Take a picture of your outfit and PM it to BCAM!

No exposed breast
No giant breast costumes
Nothing skimpy
Keep it kid friendly
No photoshoping

How we will judge:
Overall awesomeness!
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Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month by putting on of our banners in your signature, Profile, guilds, and/or threads.
Also if you would like please make banners for the cause, either with breast cancer quotes/saying or the title of this thread. (pink and white are preferred colors)

User Image
(Banner by Angel of Terror

User Image
(Banner by Naitael)

User Image
(Banner by Naitael)

User Image
(Banner by Naitael)
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If you would like to create a Breast Cancer Awareness profile for this cause please send a PM to us, or if you already have one made send us the code.
Please be sure to title your PM "Profile".
all profiles listed here are FREE to everyone who visits, no need to ask for permission to use them.

Profile made by Melusine "Support the cause . . . With more then just Bras "
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If you would like to be an affiliate with us please just send us your thread/guild banner to us in a Pm titled "Affiliation"

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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here we have a list of everyone who has donated to help sponsor the gifts we will be giving out at the end of the event.

Angel of Terror = 890,000 Gold

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Everyday Miki (Angel of Terror) will write up a short newspaper article about the thread.
If you want to submit a newspaper article about the thread, Breast Cancer, or Breast Cancer awareness month send it in to me (BCAM) and your article will be in the next paper.

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