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[K]iba [l]nuzuka 0.11009174311927 11.0% [ 12 ]
Evil A 0.30275229357798 30.3% [ 33 ]
Inertial Bliss 0.19266055045872 19.3% [ 21 ]
FurrySoft 0.073394495412844 7.3% [ 8 ]
Mighty chicken lady 0.15596330275229 15.6% [ 17 ]
Lord Of Darkness8141 0.018348623853211 1.8% [ 2 ]
Tori-Wells 0.036697247706422 3.7% [ 4 ]
duck113 0.11009174311927 11.0% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 109 ]
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hehe,, I think I agree with Kiba..
u have a cute avi.. xD

-Cuddles up with Bunny-
how have u been doing Sweetie..?
I've been ok. I miss my camp friends. ; 3; Where I live is so boring compared to camp.

yea, I heard u were at camp..
did u have lots of fun while u were there tho..?

heh, any place is always funny then home.. xD
Yeah, tons.
    User ImageL - That's not it! It's mostly the upper part of the avi XD

    Anyway, I'm trying out a new art style. So I won't be posting much.

Bunny - thats great to hear..
what kinds of things did u do at camp..?

Inu- Backcombing people's hair, bonfires, zombies, campfires, eating my wine chapstick, running to the showerhouse to get hot water for our showers, staying up late talking about who we like, singing, 4 square, yelling "YEAH!", tons more stuff. xD;;

hehe, Kiba is a pervert.. xD

heh, ur avi needs a smile Bunny.. :3

Bunny - heh, sounds like u know how to have fun..
im glad u enjoyed it so much..
ive never to a camp before.. xD
Inu- I loooooove my camp. x3
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Ok finished. You just need to remove the ***** from the contest post, and put the avi you want drawn there. I'll go put mine together and you can add it also.

Bunny - heh, how often do u goto the camp..?
just every summer or something..?

hey Bliss..
welcome back..
Inu- I go for a week every summer. This was my third year. Second year with Shoshi, Claire and Ben.

Bunny - ah,, a week away from home to hang out with friends and play around..
sounds like fun.. xp
so what r u up to now that ur back home and all that..? xp
Sleeping and going on the computer. After a week of being with people 24/7 I need a break from them. >_<

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