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"THANK YOU!" and Information Thread


Update- 7/10/2010
We are now a thank you thread for EVERYONE;
fairies, pixies, elves, un-themed and anonymous donors...everyone!

The purpose of this thread is to explain the GCD and Non-Forum Specific Fairies to everyone who has questions.
We do not, however, represent the Elves. They're organized in their own fashion. (And they're awesome, so you can still thank them here.)

The fairies came into the GCD around '05.
The second wave of '06 was canceled because people didn't like them.
The third (the real second) wave of fairies was in '07.
The biggest and most successful fairy wave was this previous year.

Do not beg for gifts here! This thread is not intended to get you hit by a fairy! Be patient!




More sexy than me
The CoaI Fairy

What do you think of the Fairies?
What is a Fairy?
A fairy is a kind person that hands out gifts anonymously (either from a mule account or as an Anonymous Benefactor), normally from the beginning of the holiday season to the end.
Some gift based on a theme (i.e. The Kinky Fairy, The Trash Fairy, etc.)
This is a totally user run event by ordinary gaians.
The elves organize and run their own show.

A List of Known Fairies
(Some present and some past.)
Please feel free to PM me if a fairy is not on this list or a new one appears!

Most Recent Fairy Addition: Oct 5, 2010

The Trash Fairy
The Holiday Fairy
Foot Fetish Fairy
The Pool Fairy
Giftrape Fairy
The Cheer Fairy
The Catband Fairy
Resident Anti-Fairy
The Nocturnal Fairy
The Yellow Fairy
"I bought this for you because I saw it on your wishlist and I hope you haven't bought it yet' Fairy
The Wicked Fairy
The 1k fairy
The Art fairy
The Crappy Sketch Fairy
The Guppy Fairy
Rose-Blossom Fairy
The Ticket Fairy
The Beefcake Fairy
Skirt Fairy
Fairy Wing Fairy
The noob Fairy
Sealed Letter Fairy
The Lolita Fairy
The Underoo Fairy
The Coat Fairy
The Shiny Fairy
The Tattoo Fairy
Teh Chaos Fairy
The Genie Fairy
The Fuchsia Fairy
The Time Fairy
The Drunken Fairy
The GCD Fairy
The Kinky Fairy
The Kawaii Fairy
The Random GCD Fairy
The Breast Fairy
The Calculus Fairy
The Flower Fairy
The Tar Fairy
The Tooth Fairy
The NFS Rhyming Fairy
The Coffee Fairy
The G Corp Fairy
The Disgruntled Fairy
The GCD Paranoia Fairy
The Zookeeper Fairy
The EI Keeper Fairy
The Kanye West Fairy
The Taylor Swift fairy
The Sheet Fairy
The Kawaii Desu Fairy
The Android Fairy
The Table Fairy
The Wingless Fairy
The Tail Fairy
The Unwanted Gift Fairy
The Wall Tile Fairy
The Mystery Fairy
The Sarah Palin Fairy
The Catband Fairy
The Rockin' Fairy
The Furry Fairy
The Coke Fairy
The Nitemare Fairy
The Random Kindness Fairy
The Vocaloid Fairy
The Tobacco Industry Fairy
The Cig Fairy
The Fairy in Gold
The Gino Fairy
The Skittles Fairy
The Boot to the Head Fairy
The Rainb0w Fairy
The -b- Fairy
The Head Fairy
The ZOMG Item Fairy
The Harry Fairy
The GCD Fashion Fairy
The GCD Poor Fairy
The CoaI Fairy
The Worst Ever Fairy
The Trivia Fairy
The Pleasant Fairy
The GCD Fashion Fairy
The Fairy Eye Doctor
The Overseer Fairy
The Shaving Fairy.
The ADD Fairy
The Totally not on your wishlist Fairy
The Sugar Plum Fairy
The "What's in Your Stocking?" Fairy
The Mistaken Fairy
The Chaerie Faerie
The Everyday Fairy
The BP Fairy
The "I bought this for you because I saw it on your wishlist and I hope you haven't bought it yet' Fairy
The Scene Fairy

The Protection Pixie
(who does not wish to be associated with the fairies)

Question 1
Q. I haven't been gifted yet. What do I do?

A: You sit a wait like a good little bugger. Chances are you'll get hit, and if you don't, why not try gifting others?
Question 2
Q. Can I be a fairy?

A: Sure, I guess, if you want to gift people out of the kindness of your heart.
(And if you're a guy, you can put on a tutu.)
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Link us?
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Open for posting and such. heart

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/waves and sits down.

The Flower Fairy visited me! >w<

Thanks to The Calculus Fairy for the cute lil' Henrietta. heart
Hypnotize Big Daddy's avatar

Ruthless Bookworm

what a Darn good idea for a thread.
Thankyou so much random GCD fairy, I really Appreciate the Thought. <3.
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minghii's Partner

Kawaii Bunny

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Thank you SO much for this.

I was kind of getting tired of seeing three gift fairy threads in a row.

And thank you for the frilly pink ribbon-sleeves, Breast Fairy.
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Apocalyptic Streaker

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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade. Masquerade!

I saw your posts about wanting to make a thread like this in that other thread (about what people think about these gift threads).

Hopefully it will keep the GCD better organized during the holiday season. Thank you for making this! heart

Hide your face so the world will never find you.
Man about time one of these was made. We have a lot of fairy's. A lot more than I thought.
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Thank you, Tar Fairy! n.n
.¸¸.¤*´´¯`` .¸¸.*´The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown...

Thank you for making this thread!

Thank you to the following fairies:

The Tooth Fairy
The Breast Fairy
The Kawaii Desu GCD Fairy

(all fairies and gifties are being thanked on my profile also!)

Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown..¸¸.¤*´´¯`` .¸¸.*´

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