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Barton Senshi

Thank you random anonymous gifter. I know this is a few days late (you gifted me over the weekend on the 11th) and I don't know if you'll even see this but as you can see by my outfit I'm rockin' that sash pose. You didn't have to get me that "choir robe" item for Xmas I would have been happy with a Crunky but it touches my heart that you did.

To Anonymous number two, I'm glad my post on Dec 7th, whichever one it was, made you smile. I think I know which thread that was in but knowing me I think I forgot it already. Thank you so much for that Espresso Lump-o-sumthin. I haven't eaten it yet (read equip it) but who knows there just might be a night on Gaia when I need its extra jolt of caffeine to last me till dawn. So thank you for thinking of me and thank you for getting me one step closer to my complete Lump-o-sumthin and Crunky collection. Not sure if you'll see this but if you do you've been thanked.
I love the elves, but I have to say, the fairies have much more interesting names XD

Thank you to all the floating gifters out there ^^ You do Gaia proud!
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Wow, I haven't seen many elves or fairies this year. Probably because I haven't really been hanging around the GCD as much. crying
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Devoted Citizen

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To the anonymous donator who gave me this polar bear plushie: Thank you so much! I love him and I'll take great care of him.
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Shy Sweetheart

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I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to all that have contributed and helped put me a little more in the holiday spirit with this thread. Hope that the spirit is no less this year, and that all the elves, fairies, pixies, and wonderful others with their hearts in the right place are having a happy and wonderful season that has not been tarnished with seasons past.

Best wishes to all and thank you so much. Hoping everyone is enveloped in the spirit and regardless of what you celebrate (or don't) the spirit of happiness, peace and love warms everyone.

P.S. When I first started on this thread I thought it was a current thread, it wasn't until I was nearly 150 pages or more into it that I realized it was from 2009! redface

*returns to quietly reading the thread and hoping it picks up as it was last year*
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OMG thank you thank you GCD Robo Elf I wanted a unicorn so much!!!
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I've been gifted by the fairies and elves.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone, you've brightened my day and made me smile.

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Popping in to thank an anon. benefactor for the Recipe: Life Jacket. I'll gather the materials to make it as soon as I get my final zOMG Ring.
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Devoted Citizen

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Thank you anonymous benefactor for the mushroom hat. I shall use it to keep my head shaded this winter.
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Timid Prophet

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Invisible Gawker

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Dammit Jim

And thank you for the frilly pink ribbon-sleeves, Breast Fairy.
Breast Fairy....
*blushes like fool*
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Greedy Fairy

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012 sees a lot of love for these fairies, but not so much for the elves. D:
Breast Fairy? Oh lord.
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Greedy Fairy

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Message from Albern Puppy

A present from Gift Bot 800.
Thanks for the cute little fishy!!
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Super Detective

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I never expected to recieve a gift because although I do post in GCD, I don't do it very often and therefore was surprised someone noticed me to give me a present!! whee

So yeah thank you very much to GCD Robo Elf for giving me a Feb 2009 letter. I really appreciate it. heart
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Proud Demigod

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I haven't seen many elves or fairies this holiday season but thank you to the elves that gifted me. I think I may have only been visited by the fail fairy this year haha. xd

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