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Thanks for the Amigo Pants, pants fairy!

And thanks The Vanillipe Fairy...I'm going to wait and open it on Christmas!
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I wanted to pop in and thank everyone who may of given me a gift in the past. I don't want to see ungrateful, so thank you for the gifts!
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Good idea for a thread. By the way thanks for giving my friend, ilikecheese141, some items. I'm very thankful for that! :3
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Aww thank you GCD Elf 138! whee
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Thank you GCD Elf 5150! heart Happy holidays to you too. And yes I will take a shower. LOL
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I just wanted to post my Thank you to the anonymous people that have gifted me in the past and present. You kindness means more than words can say! Thank You! heart
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Hello everyone, how are you this evening. I'm in Florida and it's actually cold enough for a sweater! heart Makes it feel more wintery for sure!
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Hi. I wanted to thank whoever sent me the gift with the following message as its quite amusing but I didn't want to make a thread so I thought I'd post it here as it made my day. I of course won't know whats inside the gift till Kanishmas. whee

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: You're tucking in for a good night's rest when you hear something. Well not just something, but a something that sends chills down your spine. You're not sure why. It's not an odd occurrence to hear a door creaking open in the night.... With steps groaning as they're stepped on... And the soft rustling of clothes... And a voice murmuring in your ear good evening and asking how you're doing.
Nope. Not odd at all.
'I do hope I'm not intruding. I'll be here for but a minute.' A voice whispers in your ear. It's slightly gravelly and, though pleasant, you feel that something dangerous lurks beneath the surface. 'I would have visited you sooner in the day but I've been rather busy with other... Appointments.'
So far, you've been too paralyzed by shock to move. You have your eyes squeezed closed and the covers drawn up as far as you can. With great difficulty, you're starting to muster up the courage to peek your eyes open. A hand on your shoulder stops you as soon as you have one eye slightly open. Startled by the sudden touch, you quickly shut your eyes, bringing the covers closer to you as you do so.
'Ah, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to remain still. If you don't, things might get a bit messy. I abhor cleaning up messes, so I would thank you to not move. Anyways, I've come here to help you. Or, well, maybe help is the wrong word. It gives hope that you still can be helped and you can be saved-- which, I'm sorry to say, would be a mostly false supposition. Let's say that I've come to give you a Warning.
'You see, He is coming,' --although the words are hissed into your ear and you have no way of discerning this, you feel that the word 'He' is capitalized and that you should be Very Afraid-- 'and you have little to no hope of escaping. Sorry about that. I suppose I shouldn't have taken so long with my other appointments. But there's nothing left for you to do but run. Far away. If you do that, you have a chance of surviving. You'll have to leave quickly, though; I feel something coming already. Good luck.'
With that, the voice trails off and goes back into the darkness. You're left alone in the pitch black room and a racing heart.

You sit up with a start from the bed.
Of course... It was just a dream. Though that's kinda weird. Usually, you sleep pretty soundly-- you haven't had a nightmare in ages. You desperately want to be okay with this explanation and you keep telling yourself that it was just a dream, go back to sleep. But, acting on some unknown instinct, you turn around and look under the bed.
Suddenly, you know that it wasn't a dream.
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whoa best thread ever!
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Good Luck.

I wonder what it feels like to be gifted.


Take care

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Bunny Cuddles Is Just Naturaly Cute
ₒ >ω< ₒ

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Here to thank the Batty Fairy for the White Snowflake Scarf. Thank you so much! 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
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I just wanted to say thank you to all of the anonymous people who have gifted me in the past. <3
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012 does not know any of the fairies but she does know her fellow GCD Elves!
012 just wants to spread the GCD Elf love to her fellow GCD Elves!!
Also, 012 would like to say to the Fairies and Gifters: Happy Holidays! Thanks for spreading cheer!!
Happy Holidays, everyone else!!
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Thank you NFS Rhyming Fairy. No, I don't find it odd at all--I find it wonderful! (:
And to all you other sneaky little anons I couldn't thank face to face. > u<

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