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The History of the Norisu, Gaioh, and Kyubi Clans

(Remember this is mythology)

Many years ago a ruler of the kingdom of the mountains (North of what is now known as Durem) found his throne in danger. A group of foreigners had come to claim the mountains, armed with guns, under proclamation from their ruler by the sea. The Mountain king in desperation asked if any of his faithful subjects could fight off the foreigners.

Most commoners refused to step forward fearing for their lives. The king was in despair as he sent what little military he had to fight for the Mountain Kingdom. 100 soldiers left. 5 returned alive. The king prepared to surrender. He was about to issue his proclamation when a tall man entered the throne room, a long red scarf wrapped around his face to protect against the bitter mountain wind. He was introduced as Chyaku Norisu and swore that single handedly he would defeat the foreigners and more so he would do it with just the chain he carried with him.

The man then disappeared from the royal court. However less than a week later the guards found a pile of dead foreign men lying on the ground by the palace, a mountain of men ten feet high, all with broken backs among other injuries. Every last one of them dead.

The king was so thrilled with Chyaku�s victory that he urged the man to teach him and his guards and villagers his way of fighting which Chyaku had called �Asu Kikingu�.

A decade later the king passed on leaving no family to rule. The Norisu ninja clan took over protecting the mountain kingdom in its place. The clan was a clan of protectors. At least it was.

A ninja by the name of Masaru was one of the quickest, strongest ninja�s of the clan. However it was soon discovered that Masaru was a woman. The Norisu clan of ninja�s had a strict policy that women were not allowed to fight and in shame, Masaru was cast out.

Desperate for revenge she made her way down the mountains and to the kingdom of the sea, beneath what is now known as the crater that was Barton Cliffs. She went to the sea king and informed him of how all his soldiers had died in the mountains and offered to teach his men the techniques of the Norisu ninjas.

Pleased, the King of the Sea Kingdom told Masaru to teach all she knew to his General Takeo Gaioh. Takeo learned quickly all the methods of Asu Kikingu and added to it his own knowledge of throwing knives. After a year of time together, he told her that he wanted to marry her.

They formed the beginning of the Gaioh clan of ninjas, who dressed in black and moved as the sea birds, angels from the gods of the ocean, that is how the people regarded them. After five years of training new ninjas in Takeo�s adapted style he told Masaru he wanted to take her out on his boat. A mile out to sea he pushed her over the edge so she could never relay what she knew to the Norisu clan. Masaru passed out from the cold of the water. The Gaioh clan was going to reattempt to claim the Mountain Kingdom.

When she awoke the tides had somehow brought her to the shore by the base of the mountains. She began her ascent to warn her family of the impending danger, she knew that they would kill anyone to claim the land.

After a weeklong trek up the mountain she finally returned to the Norisu Clan and told them that only she would be able to defeat their leader, only she knew his techniques. The elders laughed off her story but found out only a month later how right she had been. They begged her to come back and fight for them. Masaru agreed but only on the condition that women would be allowed to fight in the Norisu clan.

The elders agreed and Masaru came back to fight the opposing ninjas. She presented the head of the Norisu clan with Takeo�s head several days later.

The Gaioh clan retreated to the sea to retrain.

In her time in the Sea Kingdom, Masaru had born Takeo's child. Over the years the boy, Yuudai, grew. He was instructed well in the ways of the Gaioh but he also looked to the skies and the ocean for inspiration in his art. He learned to seemingly float a few inches off the ground on gusts of winds like the birds, which he viewed to be angels of the sea gods. He even fashioned himself a black cape which would help him to float and with the left over material created himself a headband. He taught the rest of the Gaioh the stealth and floating techniques he had learned from the angels of the sea. Soon Yuudai grew to be the new leader of the Gaioh, taking his father's place. He ruled over the clan for many years and died in honor.

However, the two clans continued to fight for the control of the mountain and sea kingdoms.

In their first attack, Yuudai led his ninjas in and stormed the mountain people, not expecting the attack, it seemed that they were to fall permanently. The Gaioh attacked the people, stealing their food, burning their houses, and no one could see them long enough to fight back.

It seemed that the Norisu were doomed to die out. Himida, a mother of three, fled to the forests to protect her three children from the approaching army. Once in the woods she found some fruit and a cave to hide in, and hoped no Gaioh lurked in the shadows.

In the middle of the night she heard hooves approaching. "This is my cave" a voice said.

Himida looked up to see a beautiful fox-person standing over her. She begged with the fox to let her stay and told him of the attack of the Gaioh. The Kyubi nodded, and told the woman that he would get his animal friends to help fight back against the Gaioh on two conditions. The first condition was that the Norisu would stop cutting down the trees in the forest, the second was that Himida would have to contribute to the animal kingdom. She nodded and the fox snaped his fingers sending a white light towards Himida's stomach. He then turned and ran off to get his animal friends to fend off the Gaioh attack and send them down to the sea.

Several months passed since the attack and the Norisu had not kept up their part of the bargain and were cutting down trees relentlessly. Then on top of it all, Himida who had suddenly and miraculously become pregnant gave birth to a creature half fox, half human and it seemed to change at will. Disgusted by the baby Himida left the thing in the woods to die.

Several animals found the baby and took it in, raising it as their own. They named the child Kyubi. Kyubi grew to learn the instincts of the animals and to use them in attack and defense as well as how to control the change at will. She ventured through the forest villages across Gaia gathering followers and teaching them the ways of the animals, their only weapons were their bodies. Because they could not change from human to animal, Kyubi bestowed upon all of her followers masks. The Kyubi clan chose no side but were mercenaries, willing to work for pay and food, but there were always grduges against the Gaioh and the Norisu

The End`
My take on the storyline from a Gaioh perspective ninja (short version)

Hidden in the hills of a forgotten Gaian land, lay the Gaioh clan. For centuries, their civilization lived in peace, teaching the ways of Ounagi and AsuKikingu to the future generations.

Their peace was suddenly shattered when a neighboring and once peaceful village incited what would be known as "The day of Meiji Ounagi". It went down in legend that the leader of the now hostile village was wrapped in cloths of the Chyaku Norisu- an item fabled to have been gained through unspeakable acts of Gaian sacrifice, while being passed off as a sign from the great Chayaku Norisu it was now time to reign supreme over Gaia.

The remaining Gaioh clan abandoned their once thriving land, retreating and scattering throughout Gaia into even smaller clans. With a promise of protecting the future and gathering once more, this was known as the "Great Gaioh Divide".

The Gaiohs mission of avenging the wrongs by the now well-recognized Norisu clan stayed constant throughout each of the groups. Over time, that definition broadened, as the Gaiohs became known for helping others in need. Some groups taught their children to attain the ultimate symbol of the clan, the Ninja Headband. Others taught it was more important to hide the Gaioh identity until the Day of Gathering: for when the Gaioh clan would make the pilgrimage centuries later back to the homeland and be so strong in number the Norisu would have no choice but to surrender.

The End`

The Norisu are the loud mouth killing gloating ninjas

The Gaioh are the quiet, tactful yet plotting ninjas

The Kyuubi are mediators between the Norisu and Gaioh but not without their evil side.

(Note: This is just my story, I urge you to come up with your own ideas and theories about the Ninja clans that apparently roamed Gaia. This is mostly a theory/fan thread about the possibility of ninja s)

Norisu Clan:

-Women, until age of marriage, wear a chained chastity belt to remain pure for if unpure they would not be allowed to fight, they would have to raise the children of the clan.

-The chain is the primary weapon of Asu Kikingu

-The spirit of Chyaku is worshipped as the founder

-The spirit of Masaru is prayed to for strength by all members of the clan for she showed more strength than any man in mind and body.

-Red scarves- stylish and warm in the winter

-Generally dress in Black and Red (Ankari Elric)

Gaioh Clan:

-Each member of the Gaioh clan is awarded a bird at their coming of age, the symbol of speed and agility and the illusion of weightlessness that is needed to fight.

- Knives and throwing stars are the prime weapon of Ounaji.

-The Spirit of Takeo is worshipped as the founder.

-The spirit of Yuudai is worshipped for his discovery of the floating techniques.

-Head bands- because the seaside is warm year round.

-Generally dress in Black and Blue (Ankari Elric)

Kyubi Clan:
-Recieve a kitsune mask as a symbol of their animal heritage

-They fight only with their bodies in the style of Sukarah Chiyuu

-The spirit of Kyubi is worshiped as the founder

-Generally wear white and orange

(Please submit your ideas!)
Avatars of the Norisu and Gaioh:
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Masaru: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Takeo: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Yuudai: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Wanna dress like your clan? Here are some ideas!

A Typical Norisu:
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A Typical Gaioh-
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A Typical Kyubi-
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Members of the Clans:
Basically which clan are you more a fan of?
If you want to join a clan PLEASE POST IN MY JOURNAL HERE:

We have a GUILD now as well, link is in my journal

It was way too hard to keep up with on the thread, here are the banners

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Gaioh A: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Norisu A: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Norisu B: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Kyuubi A: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Kysho Kusagi
User Image

User Image

User Image
Other Theories:
I actually would like to think of the Gaioh clan as being more mysterious. Here, for your review, is my story of the Ninja clans of Gaia.

The Gaioh live at the very peak of the (as of yet not created) Gaia mountain, where the clouds shroud their identities and their purpose. Only when Gaia has been corrupted by the vile acts of man do they come flying down in the form of both angel and demon, wreaking revenge and only satisfied with the flow of blood and claiming the lives of men. The Gaioh are said to hoard the souls of the lives they have taken. Thus, they are called the dark angels of revenge.

Where they come from, none know. Legend says they and their rivals were created by a powerful sorceror who had no faith in mankind's nature. Others say that the gods of Gaia bestowed them on the land when they disappeared to keep law...and that to balance their power, the gods created another clan: The Norisu.

The Norisu clan's origins is said by to be traced from the son of the greatest of the gods and a mortal woman. Driven mad by his strength, Chyaku Norisu threw himself into the deepest part of Gaia. Years later, his children, the clan of Norisu rose from the earth and inhabited the Gaia cave. Using the minerals they mined there and the fire they tended, the Norisu clan forged chains to symbolize their forefather's self-inflicted punishment. They do not believe that death is the solution to wrong. Rather, they are skilled at torture and try to reform mankind this way.

Between the two clans who judge humans are the followers of Kyubi, the fox clan. Mediators between the Norisu and the Gaioh, the Kyubi keep the two at bay when they can. Lovers of nature and more keen on keeping peace than fighting, the clan of Kyubi are few but exceptionally wise. They bear the keen senses of the fox as well as the fox's cunning. The forests are their home and they bear an unusual benevolence for mankind. Their names come from their foremost task: maintain the seal of the Kyubi demon.

Long ago, the fox clan's ancestor made a pact with a demon to rule Gaia. The result was that this ancestor, Kyubi, was turned into the raging demon which destroyed much of ancient Gaia. To atone for his sin, his descendants were given the task of keeping him sealed.

War between the Norisu and the Gaioh was inevitable. Each believed that their own form of justice was correct and saw one another as vile incarnations of evil which must fall under their means. As the followers of the Kyubi dwindle, the time draws near when the inevitable clash of the gods of judgment must take place...

I don't know why I made these...it just seemed fun 3nodding
The styles refer to the order they appear for equiping them.

The styles of Asu Kikingu:

Style 1: Chain of Command- Body of Steel
-Focusing the power of the chain to the body, many Norisu members are able to withstand many strikes from an enemy without so much as a scratch.

Style 2: Ring of Command- Lower D
-Focus one's power to the chain, it acts as both a weapon and a defensive barrier. It can fly off to strike opponents, unwind and strike like a snake, or act as a defensive ring around the member.

Style 2b: Ring of Command- Upper D
-The Lower D style has many uses, however some Norisu members use it on an upper section of the body, usually above the chest area. It has the same abilities as the Lower D, it is simply higher on the body.

Style 3: Belt of Chaste
-Some desire to focus the chain on the waiste. The significance of the waiste is unknown, usually to the member as well. It was a style developed during the early stages of the Norisu clan, and generally allowed the member to train under the pressure of the chain's constriction.

Style 4: Lock of Command
-Some members of the Norisu clan engulf their hands with the chain. The pressure and the chain allow the member to focus power into the hands, enabling them to strike with great force whether the chain is on or off. While it is a powerful style, it is not commonly used for the fact that most members hands are either crushed, severly weakened, or become too powerful.

Style 5: Chain of Command- Left Striker
- The most common of the styles, the Striker styles allow the Norisu member the launch the chain at their enemies, usually for the blade at the end to hit, but occasionally to wrap the enemy and squeeze them.

Style 5b: Chain of Command- Right Striker
- The other side of the most common style. The right arm version of the Striker style is simply for those members who use their right arm more. It is the exact same style, with the exact same techniques.

Style 6: Chain of Command- Blade Headband
- The Blade Headband is more of a way to wear the chain than an actual style, however many members have started to preform unique techiniques with the Blade Headband. It is a relatively new style that has many advantages, such as not constricting the arms or legs.

Style 7: Tail of Command
- The 7th style of the Asu Kikingu is a very unique style. It allows the member to use their arms and legs freely, and still use the chain as though they were holding it. The chain forms a tail, which can be moved through deep focus by the user. The tail can strike like a snake, or wrap around the member for protection. While it does offer some protection, it is mostly an offensive style because the tail cannot reach all areas of the body.

Style 8: Mask of Command
- The 8th style of the Asu Kikingu. The Mask of Command is not a common style among the Norisu clan, though those that can utilize it's technique are usually seen as incredible. It focuses the mind through pressure, allowing the member to do many special techiniques. The member can generally strike with the chain, which seems to crawl away from the head and down to the arm, yet the majority of it remains on the head. Other techniques are unknown due to the rarity of this style.

Final Style: Norisu Chain
- The Final Style of the Asu Kikingu. It was developed by Chyaku Norisu himself it is believed. The style combines all 8 of the other styles and focuses them into one uniform style. An incredibly small amount of people can use the style, but known aspects of it include the ability of the chain strike, the ring blade, the focused abilities, and many techniques that seem to come out of nowhere that are hard to explain if they exist at all. It is unknown as to whether Chyaku Norisu handed down the style, or if it was learned from extreme concentration and watching Chyaku himself. The only thing that is known about this style, is that it is by far the hardest and rarest of the styles, which is to be expected since it is believed to be created by Chyaku Norisu.

I made a heirchy of the Norisu Clan

The first level of the Norisu Clan. The new recruits are those who have no knowledge of the Asu Kikingu style, How to control chains, etc.... They are usually kept in the village until they have trained for a while. Then the Reneiketu are split into squads of 4 people and assigned a Kenkuito.

Basic Ninjas-(Niklenoni)
The second level. Those who pass the Niklenoni exam are split into groups of four people and assigned a Kenkuito. The Kenkuito is the team leader on ninja missions, and will oversee the training of the Niklenoni. Niklenoni are trained in basic moves such as punch, kick, flip, etc....

Regular Ninjas-(Rkneitzu)
Once you pass the Rkneitzu test, you are a regular ninja, and can be mobilized for war. If there is no war at the time, you continue your training with the Kenkuito. As a Rkneitzu, you will learn the advances of the physical aspects of Asu Kikingu, as well as the basics of imbuning your spirit to a Chain of Command.

Advanced Ninjas-(Kenkuito)
These are the second best ninja in the Village hidden in Steel. These ninja are usually the first chosen for missions, and are usually used to teach Niklenoni and Rkneitzu. The Kenkuito are taught by the Onikegaru in advanced Spirit imbuning of the Chain of Command. Few ninja's make it to Kenkuito, as the test is rumored to have you kill your team mates.

Master Ninjas-(Onikegaru)
These are the best ninja in the Norisu Clan. These ninja's are fully capable of releasing the full power of the Chain of Command, as well as using the Quakgyaun (All seeing eye). These ninja are the head of the Norisu clan, and often make the decisions to go to war. The Onikegaru train the Kenkuito in advanced chain of command imbunement, and begin to train them on the Quakgyaun. The Onikegaru are powerful ninjas, and are not to be trifeled with.
Norisu Clan for eva!
Post 1!
xd I made a thread about this too.

Nice stories! 3nodding They are good theories. I think it would be really cool if you made references to actual places on Gaia, such as the mountains being north of Durem, the Sea Kingdom being located near Barton Cliffs, etc. whee
xd I made a thread about this too.

Nice stories! 3nodding They are good theories. I think it would be really cool if you made references to actual places on Gaia, such as the mountains being north of Durem, the Sea Kingdom being located near Barton Cliffs, etc. whee
I think I should do that.. I'll add that now.
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Supreme Demigod

May the way of the Norisu reign forever ninja

-Prays to Masaru-
Is it ok to post? I will delete it if needed.
I am a member of the Norisu clan.
As shall I
Nice Story, Baka.

I am a member of neither, as I do not do clans.

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Great story!

Gaioh Clan all the way. ;O

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