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A prelude to a Gaia Event, or User Run Event?

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I'm not sure, to be honest. I'll wait and see how it goes. 0.16504854368932 16.5% [ 17 ]
I don't care, but the messages are interesting. 0.087378640776699 8.7% [ 9 ]
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I guess this is what they meant by story, this one was long this time.
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Long one indeed. Raiders for me as well. 3nodding
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The shadow pushed a broken board into place so that he could put a leg on it and look sharp while below him a pile of red cloth and limbs struggled out of the wreckage of what once was a house. The shadow had a ridiculous scarf on, its adorable little wings contrasting with his clawmark scar on his shoulder. Pushing a piece rubble next to the board he made his entrance.

&Nice landing.& The shadow struck a pose on his well placed board.

If it had been Seven she would've yelled at him might've even joked around a little bit. But the Two of Swords just stared up at him then pushed herself upright. Ignored again the Nine of pentacles dropped his pose and sighed heavily. &Are you alright?&

&I'm fine.& The Two of Swords straightened her skirt and then studied the wounds on her hands, &A few splinters.&

&Well, what have I told you about landing a boat on a rickety old building?&

&Nothing as far as I can recall.& Everything perfect the Two of Swords turned to Nine, &What are you wearing?

&Isn't lovely? It gives me the power of flight.&

She stared at him for a moment, 'You're teasing me aren't you?&

As the Nine of Pentacles laughed she bent down to find the casimer tree, it's delicate leaves poking through the boards, the limbs broken.

&Ah, broken it's of no use.& The Nine of Pentacles jumped down. &Besides I've already got resources on getting your ship back. Six of Cups abandoned it knowing we'd be after it. With a little persuasion from our assets you'll be flying in no time.&

&I'm not keeping it to make another ship, I'm keeping it because it's important.&

&That little tree?&

&We were all little tree's once.& The Two of Swords said it with such a genuine face the Nine of Pentacles erupted into riotous laughter again.

She ignored him and pushed aside her bangs, &I'll just take care of it.&

&Well, it looks like I'm going to have to compensate someone for their house, you're such a home wrecker Two.& Nine finally continued, &I saw you coming though I thought you were a demented bird, what made you take a chance like that?&

&I don't have much time.&

The Nine of Pentacles frowned, &That doesn't matter, when your time is up I can replace you.&

The Two of Swords did get angry but not in the way he planned, a quiet calm anger that flowed past him like the wind, &That's why I'll finish this before you replace me.&

The Nine of Pentacles frown turned into a smile and he shrugged, &Alright then, but you are right, you're running out of time, and you've been exposed.&

&Is there a rip in my shirt?&

&No no. Like exposed to the higher ups, they've started to notice you obviously. Don't let things get too out of hand.& The Nine of Pentacles, &Because no matter how many people you try to please or how covert you try to be they are always in control of you.&

&I'm not crossing over any lines to trying to tread toes.& the Two of Swords put her hand on her sword, &Besides, I have something they've lost.&

Cool and noble like always, the nine of Pentacles had to admit it was a good thing Two always knew what was important.

&If there's nothing else I have to go.&

&In a hurry, go on. When you need your ship you know where to find me.&

With that the two of them separated, the dark unknown man and the warrior woman in red, off to find the next adventure.

I got a winged handkerchief.
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x Karurie x
I got a winged handkerchief.

Me too.

And was this one really funny or was that just me? I kind of like this Nine of Pentacles character.
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The Seven of Wands sat on the tip of Dref Dur. The rock jettisoned out into the sky gave her a good view of the incoming behemoth of a ship. She couldn't help but smile a little, &Brenni you never been very good at stealth have you?&

Seven stood and stretched, in doing so she noticed movement beside her, &And apparently Six, neither are you.&

The Six of Cups stepped from the shadows, &You aren't going then? Even though once Edmund lands on that ship.....&

&Nine wants me to stay out of it,& Seven sighed, &and I can say that seeing you has made me even more depressed.&

&What do you mean stay out of it? Isn't he the whole reason you guys are around.&

&No, the Two of Swords is the whole reason why we're around.& Seven of Wands suddenly caught herself, &Speaking of which how would you like to be thrown off a cliff?&

Six of Cups frowned, &But I thought you loved Zhivago?&

The Seven of Wands sighed heavily and got up to leave.

The Seven of Wands let out a bit of her anger, &Of course I want to run to his side Six, of course I want to throw myself in front of Zhivago at the right moment and protect him from getting killed, but then he kills Edmund, and what I am to do about that? Everything will be lost.&

&So? Aren't you into that whole love stuff?&

Seven of Wands looked at him and sighed again, &I guess you're right sweetheart.&

She smiled down at him and the Six of Cups couldn't help but blush a little even though the color had long since drained from his cheeks.

&They're getting awfully close Six, I have to go. Thanks for the advice, in exchange I won't kill you.& She waved her good byes before disappearing into the night.

The Six of Cups suddenly caught on that he was smiling like an idiot and shook his head. He turned to go, but suddenly a second crescent moon illuminated the dark.

The pain emitted from his hand was indescribable, he crumbled to the ground suddenly as a figure of a dark elf stood over him.

&Master Kuro is angry with you, you were supposed to kill the magic girl.&

Six could do nothing but scream in agony as a response, the dark elf raised his sword and suddenly stopped.

Six didn't notice until the pain went away, a tall figure of a man stood over him, a grin on his dark face that was but a shadow.

He gasped for air. &Who are you?&

&You know very well what they call me.& Nine of Pentacles took off his white scarf and placed it over the wide eyes of the dying elf who spit blood as his final act, &Pity, I wanted to avoid bloodshed this night.&

&What are you doing here?&

&Oh, you really think I would leave the only magic user in my little group alone? Not for a second, not when conflict is imminent.& The Nine of Pentacles picked up the sword, &Although I was surprised to hear you got past my men. To little avail though, Two of Swords has something your boss might want. I don't know her plan but you can bet Gino will never die under her care. So stop trying.&

Six of Cups managed to prop himself and rub his hand, the pain still fresh in his memory. The Nie of Pentacles bent down to look at him.

&Well, let's see what we can do about that thing.&

The Nine of Pentacles leaned down to look at it, he placed a hand on the crescent moon mark, his skin glowed bright underneath it, and then a crescent moon appeared on his skin. The glove clicked open and fell off with ease.

&You aren't a Gaian at all are you?&
The Nine of Pentacles grinned, &There are others like me yes. You've seen one then? Of course, you all saw him haven't you? Well anyways, you don't owe me anything, just be careful not to get tethered again.&

Six of Cups got angry, but realized lashing out against Nine wouldn't be sensible, he couldn't go back to Kuro until his anger subsided. The only way to stop that would be to find out what Two was doing.

With that resolve he too disappeared into the night.

Looks like we have a little romance going on~
I got that tea cup that was given away as a free item for the Royal Wedding.
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I am but a fool in the midst of this it seems, but who is the fool? The ignorance of their commanders will be the downfall of the arcana.
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