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Alright, so if you are like me, too lazy to really learn a language but like the idea of talking to someone in a different dialect, this may be the place to you.

The 'language' is, to me, simple. it's like a treehouse language, code you made up when you were younger. but, since we will never really use it in real life, I have adapted it to only text.

Also, this has been bashed many different places before; if you don't like it, just leave, please. I hate the </3 symbol up there; it makes people feel bad.

Anyway, thank you for reading all of this, and I hope to speak with you soon!

olsei / tea woqu' icxuh vriefocz wody ~ !

I will enjoy speaking with you!
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Alright, so (like any clubhouse language should be), this isn't a language per say, but more like a code. Each letter in English is a different letter in 'Gaian'. First, let's start with the vowels:

A = E
E = I
I = O
O = U
U = A

So, if you really look at it, every vowel just moves over one. That is how I remember it!

Now, let us go on to the rest of the letters:

B = M
C = N
D = T
F = K
G = Z
H = Y
J = X
K = F
L = Qu
M = B
N = C
P = R
Qu = L
R = P
S = V
T = D
V = S
W = W
X = J
Y = H
Z = G

So, with these, you can translate every word in English! Let's say I am spelling out the word, 'curtain'. According to the chart up there, curtain is translated to:


You see? There is one thing that changes about these words, though; double letters.

Alright, so let's say I want to translate the word 'kitty'.

Kitty would not turn into foddh. No, we will take away one 'd' and then add an '. So,

Kitty would equal fod'h.

But, you can't talk to me yet. Next we are learning something very important; how to address people.

olsei / fi'r quiepcocz, tea ~ .

Keep learning, my students!
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Alright, so names. Gaian has the same mannerism as Japanese; different honorifics for different people.

So, let's use Mary and John as an example.

You just met Mary and John. So, you won't call them anything at the end of their name, not until you get to know them better. You also don't add anything to the end if you openly dislike someone, or if you are in common chat with a friend. It shouldn't mix you up; you'll know what the person means in each scenario, so you won't mix someone up for disliking you.

Now, let's say you get to know Mary more, either as a friend or a potential love interest, just a semi- or fully- matured woman. In that case, you will call her Mary-za.

For John, under the same circumstances, you will call him John-ma.

Now, for family. There is no gender honorifics in family. You will end everyone in your family with -sai. i/e: Mom-sai, John-sai, etc. Whenever you get married, you will end your SO's name the same way, as well as with in-laws.

Now, let's make it that Mary-za and John-ma have a child, as well as adopt a puppy. The puppy is named Spot, while the child is named Bell. All of these are, in essence, cute things. If there is a child, or an animal or anyone you consider doting on around, you will end their name with -kai. So, if will be Bell-kai, Spot-kai, etc. If Mary-za is being lovey-dovey with John-ma, she may call him John-kai. Anything along those lines, no matter what the gender, will end like that.

Now, specifically for teachers or coaches of any kind, the name will end in -re. So, you shall call me Tea-re, for I am your teacher.

Now, in every country, elders are important. Here, on Gaia, our elders are the ones that have been here for, at the least, 5 years. So, how about Mary-za has successfully lived on Gaia for about 5 years. If you are a stranger, and meet her for the first time but still know who she is and her age here, you will end her name with -ael. So, Mary-ael. If you don't use honorifics, because you just met, usually whenever you learn she has been on Gaia for or more than 5 years, that is how you will address her. This name is only reserved for 'elders' of this kind.

Now, lastly, the ultimate sign of respect. This is for Mods, or anyone that has been on here since 2003, no more no less. You will end their name in -Gaia. So, Mary-za is a Mod, and John-ma has been here since 2003. Their names will and should be, Mary-Gaia and John-Gaia.

Please, remember that I am Tea-re, and if you engage in a conversation with someone, remember when or when not to use honorifics! It is important!

olsei / vdath yept, ect ~ wequ' ijniqu!

Study hard, and you will excel!
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Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

Vyuw bi bupi, Tea-re.

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