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The next Final Boss should be...

GCD McSourface 0.062947067238913 6.3% [ 44 ]
Qixter (Mwu-ha-ha-ban!) 0.36051502145923 36.1% [ 252 ]
Kats Kokeshi Doll :D 0.12589413447783 12.6% [ 88 ]
Sarah Palin 0.14306151645207 14.3% [ 100 ]
Britney Spears 0.14878397711016 14.9% [ 104 ]
Ian 0.052932761087268 5.3% [ 37 ]
Purvis 0.10586552217454 10.6% [ 74 ]
Total Votes:[ 699 ]
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thread made of win
Puffy Cherry Fluff
I think I'll try my hand at this.

I want to name the article!
Username: Kamikazi-Cloud
Article Name: Cherry Fluff Bombs Explode in Local Barton Toilets!
SMALL Detail on Article: Mysterious figure found planting and exploding Cherry Fluff Bombs in toilets at local Barton establishment.
Location: Barton
Animated Involved: Cherry Fluffs
Other players involved (Optional): TBD

What I have shown you is reality...

OMG Yes! Brilliant! Nicu would be perfect for that story.... whee User Image

What you remember... that is the illusion.

Are we surprised? NO! >D

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Wow, one night and the posts seemed to have multiplied. Good job : DDD
dang htis is moving fast =D
Awesome stories! xDD
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*all televisions turn on*
Greetings here Gaians this is Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll announcing that The Daily Kokeshi is back on air for our second day! Our first was so succesfull we've decided to do this every day! Lets all have a big round of applause for our reporters iVegan and Veiswalkren who have done such a great job! The contest, announcements, archive, articles, and Interviews are up for a big update today, stick around for more! Also, an extra round of applause for iVegan, who won't be here much on the weekdays! But it'll work, this is Kat's Kokeshi Doll, signing off for now!
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He screamed, giggled and hopped on the couch.
"The first episode I've seen!!"
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Hello Gaians! This is Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll here, announcing that todays updated are here and BOOMING! Let the posts roll! Add our banners to your siggy! Advertise! DO ANYTHING! Remember, I'm Kats Kokeshi Doll, and this is The Daily Kokeshi, signing off for now!
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Where do I sign up for a job!
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I want to name the article!
Username: -Le Chien Chat-
Article Name: The cookies from HELL!
SMALL Detail on Article: Badly cooked cookies cause a mile-long bathroom line... o.o''
Location: Barton Town
Animated Involved: Olivia (Leon's Mommy)
Other players involved (Optional):
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biggrin pirate rofl ninja mrgreen pirate burning_eyes 3nodding xd smile

hooray for the news cast!!!!
----------~ iVegan Says ~----------
The Landshark has been kidnapped from the animal shelter!!
Witnesses confirm that the vigilante was.... Quazimodo!!!
Police are stumped as to where he might be taking him.
MORE TO COME!!User Image

User Image
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