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The next Final Boss should be...

GCD McSourface 0.062947067238913 6.3% [ 44 ]
Qixter (Mwu-ha-ha-ban!) 0.36051502145923 36.1% [ 252 ]
Kats Kokeshi Doll :D 0.12589413447783 12.6% [ 88 ]
Sarah Palin 0.14306151645207 14.3% [ 100 ]
Britney Spears 0.14878397711016 14.9% [ 104 ]
Ian 0.052932761087268 5.3% [ 37 ]
Purvis 0.10586552217454 10.6% [ 74 ]
Total Votes:[ 699 ]
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These articals give me my daily dose of lulz. razz Keep up the good work.
Ooooo~! Let me see what I can do with this!

I want to name the article!

Article Name: Anchor Bugs Warned for Indecent PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

SMALL Detail on Article: Yesterday, Anchor Bugs at Buccaneer Boardwalk have been issued a warning from the Gaia High Court for copulating in public.

The ire of members of the Gaian public were raised by the offending animateds' antics of spawning on top of each other - apparently in mid-copulation.

Meanwhile, their less amourous cousins, the Southern Gold Beach Anchor Bugs have publicly condemned their apparent lack of decency.

"I mean, it's not like there are many of them at Buccaneer Boardwalk," said Archie, one of the Southern Anchor Bugs that spawn at Gold Beach, "There's absolutely no excuse of lack of space to spawn..."

Location: Buccaneer Boardwalk

Animated Involved: Anchor Bugs
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I like the way you call me Natural, bby. wink
And here is Bluey yer faithful mutt bringing you a live

Laaaaaaag monster possesses victims!!!

In Zomg today it was witnessed that soldiers in the glorious fight against the animated horde were being possessed and assaulted by the dreaded and invisibly devious laaaag monster.

After a most valiant and victorious struggle against a mere whittling kokeshi doll in the area known to all as the zen Gardens, this reporter sat down to take a knee and rest whilst he took notes, and was horrified!!!

control of his body was WRESTED, wrested i say, from him, and he continued to walk around like a puppet on some mad puppetmasters' strings, before being forced to his knees next to a poor defencless Lady warrior. it was a blurry and strange time before this reporter could gain control of his own flesh and upon standing up and moving away from invading the lady warrior's personal space the words were vomited from his mouth uncontrollably
" my , that was much harder than last time, i hope it doesn't get any harder than this"

Stay tuned for the dreadful investigation......

LaaagMonster: possessing gaians for breeding???
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-Chokes on his ramen-
This is great. That's my laugh for the morning.
Grrr... I fully deny these scurrilous rumors. evil
Hello thar Missus She Wolf. |D WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TOO.
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O_o Win thread is win.
Anyone care to interview our beloved Preda-pups?
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I want to name the article
Dman Animorie[ Willing to be an anchor for you! xD]
Bassie! Fact or Fiction
There have been many sightings of this mysterious creature that dwells in Bass'ken lake, and little is known about it, and so we'll get more development on this with live interviews with the actual people of have seen this creature.
Location:Bassk'en lake
Animated Involved: None
Other players involved (Optional): We'll find out when I set out to Bass'ken lake.
Hahaha, I'm loving this thread.
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Wow this gives me a good laugh xD
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Ah she wolf and papa saw I knew it!
OMG to much XD
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I want to name the article!
Username: Ho lola
Article Name: New Ring: Olivias Cookies?
SMALL Detail on Article: Olivias cookies are deadly, we all know that. But are thay good enough to kill animateds?
Location: Barton
Animated Involved: //
Other players involved (Optional): //
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I want to name the article!
Username: ho lola
Article Name: Where is the Dad fluff?
SMALL Detail on Article: What happend to Mother fluff's husband, Dad fluff? Did He go away with Cherry fluff?
Location: Bass'ken Lake and Zen Gardens
Animated Involved: Mother fluff and cherry fluff
Other players involved (Optional): //

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