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The Daffodil Movement has been held every year during the month of April since 2006 (except in '08 when the event was held in May). During the month of April we try to gather as many Gaians as possible to equip a daffodil bouquet on their avatars, for the entire month, to promote cancer awareness. This is the time we take out of our regular schedule, as Gaians and as people, to remember those we have lost, honor those who have fought and won, and encourage those presently fighting cancer.

Continue reading to find out more, or click on the image below to view the guild.
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User Image For those of you who don't already know me, my name is Mrs_S_Snape and I have been actively involved with The Daffodil Movement for the past few years. Blaizekit has once again requested that I run the event due to her busy school schedule and thus, here I am. ^_____^
If you have any questions that are not addressed in the FAQs, feel free to send me a private message.
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✽Follow Gaia's Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines

✽Do not quote any large blocks of text, such as any of the posts on the front page of the main thread.

✽Please read the FAQs before asking a question. That way we can be sure we have plenty of time to answer any unusual or specific questions instead of answering the same common ones over and over.

✽Be supportive of one another! Try to get along.

✽And most importantly, strive for positivity. We encourage you to share your stories and feelings concerning cancer, cancer awareness, and the like, but this will not be a pity-party. Many people may be going through cancer themselves or seeing someone they love dealing with it. We’re here to hope for the best.
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Equip a Daffodil Bouquet!
The simplest way for you to participate in the event is equip a daffodil bouquet to your avatar. Whether it is a single flower or a delux bouquet in pink, blue or classic yellow, you'll be showing your support for the event. Need a bouquet? Simply send a labeled trade to The Daffodil Movement mule and we'd be happy to send you one for free. You can also craft your own in The Buttercup Cafe, using daffodils found around Towns.

A Note About Teams
Those of you returning to take part in the movement are probably wondering where information about the teams are. Due to the low number participants we've had over the past year or two, I've decided to keep things on a small scale this year and really focus on bringing general awareness to Gaia. If you would like to make a thread for a particular type of cancer or host a contest or event for others you are more than welcome to do so in Event Forum in the Guild.

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Individual Spirit
Just because we don't have teams, doesn't mean the spirit contest is going away. This year it will be done on an individual level. The winner gets to select an organization related to cancer where a donation of at least $10 will be made in their name. This person will be selected based on their participation in the event overall and announced at the 2014 Farewell Party!

Tektek Contest
For the tektek contest this year, create an avatar based on a particular type of cancer's ribbon color or create an avatar for general awareness. There are some ribbons listed below but a complete list can be found here in the guild. Only one entry per person. Please send a PM to the event mule with the form below. Entries must be submitted by Sunday April 20th. Winners will receive yet to be determined amounts of gold. Winners will also be announced at the 2014 Farewell Party.

[b]User name:[/b]
[b]Type of Cancer or General Awareness:[/b]
[insert avatar here]

✽ Barbra_Streisand
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I made this tek a warrior because I've known this disease closely and know for sure that the only way to overcome it is by being strong: mentally, physically and emotionally. And you need to be brave, to be able to be strong for yourself and the ones who love you and follow you around to your treatment centers, operations, and stay by your side playing strong even though they're crumbling into pieces inside.
Also, you don't just let the treatment to the magic for you, you repeat to yourself that you are going to get better, every day, every waking moment, you tell yourself you're going to get out of this, that you have things to do, people to meet, places to go. That's what the sword is for: fighting the disease. I didn't find a good shield that went with the tek but if i had it would have symbolized the defense againt the pain and sorrow that cancer brings, though that is pretty much what i already said. Thanks for reading!

✽ Mary Williame Taranee - Colon Cancer
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Every so often, a new riddle will appear in this post. Solve it and send a PM to the event mule labeled 'Riddle Answer'. The first few people to correctly respond will receive 10,000 Gold! The riddle right now is:

How is the letter A like a spring flower?

Previous Riddles & Answers

4/1/14 - 4/7/14 : What spring flowers can be found on people’s faces? Tulips or Iris

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Daffodil Fairy
As she has in the past, the Daffodil Fairy will be giving out gold when people quote her posts. So keep an eye out for a chance on some free gold.

Nartian Raffle
The Nartian Raffle is back once again! Close to the end of the month, I will make an announcement about a thread in the guild, where all you have to do is post in order to enter. Then at the Farewell Party winners will be selected for a variety of prizes including our grand prize of a Nartian Rock! Some of the other prizes that could be yours are:

1 million gold!
April 2014 Monthly Collectible
Lavender Nitemare Scarf
Easter Cherubim's Lavender Wings

2014 Farewell Party
As we have the past, there will be a live party in Towns where we all can gather and hang out for awhile and also where the Spirit Contest winner and Nartian Raffle will take place. This year, you have the opportunity to decide which town the event mule's house will be placed! So don't forget to cast your vote in the poll in this very thread. More details will be announced/posted closer to the end of the month.

Got Any Ideas?
If you have a contest or event you'd like to host or would like to see added,simply send a private message to Mrs_S_Snape and let her know! She'd be happy to make an announcement to the guild and/or add another contest to this post.
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Below are a variety of ribbons and banners that can be placed in your signature, profile, etc. Remember to make sure it meets Gaia's TOS! All of them link back to this thread. Additional ribbons can be found here in the guild & additional banners can be found here in the guild.

General Awareness
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Breast Cancer
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Colon Cancer
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Pancreatic and Muscle Cancer
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Brain Cancer
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Lung, Mesothelioma & Eye
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I want to help the Movement. Where do I send my gold, items, and daffodils?
Donations should be sent to The Daffodil Movement, our mule. Donations of gold help us give better prizes in the contests, and yellow items give the mule something cool to wear. (Items are sold at the end of the Movement to go toward next year.) Please do not send us daffodils unless they are already made into a bouquet. It is too expensive and time-consuming for us to turn hundreds of daffodils into bouquets by ourselves. We'd rather use our gold pool for prizes, so please only donate bouquets. (: single daffodils will be donated to Old Pete's Dumpster Dive.

I wanna show my support by wearing a daffodil bouquet during the whole month of April, but can't make or buy one. What's this about free bouquets?
You're in luck! Many generous Gaians have donated daffodil bouquets to us, so that we may pass them along to whoever needs one. To request a bouquet, just send a labeled trade to The Daffodil Movement.

Do I have to wear a *yellow* daffodil bouquet?
No. You can wear whatever color you want.

Where are the teams this year?
Due to the small participation number we've had the past few years, I decided to simplify things by bringing the focus back to general awareness. There is still a chance for an individual to win a real life donation via the individual spirit contest.

Are the teams coming back next year?
Its possible. I don't know who is going to be running the event next year and that decision will be up to them.

How do I receive announcements about event details?
In order to receive announcements about details about the 2014 TDM and events in the future, simply join The Daffodil Movement guild. Generally the only time you will receive announcements from the guild is around the time the event is going on.

Still confused? Visit the Q&A thread.
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This list explains the functions of different parts of the guild and links to threads of interest.

Main forum
Where we keep basic TDM info
Cancer Awareness Ribbons Thread
Art of TDM Collected Over The Years
Cancer Links and Resources
The Yellow Wall
Ribbon Petition/Affiliates list
Q&A about TDM

Events Board
Where people get the word out about events they're holding.
Events Directory

Team Threads Forum
Where teams have their home base to meet up at. Threads in this forum can only be OP'ed by designated Team Captains. Also note that this forum is closed as we are not having teams this year.

Articles/Cancer in the Media
Where we share stories of interest to the community.

Where users make threads dedicated to honoring people they want to remember.

Chat Forum
Random, off-topic, anything really chat.

This is where old threads are moved year after year. Kept in this forum in order to pass along ideas to future teams, and to show off everyone's hard work.
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This is where we honor those that survived, those that did not, and those still fighting. To submit a name for the Yellow Wall, send a PM to the event mule with their name. If you want their name to be linked to an entry in TDM’s journal, send a personalized dedication along too. It can be a letter to them, their story, a memory about them, anything you like. (please specify at the beginning of your PM that you would like for the story to be added to the journal.)

Our Wall has become so massive that it now has its own thread. You can visit it in its entirety by clicking the link below.

The Yellow Wall

Click the link below to view the archive of personalized dedications.

The Daffodil Movement's Journal

If you would prefer to tell someone's story yourself, in a way that will always be open for editing or expansion,
you can make a thread for them in the Memorials Forum.

Memorials Forum
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If you would like to affiliate with the Daffodil Movement, send a PM request to Mrs_S_Snape labeled "Affiliation Request". Send your banner and take any of ours that you like below. Your banner will be placed here, in a thread on the home forum of the guild.

Affiliates will be checked occasionally for alive-ness and they will also be posted in by our mule when TDM is coming up.

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Special Thanks...
Because I couldn't think of anywhere else to put this, I'd like to thank the people listed below for their generous donations to The Daffodil Movement this year.

✽ YamiTyger
✽ Barbra_Streisand
✽ passerella
✽ angryiguana66
✽ PinkShadowStarligh
User ImageThe Daffodil Movement 2014

The Daffodil Movement 2014 is officially open!
Join the Movement! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Mrs_S_Snape's avatar

Am_I_God's Husband

Playful Wench

User ImageThe Daffodil Movement 2014

Yay. 4laugh
Welcome to TDM 2014!
I'm looking forward to getting to know as many participants as possible! ^^
Join the Movement! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Mei Xiaojie 's avatar

Invisible Giver

I remember this from last year! Happy to see it again
Mrs_S_Snape's avatar

Am_I_God's Husband

Playful Wench

Yongyuan Ai Ni
I remember this from last year! Happy to see it again

User ImageThe Daffodil Movement 2014

Welcome back! ^^
Join the Movement! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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