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Welcome! This thread is a fundraising event for the Castle of Freebies brought to you by Sarah3ddepp (the Queen) and AB91 (a Royal). The aim is to raise Gold for hosting future contests. You will find a number of activities to participate in here. Any help is very much appreciated!

  1. Following the Gaia Terms of Service should be obvious and unnecessary for us to have to repeat to you.
  2. Refrain from stealing art and graphics.
  3. Be kind and courteous to all in the thread and help to maintain a positive atmosphere in the thread.
  4. Follow the instructions of individual activities. It makes things easier and keeps order.
  5. No begging. We don't like beggars. If we want to give you something free, we will.
  6. Do not quote the posts on the front page of the thread.
  7. All artists have the right to reject any order placed if they feel they cannot do it for any reason.

    • 12/17/2011 - Thread open! Prizes are still being added as more artists are being searched for.
Royal Raffle [A Lottery]
Each ticket costs 1k. When buying lottery tickets/slots, please label the trade(s) “Lottery” and send to Castle Of Freebies. All tickets bought will be given out in consecutive order. You are allowed to buy tickets as many times as you want. No refunds will be given unless the lottery is cancelled for some reason. After all the tickets are sold, a random number will be generated and the winners will receive the prizes below. Good luck!

Prizes: Chibi from Twipz (Samples); Waist-up from Sarah3ddepp (Samples)
Deadline: TBA

Please inform me if you change your username.

* = Trade Pending

Treasure Chamber [A Booty Grab Contest]
Simple enough: Play Booty Grab! Send the Gold you earn to Castle Of Freebies in a trade labelled “Booty Grab” for a chance to win art! Please submit Gold each day you play for us in order to qualify for the correct amount of tickets. A screenshot of the total amount of Gold you have earned must be PMed when sending the trade everyday you play to verify the amount you have earned. This can be found in tank windows where it says ‘You have played X game(s) and earned Xg today.’ (this is an example). (Please note that this is just for providing evidence of playing Booty Grab rather than simply buying tickets through other means. You may donate less Gold than what is stated in the game window if you want.) This will get added to your overall total, which will then be converted into raffle tickets.

At the end of the event, participants who earn a total of:
- up to 10k will receive 1 ticket;
- up to 25k will receive 3 tickets;
- up to 50k will receive 7 tickets;
- up to 75k will receive 11 tickets;
- up to 100k will receive 16 tickets;
- up to 150k will receive 25 tickets;
- over 150k will receive 30 tickets.

Once the total amount of Gold is calculated for each individual participant, all players will be assigned their slots in order of first to last person to join. (For example, Person A has earned 98k in total and Person B has earned 47k. Therefore, Person A receives 16 tickets and Person B receives 7 tickets. When the event ends, Person A will get the slots numbered 1-16 and Person B will get slots 17-23. Person C will get the next available slot(s), followed by Person D, then Person E, etc.) After this, a random number will be generated to determine the winners!

Prizes: Art from Alexandrite Mukaida (Sample)
Deadline: TBA

Username: Total Gold Earned = Tickets
Majestic Attire [A Tektek Contest]
Just make a tektek of the theme stated below and you are good to go! Please remember to send the entry fee to Castle Of Freebies in a trade labelled “Tektek Contest”.

Theme: New Beginnings - Be creative!
Prize: 1 mini-chibi from both Sarah3ddepp (Samples) and Ssy moon (Samples)
Entry Fee: 2k
Deadline: TBA

Gifts Galore [A Chance Game] - NOT OPEN YET
How does this work? Well, you choose the gift box(es) you want and send the correct amount of Gold to Castle Of Freebies in order to claim your gift! Please label the trade(s) “Chance Game” and post the following when sending the trade(s):

[center][color=#be0057][size=11][quote=“Castle Of Freebies“][/quote][/size][size=18][color=#f88c00][b][u][color=#8b2557]Gifts Galore[/color][/u][/b][/color][/size]
[size=15][b]I would like box number(s) [color=#f88c00][u][color=#be0057]INSERT HERE[/color][/u][/color] please![/b][/size][/color][/center]

“Castle Of Freebies“
Gifts Galore
I would like box number 12 please!

Each box costs 5k. The box numbers available are shown below. Numbers with a strike have already been bought and cannot be chosen again. Gifts are awarded on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and contain either an item or art. Art prizes include a chibi from super roar (Sample), a headshot, chibi and mini-chibi from Sarah3ddepp (Samples) and a chibi from AcidSky87 (Samples). Go ahead and try your luck!

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05
06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10
11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20
21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25

Username: Boxes Bought
Famous Paintings [An Art Auction]
Bid to win art! All funds raised go to the Castle’s mule for events and contests.

Art you are bidding on: 1 full-body from Sarah3ddepp (Samples); 1 mini-chibi from Ssy moon (Samples)
Starting bid: 5k
Highest Bid: -
Auto-Buy: None!
Deadline: TBA

Golden Wonders [A Treats Shop] - NOT OPEN YET
Why not buy some limited-edition goodies while you are taking part in the festivities? Please label the trade(s) “Treats” and send to Castle Of Freebies when buying. Your purchases will be delivered by PM, so please ensure that they are set to public. Please also post the following form when ordering:

[center][color=#be0057][size=11][quote=“Castle Of Freebies“][/quote][size=16][color=#f88c00][b][u][color=#8b2557][color=white]___[/color]Treats Please![color=white]___[/color]
[b]My username:[/b] INSERT HERE
[b]I am buying...[/b] INSERT HERE
[b]I am paying...[/b] INSERT HERE [/size]

“Castle Of Freebies“
___Treats Please!___

My username: INSERT HERE
I am buying... INSERT HERE
I am paying... INSERT HERE

Aquatic Offerings [Fish Donations]
Please donate fish to the Castle Tank for chance of Booty Grab! Fish that drop Gold are preferred. Thank you!
The one who makes you cry isn't worth your tears.

*cuts ribbon* We're now officially open! 3nodding

The one who is worth your tears would never make you cry.
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Voy a cantar un Corrida, Escuchas bien Mis Compas:☠

Steal thread virginity like a boss ninja
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Yayyyy! It's opppen. <3
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xxxxxH Exxxxx T O O Kxxxxx T O W A R D Sxxxxx T H Exxxxx L I G H T
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjust ωhєn чσu thøught his fɑcє ωɑs about tσ bє rєveɑled, ɨt wɑsn't.
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                                    also. Damn no video contest this time. lol Oh well mind as well share with everyone now. YAY OPEN. O.O so many rules and tickets. Might go poor for this.

                                    《 「 ➥ IT WAS AS IF THE LIGHTS DIMMED
                                    xxxxxxxxJUST FOR HIM
Oh.. uhm... hello?
The one who makes you cry isn't worth your tears.

*waves around*

The one who is worth your tears would never make you cry.
Fluorescent Nova
Oh.. uhm... hello?

The one who makes you cry isn't worth your tears.

Hello there! Cute avatar!

The one who is worth your tears would never make you cry.

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