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Opens April 1st, 2012
Only post if you are entering the game. Quote/PM me if you have questions.
Only people who have paid the entry fee for the main event can be entered to win Bunny Slippers so be sure to check the main event out.

((Back to the Main PBSC Easter Event))

~Let's hop along the bunny trail,
Collect things as we go.
Shall we make it to the finish line?
I certainly hope so!

Ends April 15th, 2012

NOTE: Gameboard and Brown Bunny were designed by Kuroda Kaori and may
only be used for this event unless given permission by Kuroda Kaori.
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~Welcome to the Bunny Trail~
Your goal is to make it to the end of this trail before the end of the
PBSC's Easter Event while collecting goodies along the way!
People who make it to the finish line will be entered in a raffle to win a pair of

~Pink Bunny Slippers~
((Back to the Main PBSC Easter Event))

User Image

~How To Play:

    • Roll one 8-sided die and move ahead that many spaces on the game-board.
    • You can only roll once per day.
        In the event that you miss a day or start late, you are allowed to do catch up rolls. For example, if you start on the 12th day you can roll 12 times that day. If you rolled the first 2 days but missed the 3rd day you can roll for the 3rd and 4th day on the 4th day. Either way you should still use the same format as listed below that notes what you rolled and where you landed.

    • Post your rolls in this thread.
    • Do not delete your posts!
        If you mess up just edit your post and say you messed up. Deleted posts will be inquired upon and you will be disqualified if you've deleted a post.

    • If you land on one of the lucky numbers (listed below), you will get you will get a prize listed in the prize post.
        -will be listed when I receive all the small prizes-
        If nothing is listed and you land on a prize, do not fret, you will receive your item as soon as possible.

    • Rainbow Patches:
        These are shortcuts. If you land on a rainbow bean, on your next turn, you start off on the other side of the short cut. You can only move forward in this game. EX: if you land on space 7, your next turn you would start on space 13. However if you land on space 13, you treat it as a normal space, you do not go back down to 7.

    • Finished:
        The "Finish" bubble counts as a space (space number 53 to be exact). In order to land on the final space, you must roll the exact number you need to get there. You can not move if you roll more than the left over spaces. So if you are on space 52, then you need to roll a 1 in order to move to the "Finish" bubble.

        • Notify Kuroda Kaori via quote or PM if you land on a prize
            copy and paste this in that post
            [quote="Kuroda Kaori"][b][color=deeppink]I Landed On A Prize[/color][/b][/quote]
        • Notify Kuroda Kaori if you have finished the board game via PM.
        • Trades/Gifts will be sent as soon as I notice you've won

    • Roll Sheet:
        Keep track of what you rolled, if you won a prize, and where you've landed each day. I suggest starting by typing the roll/day number you are on, after you post your roll, edit that post to state what space you landed on and if you won a prize. Then quote yourself and do the same thing for each roll. EX:
          Day 1: rolled 8 // Land on space 8 // Prize
          Day 2: rolled 3 // Land on space 11 // No prize
          Day 3: rolled 1 // Land on space 12 // Prize

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~Board Game Prizes:~

Here I've listed the prize spot numbers as well as what you could win from landing on a prize spot.
*Remember! You have to notify Kuroda if you land on a prize spot!

User Image
[9-User Image] - [17-User Image] - [28-User Image]
[35- 1 of the 3User ImageUser ImageUser Image]
[46-User Image]
*Disclaimer: If I run out of any of the above prizes I will try to find that item in the price range it was before the event started. If not a replacement prize will be given. During Easter, Easter item prices shoot through the roof sweatdrop
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~Board Game Champs~

((Back to the Main PBSC Easter Event))

All who have won prizes will be listed here.

      • [Kirae Tsuki Uchiha] - [space 17User Image] - [space 35User Image] - [space 46User Image]
      • [Istoleyourtaco] - [space 9User Image] - [space 35User Image]
      • [Sunfire85] - [space 17User Image] - [space 28User Image]
      • [Freaksrus] - [space 35User Image]
      • [Earyn] - [space 35User Image]
      • [AnyonesFriend-NoonesLover] - [space 35User Image]
      • [priinzeziita89] - [space 28User Image]
      • [Jackie off] - [space 35User Image]
      • [vero14_70] - [space 46User Image]

All who have completed the board game will be listed here.

      • [FrostyPeaches] - [First to Finish] - [Guild Member]
      • [Sunfire85] - [Second to Finish] - [Guild Member]
      • [Earyn] - [3rd] - [Participant]
      • [lilloulou] - [4th] - [Guild Member]
      • [Kirae Tsuki Uchiha] - [5th] - [Guild Member]

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