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Would you say happy birthday to someone, if it was their birthday?
Even if you didn't know them?
If you would, please read on.

Hi. I'm Dante, known to some by Chris.

I have a request. You see, I have a girlfriend. Her name is Tina. We've been dating for a while. I'm 18, and she's turning 18 on December 23rd.

There's just one problem.

I can't be there - I live on the other side of North America, and in Canada. She lives in Wisconsin. I'll be there in June, but I can't come for December. Lots of people she knows won't be there.

In fact, she feels like she just doesn't matter anymore.
And I want to show her she does.

So, if you're so inclined, please make a short video - just to say "Happy 18th Birthday, Tina". I have 5 people, not including myself, currently involved in this birthday project. I'm asking everyone I know, but I don't know a lot of people. However, I want to get as many people involved as I can. You don't have to know her, or me, you just have to care to give some of your time - thirty seconds, a minute, that's all.

If you decide to help me, thanks to you. If not, that's cool. I understand it's a bit odd.

So, you may ask...

What will I do with these videos?
I'll combine them into one long one - and present it to her either the day before, or on her birthday. I want to show her that someone out there does give a damn, and would say happy birthday to her.

When do I need them?
By December 20th at the absolute latest.

Does this mean I have to give you information? What if I don't want to show my face?
Make a video with it on cardboard, if you still want to do it. Anything works. As for information, all I request is a name to caption it with - not a last name, just a first name, and if you want, your country and state/province. That's all. Again, that info would go in the caption.

I hope you decide to help me.

- Dante
Upon re-reading of the rules, this is probably in the wrong place. ._.
If anyone cares to tell me where I can put this, I will gladly put it elsewhere.

Until then....
Maybe I'll try the chatterbox. = P

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