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There is a distinct n** in the air as snowflakes drift from the gloomy, grey sky overhead. Somewhere in the distance you can hear the chiming of bells mingling with the familiar melodies of Christmas carols. Your heart is warm as you drag your boots through the frigid snow, squeaking and crunching with every step. Ah, yes... winter has returned to Gaia.

Years have passed since the Durem Theatre hosted the grand gala that was the 2009 GCD Winter Event. Since that time, the theatre has found itself in the possession of a new owner and in a sorry state of disrepair. Yet, rumors of a vicious property battle and a makeshift party have been circulating amongst townsfolk like wildfire. Is something amiss? There is only one way to find out! You are formally invited to attend the 2k11 Holiday Bash, which will be taking place in the Durem Theatre from December 27th to December 29th. We hope to see you there!
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Following the events of the 2009 GCD Winter Event, a man by the name of Oscar Rotti purchased the Durem Theatre and Shabby Meadows Orphanage from their previous owners. Although he was once a mortal enemy of the starving orphans wandering around his neighborhood, he eventually grew to tolerate and even befriend them. When asked, he will never actually admit to liking the little brats, but it is quite obvious that he has a soft spot for them. There have been many chilly winter nights when Oscar has been seen swapping stories and cups of hot cocoa with a group of orphans before a roaring fire. He lived happily alongside his unlikely friends for a long while, spending his days remodeling certain parts of the theatre and letting other parts fall to ruin.

Everything started to go downhill when wealthy young man named Bartholomew DeGains confronted Oscar about purchasing the Durem Theatre. Oscar vehemently refused the offer, of course. There was no way he was going to give up his home, especially to some to some pompous stranger. Yet, he fears that he has not seen the last of Mr. DeGains, who stormed off after their conversation in a fit of anger. Realizing that Oscar might be in trouble, the orphans have decided to help their friend the only way they know how: by throwing a party! Under the guise of a festive holiday bash, the orphans plan to work alongside the party guests to bring down Bartholomew once and for all!
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Who: You, my friend! Everyone is welcome, regardless of which forum you call your home.
What: The 2k11 Holiday Bash, a party full of fun, games, festivities, mystery, and intrigue! Casual role-playing is welcomed, but not required.
Where: The Durem Theatre, which can be reached by clicking here.
When: December 27th through December 29th. After the event has ended, the guild will remain open through the new year for casual role-playing.
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Once the novelty of your shiny new toys has passed, you might find yourself at a loss of things to do with so much free time on your hands. Never fear, you won't be bored here! Aside from the interactive main plot and multiple sub-plots, there will be plenty of games, contests, role-plays, and more! You can even create your own thread if you desire. Simply send a private message to me, Melody Maybloom, if you want to host your own game or contest at the event.

You will find a tentative list of activities that will be held at the event below. More will be added as they are planned.

NPC Fanart Contest: Which of the event's NPC characters do you like best? Draw them for a chance to win a great prize!
Mistletoe Game: Who will you end up smooching underneath the mistletoe?
Snowball Fight: Do you have what it takes to beat your fellow Gaians in a snowball fight?
TekTek Contest: Test your avatar-making skills and win a prize!
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Because the orphans threw this party together so quickly, we need to spread the word fast! How can you help? It's quite simple! Just be sure to tell your friends about the 2k11 Holiday Bash, put a banner in your signature, and bump this thread to make sure it is seen. We want as many people as possible to come to the event and have a good time! The more the merrier! So, wait are you waiting for? Grab a banner and pop it into your signature! If you want to help out, you can even make one yourself.

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By: Thilath
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Q: I have a question! Who should I ask?
A: All questions concerning the event should be directed to me, Melody Maybloom, first. You can also contact Miss Conception if I don't get back to you right away. If you still aren't getting an answer, you can ask one of the event's staff members: charlieslaysvampires, or Uncle Haijin.

Q: Have you ever done something like this before?
A: Yes. This event is brought to you by the same people who hosted the 2009 GCD Winter Event and the 2009 GCD Halloween Party. We hope you have as much fun this year as you did in previous years!
And we're open!
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I am very excited about these happenings!
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As am I! I love a good party.
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partyyyyyy @_@
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Oh boy oh boy
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I would enjoy hosting a tektek contest. 3nodding I will work on the details soon enough.
We are officially open! I hope to see everyone at the party!

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