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Should I continue with Soulbound?

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3/9/09 - UGH

Barton Town Story Arc
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.24. Loading Screen - Sometimes zOMG takes FOREVER to load the next map! Also, I hope nobody's offended by the weak punchline. heart

Reserved for Sponsorship
You can become a sponsor this comic thread by buying a spot right here on the first page. I will draw your avi along with a chat bubble and a link to a page of your choice. After all the slots are taken, there will be an image map of the sponsors' avis on this post. Slots will be limited and image maps will be wiped every two months. You will be sent your individually drawn avi.

Train Station - unavailable, most likely will become the first available map in January. Delayed for now...HAHHA I AM TEH LAZY -__-
Open Casting Calls - Characters I need will be in purple. Post in thread or PM me if you want that spot. Also, if you hang around long enough I'll just add you.

Barton Town Story Arc
RokketoDan - from Dazed
Vuradimiiru - fleet feet
Secret Headquarter of the Garlic Squad
What is this, you ask? Miscellaneous stuff that may be of interest to you such as an occasional side comic, concept sketches, behind-the-scene extras, and other "stuff".

    Artist's Notes
      .01. It was difficult to come up with battle gears that also depict the characters and their job classes. Aya's outfit was based on the Priest class in Ragnarok Online. Lime's outfit was based on the Swordsman class.
      .02. Lime's favorite saying was inspired by the time I crewed with her and she used a RR4 Meat ring and I saw how huge that meat was. I kept asking her to show me her meat again.
      .03. In comic o6, panel #3, the Japanese text says "ano..." which is "um..." in English.
      .04. In comic o7, panel #4, I wanted Lime to say that she likes Garlics but my bf/semi-editor said that people wouldn't get the reference.
      .05. Thank you to yano65 and rokketodan for suggesting I put something to indicate that Lime upgraded her boobies in comic o9.

If you have a cool screenshot you want to share, post in thread or PM me. Sometimes I look at screenshots for comic ideas.

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Feel free to link to this thread using this code (or make me one):

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User Image - Thank you ASHLEYASDFGH!

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Shiara's guide to the little known tricks of zOMG!
Q & A - AKA "Boring Stuff Most People Don't Read"

Q. How long does it take you to draw each strip (4 panels)?
A. Overall, ~5 hours. 30 minutes to sketch, 5 mins to scan, ~2-3 hrs to trace on Photoshop, ~1-2 hrs to shade, ~30 mins to assemble.

Q. Do you use a tablet?!
A. No. I scan at 300dpi, zoom ALL the way in (300% usually), trace over lines with a mouse, then change everything to 72dpi. Then I re-size the pics to fit inside each strip.

Q. What's your favorite tool in Photoshop?
A. The brush tool at 5px.

Q. What tool do you use the most in Photoshop?
A. The eraser tool.

Q. The characters have weird clothes!?
A. Yes, because it's an adventure manga.

Q. Some strips are, like, totally unrelated to zOMG!?
A. Yes, because it's an adventure manga. I'm using zOMG and Gaia content as a setting for my manga. That doesn't mean the characters will be speaking zOMG/Gaia *all* the time.

Q. Can I be in it?
A. Depends...are you "cool" enough? Keep an eye on the Open Casting Calls page and be the first to answer it. You can also chat here and make your presence known. Don't be afraid of the regulars. They're tame (:

Q. How can I contribute/donate?
A. I'm not looking for any gold, but if I am, I will open slots up in the Sponsorship section where you can buy a "plot" there. As for story wise, you can always post in the thread and if your idea/situation is funny I will use it (credit to you, of course). For other contributions, I would really love it if you could bump this thread whenever/however you can. Since I'm doing this for free, I'm pretty much surviving on your critiques and support.
People I LOVE - Because we're all a bit ronery and nerdy...
1. p h u c k_p h e s t (aka Lime) - for inspiration
2. xWonxTonx - for being a great friend (:
3. yano65 - for being the best darn little monkey ever
4. Z741 - for your loyal support!
5. MysticSX - for being the first ninja supporter!
6. RedLaw - for talking in thread and answering my n00b questions
7. RokketoDan - for being so nice & supporting my manga!
8. JZR0 - for supporting mine and Lime's thread!
9. MECHANICARM - for the great/random conversations
10.The Enforcer666 - for being lovable in a stalker-like way
11.iBurnDictionarys - for coming and actually staying (hah, it's a pun...a dirty one...)
12.Rosemary_Red - for starting great conversations

0. LURKERS - Yes, I am aware of your presence. You need to shower. Thanks for lurking.

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