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Amateur Dabbler

Trendy, I STILL laugh at the feet. xDD
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I wish I had my first Christmas avatar saved emo
I, xxR a d i a -, remember when...

I was watching some anime and this really stupid ad kept flashing above the player and distracting me. Probably one of the cheesiest Gaia ads ever. It was flashy and pixelated and it was so irritating, I clicked it, perhaps just out of spite; to laugh at whatever was on the other side... and here I am today. Best descicion ever.

My first avi!
User Image
I remember feeling so rich with my starting gold (500! LIEK WOWZ THAT'S A LOT)
and then I looked at some other store items... my dream avi was worth like 1k, lol.
(just showing my support, this is a great forum biggrin )

I, Arekesu, remember when...

I first joined "go-gaia" back in 2003, I stayed in my free peasants dress for about a year so that I might be able to afford my kimono smile I "worked" in "KUMA Hotsprings" forum topic as a waitress for 15g a week; it was awesome and I loved that Kimono.

My dream avi fully realized with my best friend on Gaia at the time:

User Image

and a banner I had made for my "Teahouse" when I had become rich enough that I considered it only proper. (hahahahahaha)

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I, Radiant Racheal, remember when...

My first username was Blueflamealchemist (I was a Full Metal Alchemist fan obviously) and one of my first avatars was this: User Image

...I wasn't even wearing a shirt! xd ;;;

I looked up my first post and it was for a free art thread. razz
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Blessed Prophet

I, Shaarkie, remember when...

I started in 'o4 and thought that the "roleplays" in Gaia's chatterbox was the best ********' invention ever.

Now I look back and laugh, that was a load of BS. x3
I also remember the old logo with the kitty girl and some dude. Also when the nitemare bustier and nitemare head bands were impossible to get.

My avatar looked like this~
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I, miruki_urukai, remember when...

[my most expensive item was my guppy hat.]
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I, daydreamer_girl, remember when...

I made my first avatar in the spring of 05 shortly before my real birthday. I tried to make an avatar that was similar to how I draw myself in cartoon style which I had spiky shortish hair. I picked blue though because blue's my favorite colour.

I proceeded to make my avatar and when I was done I sat there and asked myself "....do I have to feed her every so often?" Pretty funny thinking back. I also remember calling someone a noob since they were insulting another member. I didn't realise it meant newbie back then (I soon guessed after XD). I remember scanning through the shops thinking everything was so hopelessly expensive. Nevermind the marketplace.

Here's my very first outfit.
User Image

But if I want to be reeaaally picky then THIS is my first avatar after I bought my first item, the rainbow socks item xd
User Image

I never changed my hair (except when I use wigs)
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Friendly Gaian

This thread made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. heart
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Been on Gaia since 2004. I'll post first two outfits soon.
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I, 1RedshirtXLG remember when.....

I registered on gaia on February 18th 2004. I was 12 years old at the time. That was the day the first gaia anniversary ball was hosted when the Gambino Mansion was still running. I also when remember when I first made 10,000 gold. I was drooling.

Out fit number 1
User Image

Out fit number 2
User Image

I might be off on a few bits of clothing but from what I can remember, these were my very first outfits.

And I've had this username since I first registered.

I have found a small but very nostalgic image from an old gaia layout.

2004 homepage

EDIT: After looking through the internet. I found that this is the layout from 2004. I have found a better image.

And this is one of the old login screens:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

This was a later log in screen I believe. I'm not sure when.
EDIT: didn't see the copy right. This was back in 2006. ha ha ha.
I, Cinnamonkey, remember when...

I used to spam comment people's profiles for golds. xDD I also remember the first charity I ever visited, my first/only quest thread, whoring towns for trash and gold... Ahh. Those were the days.. When people cared.

I posted way too much so I cannot find my exact first posts. But here's the first thread I ever created: X

This is my first avi EVER: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

First dream avatar: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I never ended up getting the guitar. I always thought it was out of reach. xD

I usually go to my quest thread whenever I want to divulge in nostalgia. ^^;; Most of my memories rotate around that thread and some of the affies in there.
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I used to always buy the noobish things... sweatdrop

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