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No thanks. 0.065217391304348 6.5% [ 3 ]
[poll whore option] 0.32608695652174 32.6% [ 15 ]
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Given forms are for the weeeeeak.

ilucynthiai'msorryididn'tnoticeit. :C
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Hello loves.

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Geez, Quint, will you ever pick a gender and stick with it? rofl rofl rofl
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I, TheMumbleQueen, remember when...

My username was Dudette256. Oh God, the n00bness!!! burning_eyes
Haha, when I would do jigsaw puzzles and got like 500g. I flipped out! "OMG I'm freaking rich!!!"

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Hey, man, 500g was a LOT back then! rofl rofl rofl
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@Mistress: Hahaha yea! xd

Geez,for me 2k was A LOT when I was n00b. xd
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I, AngelicAcid, remember when...

I bought like 20-something November '06 envelopes (the month I joined) and gave them away in some gaian marriage thread XD. I was bored irl, so it was fun to give the envelopes away, but man I spent a ton of money lol. sweatdrop

Here is what my first dream avatar looked like, lol, I thought I was so bad a** for finally getting it whee
User Image

And this was my Gaia-husband lololol. It seemed like the "thing" to do back then, get Gaia-married llolololololol. Now I wish I could get on his account and take back the scarf and halo I gave to him so I'd get closer to my current quest O_O;;;... emo

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Cynthia: D:
I told myself I'd start over as a girl when I lost everything.
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Acid: HOLY CRAP. You must have made some serious fans that night. Even THESE DAYS that's a lot.. XDD

Also you've been added to the Participants list, and I'll add your dream avatar later. I'm on a bit of a time constraint and I want to make some progress updating my other petition (been like five months on those.. I updated one this morning, though! It's a start!)
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lol I know right XD? Right out of the gates I was giving whee .

Update: added the old Gaia-hubby's profile so that you all might mourn at the sight of his items, all things that I gave to him XD. WANT!!!
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Acid your avatar has been added to the post, thus completing our third line. c:
Thank you~~
I, Pistol Bunny, remember when...

I first joined I started up an American McGee's Malice in Wonderland RP thread with some friends.
This soon became insane as another user opened one that same month and posted rude comments in ours. They felt superior because a dev had posted in their thread. (This was sort of common back then.)
A spamming/trolling war started and we even wore different colors like weird little nerd gangs. The worst part was most of us were naked for a long time because we couldn't afford any of the red clothes. sweatdrop
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Oh, Bunny...
I'm so glad most of us grow out of that sort of thing. x3

You're on the list!

Also I learned how to make a sigmap and I am just pleased as punch. <3
Yeah, I'm super thankful all that got left on the old site. sweatdrop

Congrats on your sigmap-age!
I, Beautiful in Death, remember when...

I remember when my username was KichiKohana, and I used to be a reg of the AT forum. I was the soul stealer, and constantly threatened to steal everyone's souls. I even had a little counter for each soul stolen. This was my very first full outfit. I remember the first time I saw the angelic sash, I instantly wanted one. Too bad it was a whole--what, 100k back then?

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