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How's this for an idea?

Did it last year, gonna do it again! 0.18758620689655 18.8% [ 136 ]
Wanted to last year, will now! 0.16551724137931 16.6% [ 120 ]
Dude, someone organized this? SWEET! 0.52689655172414 52.7% [ 382 ]
V for what now? 0.08 8.0% [ 58 ]
Dumb. 0.04 4.0% [ 29 ]
Total Votes:[ 725 ]
Versipellis, LOL I know what you mean. There's nothing stranger than seeing a bald-headed green alien dressing up as V.

Also, hohohoho. Weeks ago, I put the V for Vendetta book on hold at my library, and there were 50 holds in front of me. I thought it would take months to get through the list. But guess what arrived today, just in time for the 5th?

It was so meant to be. So, so excellent.
I couldn't pass up looking like a freak escaped lab experiment for the day... I'll be V again tomorrow. Man. xd I saw some people dressed as V at the Village Halloween parade yesterday, and it certainly made my night more than crazy crossdressers.

Don't worry about it.

Mizuchi_Washi: Well, it's better than nothing and the Kitsune Mask is too expensive for most...
Great idea. You can count me in. surprised
I don't have money for any sort of cape though... sweatdrop
count me in.
count me in gentlemen, i shall march with you on this fifth of November for there is truley no reason to forget the gunpowder treason am i right? the only thing that i ask is that one of you fine gentlemen would perhaps give me a pink carnation for that sacred night of November
I'm with you for the 5th of November.
I'll have to see what I can come up with, I'd love to participate.

EDIT: Shoot... I'm missing a mask and a cape...which I can't afford.

The hockey mask is cheap, and you could get an apron instead of a cape and to that version.

[Paint Me Black]
I don't have money for any sort of cape though... sweatdrop

As previously stated, the apron is a viable alternative!
Holy Merry and Pippin!! 369 people--Good God Lucca, I didn't know your powers of persuasion were so damned effective.
ill sign im with yous
Is the snowman mask ok? Just count me in!
I, sure as hell, am going to do this.
Sign me up.

Hey guys! I've found the entire poem! It goes as so:

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot
I know no reason why this Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

Guy Fawkes, twas his intent
To blow up King and Parliament
Three score barrels were laid below
To prove old England’s overthrow

By God’s Mercy he was catch’d
With a dark lantern and lighted match
Holler boys, holler boys! Let the bells ring
Holler boys, holler boys! God save the King!

Hehe... I had to press Ctrl+V to get this in the post. I didn't find who originally wrote it, however. (Wikipedia is kinda weird...)

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