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I must say I do not like this Idea, what a waste of perfectly adorable abominations...

Good thing I have a stockpile of Diedrich themed Items that will never be disposed of

And I shall continue to stockpile up these adorable items so they can never be disposed of

Agreed this is very unbecoming of Gaians its funny to see you're still bitter to losing to the little green guy still but to go this far is hilarious.

I assure you it wasn't for something as petty as that.

I held this thread open because we literally had nothing to do. Factions and guilds need little events to stir up interest and if you'll note the date of the OP, it's from a time-period where there were literally no events going on with the site.

If you want to go around and throw your...what, one time victory that happened 2 years ago in our face, then that's fine I guess. We're not going to judge you for it. :3
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For those that were wondering, PURGE hasn't been active for a while because I've been busy.
Those that are close enough to me probably already know what I've been doing so there's no need to go into details. :U

I haven't quite given up on this thread yet, but there have been a few trades sent my way and a bunch of gifts that I haven't counted, and I don't know where I left off in counting the PURGES. Because of this, starting November first when E CORP's Halloween duties are fulfilled (because E CORP duties comes first) I'll do my best to add what's been posted in the thread since my last post here and accept the current trades sent to me.

The PURGE hasn't ended, I just took a quick break.

And for those of you wondering, no the statue of Diedrichery doesn't count, it's still free to grant to people so it wouldn't do much good for the system to just delete it. Wait until the grant for it is no longer active and we'll talk.
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One of these months I'll get round to disposing my stockpile and posting screen shots here.

I haven't been buying more for said stockpile of late due to the rampant inflation.
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Yeah, I wouldn't care either way if Diedrich was successfully un-personed from Gaia, except that the item Sad Pig Boy has a nice shirt and pair of boots as part of it, and is suppose to be based off Invader Zim I suppose? I'm not going to toss away a nice shirt and boots just to get rid of some items of an NPC I have no negative feeling for that are only going to be re-released (and knowing Gaia's staff) as cash shop exclusives because, you know, they've become a rare commodity.

Also I love the Diedrich voice I can make.
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`.Are... you folks the reason that Diedrich's Crew is so rare on the MP?

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`.Are... you folks the reason that Diedrich's Crew is so rare on the MP?

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This is just incredibly petty and mean.
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let not forget he is an annoying idiot encouraging stupidity
This is just incredibly petty and mean.

And so borderline breaking TOS (it's basically artificial manipulation of the marketplace right?)
Um wait.. are they still doing this? sweatdrop
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I think you're ugly

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