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User Image~ Scavenger Hunt Items ~ User Image

  • 1. User Image Holly Jolly Mitten
  • 2. User Image The 4th Amigo Lucki Pants
  • 3. User Image Green Octopus (on my head)
  • 4. User Image omnomnom Hat
  • 5. User Image Kurt-Thunderer
  • 6. User Image Xmas 2k10 Santa is Watching Sweater
  • 7. User Image Black Ice Weaponry
  • 8. User Image Sugarplum Jingle Brooch
  • 9. User Image Levianovo

~ Scavenger Hunt Winners ~

C 0 0 K l E M O N S T E R has found #1, 2, and 3

~ Scavenger Hunt Guild Winners ~

Shanra the Dragon Bard has found #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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Nice List:

Username - Prize

Naughty List:

Username - Prize
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~ Colouring Contest ~

List of Participants:+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Category I - Computer Colored

Category II - Hand Colored
There was none, so prizes has been split up to the contestants wink

Entries by Guild Members:+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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User ImageUser Image
And here are your riddles!
Riddle Number 1-Answer before 12/5/2011 - JUST FOR FUNZIES
Fate has a very close friend named Amy. Her age today is three times what it will be three years from now minus three times what her age was three years ago. How old is Amy?
Amy is 18 years old.

Riddle Number 2-Answer before 12/13/2011
A headless man had a letter to write; It was read by a man who had lost his sight. The dumb repeated it word for word; And deaf was he who listened and heard.

The letter in question is the letter "O". It is zero. The man had nothing to write. The blind could read nothing. The person who was dumb could repeat nothing. The deaf man listened and heard nothing.

Riddle Number 3 - Answer before 12/13/2011
What starts with a T ends with a T and has T in it?

A Teapot!

Riddle Number 4 - answer before 12/15/2011
What can bring back the dead; make us cry make us laugh make us young; born in an instant yet lasts a life time?


Riddle Number 5- Answer before 12/21/2011


Riddle Number 6 - answer before 12/22/2011


Riddle number 7 - Answer before 12/23/2011


Bonus Riddle - Answer before 12/25/2011


Johnitella - 6
Blackgry -4
T3h Jinji - 3
Shanra the Dragon Bard - 1
kishanna5467 - 1
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Bumping Game extra info

List of Winners

First poster on each 25th page, to be entered for the Grand prize:

Page 25:

Winners of small prizes, for posting on target pages:

Page 25:

User Image
Have a seat, kick back and watch this post.
Are you paying attention? Handing hot cider to all here

EDIT: here is 12-14-2011 at 6:05pm (MST - USA) and nobody is here, sooo what do you say we have some fun. Fun for me equals giving Gaia Gold away and I am hoping fun for you equals getting Gaia Gold. So what to do what to do? First person to quote this gets 5k!!! If I am not online when you quote this, PLEASE send me a PM. Thank you and good luck. EDIT: This quote me is over. 12-19-2011
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Page Posting Winners

Page 20: Shanra the Dragon Bard
Page 40: kishanna5467
Page 60: Chihiro Blood
Page 80: lilloulou
Page 100: nvus2007
Page 120: lilloulou
Page 140: Johnitella
Page 160: ?
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Counting down the days to the 12th!
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*feels like crap*

Hello all!!~

EDIT :: Wait... I'm the first non-host to post! FIRST!! O_O
Heh, rhymed..
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just posting as a reference... cool
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Checking in! and entering the art raffle. Fate's art is lovely!
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Hi thread~
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Beloved Elder

Greetings ladies, and yes, Fate's art is awesome!
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Magical Gaian

Looks like it's going to be another great event!
Good luck with the event Shanra, and the rest of the Bunny Slipper Club members.

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