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Fate has graciously offered to donate her awesome talent as an artist to provide us with a variety of pieces as prizes for this event. So we are going to be raffling them off to some lucky winners.

If you would like to see some samples of her work, please visit her shop ◄Kujieleza►❇HQ Art shop❇.

There will be 4 separate Raffles, so be sure you send the correct amount.

Raffle Tickets for 1 Full Body piece of art are 5,000 gold each. Winner: Felinophile

Raffle Tickets for Waist-up art are 3,000 gold each. (There will be 2 winners.) Winners: Felinophile and shellsmachine

Raffle Tickets for Head Shot art are 1,000 gold each. (There will be 3 winners.) Winners: Felinophile and priinzeziita89 (x2)

Raffle Tickets for Chibi art are 1,000 gold each. (There will be 3 winners.)
Winners: Felinophile, priinzeziita89 and shellsmachine

List of Ticket Holders
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This awesome game is open to every Gaian out there! Winners can be anyone including guild members, ticketholders, or anyone else! Here's how things run for this game:

For every 20 pages, the prize shown below will be awarded to the first person that posts on that page. There will be only one winner for each prize.

First to post on page 20: 5,000 gold
First to post on page 40: Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Hat
First to post on page 60: Xmas 2k10 Event Santa Is Watching Sweater
First to post on page 80: Smashing Cities
First to post on page 100: Xmas 2k10 Event Elftech Uniform
First to post on page 120: Celestial Wrap
First to post on page 140: Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Scarf
First to post on page 160: Imperial Queen
First to post on page 180: Mimzy
First to post on page 200: Gwee the Dragon
First to post on page 220: House Bunny Ears
First to post on page 240: Fausto's Bottle 10th Gen.
First to post on page 260: Xmas 2k10 Event Santa's Bag of Toys
First to post on page 280: Snow Crystal Drop
First to post on page 300: Xmas 2k10 Event Elftech's Shoes and Stockings
*More prizes will be added if we go past 300 pages.

A couple rules to remember:
1) Winning posts cannot be emoticons, bumps, spam, etc. They have to be actual conversation!
2) Follow Gaia's ToS.
3) No begging.
If you have won, please send me a PM to cherryrosepetals with the subject "PBSC Page Post Game" and add the link of the page that you have won on.

Good luck!
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PBSC Bumping Game

It's being held in Chatterbox, so this thread won't get cluttered.


* Game is free, no entry fee required.

* Contest runs from December 04 to December 23. Anyone who posts before that will be blacklisted and can not win.

* The first person to post on every 25th page will be entered to win the grand prize, estimated value is 100,000-150,000 gold.

* Everyone who posts on a target page (25, 50, 75, etc) will win a small prize, valued under 10,000 gold. Limit is one prize per winning page.

* After the contest closes, I'll draw the grand prize winner from the list of page winners. This will happen some time after December 23, but no later than December 31.

* Be patient if you win! It could take a day or 2 get your prize.

* Remember to follow all the rules of Gaia's TOS. Be respectful and have a good time!
Mistic Angel Gekkou's
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RULES: Because even mayhem has rules!

The image above will be posted randomly in the thread. When you see it, start tossing snowballs at other people in the thread.

The game will last for a certain number of pages or time, which will be specified each time the image is posted.

Whoever throws the most snowballs on those pages wins a prize -- this is NOT a slipper contest, but you will get something nifty. You must have at least five snowball posts to win.

In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by a d6 dice roll, highest wins. Rolls will be posted in the thread.

Anyone can play this without paying the entry fee..
But do check out all the other games and contests and feel free to enter if you want some warm bunny slippers to put on while sipping your hot chocolate after a long day's snowball war..
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How to Play

I will post the above image, Along with a Food Theme and the page number the game will end on.

So if I post the above image and the Food Theme is lets say Cake for example. You will post 1 kind of Cake in each post.

Once the food item is named you will not be able to use that type of food again. So If I said Carrot Cake and was the first to do so I would get the point and Carrot Cake would no longer count for points.

Once the last post had been made on the ending page number, I will count up the points and announce a winner and send out the prize.

In the event of a tie, the top people will draw a Random Number from 1-100, the highest number will win.
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Quote! Quote! Quote Me!!

Randomly throughout the event I will post the above image in the thread.
When I do be sure to be the first person to quote my post.
When you quote me you will have two choices...naughty or nice.
Choose one and win a prize heart .

This game is like a gamble
Choosing NICE = prize
Choosing NAUGHTY = 50/50 chance of getting an awesome prize or just a fair prize.

Good luck and have fun!
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"I think Divination seems very woolly. A lot of guesswork, if you ask me."
-- Hermione Granger

To play Divine Divination watch for the animated picture below. When you see it posted the first person to quote it and post gets a one card reading. Umaeril will draw a Tarot card for you and will tell you the strongest influence on your life right now. It is just a game...or is it?...open your mind to the mystery of divination.

User Image

You can leave the deck choice up to Umaeril...

…or you can choose from one of the decks in the above animation. Starting from the left you can select:

Rider-Waite - A outstanding century-old deck with lovely illustrations. If you want the original symbolic source of a lot of modern tarot decks, this is it.

The Medieval Scapini Tarot - This unusual and beautiful deck is influenced by diverse ancient occult and alchemical symbols. A deck for the adventurous.

Golden Tarot - A visually stunning and uncommon golden edged deck created from a collage of middle age and renaissance art. A deck for royalty.

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot - A new and darkly exotic deck that explores the shadowy side of life. This is a rare deck and one for the introspective.

The New Palladini Tarot - This deck has exceptionally vivid art in the deco and nouveau styles with much symbolism inspired by the Rider-Waite deck. For the traditional and for the bold.

"Many witches and wizards, talented though they are in the area of loud bangs and smells and sudden disappearings, are yet unable to penetrate the veiled mysteries of the future."
-- Sibyll Trelawney

Note: Right now the limitation for this game is 2 divinations per person.
Mistic Angel Gekkou's
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How to Play

The board is a grid, with letters across the top and numbers down the left side.
Find a square where a word begins and write down the coordinates for that letter: G2
Then determine which square the word ends in, and write down those coordinates: L7
List each word with its corresponding coordinates.
Send your answers to Roseryrose in a PM.


Everyone who participates will receive a special prize just for trying.
If you find all 27 words, you will receive an additional prize.
Shanra the Dragon Bard's
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The PBSC is sponsoring a 5K race this Christmas, which will be held HERE.

However, since we can't really run in virtual space, we will do it a more creative way.

5K = 3.1 miles. 1 mile = 5,280 feet. So, we're looking at travelling 16,358 "feet" throughout the game.

In order to do that, you will generate a number between 1 and 1000.

You may only do so once every 60 minutes.

Posting will go as follows:

1st post: State that you are beginning your run, and generate your number.

2nd post: Using the following:
Distance traveled: x of 16,358 feet
, post your previous rolls number.

Subsequent posts will be in the same format. First generate your number, then post the distance traveled, adding to it as you go.

Occasionally throughout the race, there will be Water Stops and Presents to be found lying along the race route. Be the first into the Water Stop, or to find the Present and win a prize.


blue_emo_panda_girl FINISHED RACE IN FIRST PLACE
Miss Song 1658
anaruu 3814

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