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Hey Gaians,

Cameron here with another interesting idea for you to zOMG! over.

I was looking at some of the Item Descriptions on the MP, a small past time of mine is to read some of them, I've even bought an item or two JUST for the descriptions alone!
I got to thinking about some of the Dialogue in the zOMG! Quests, like the "Concerned Citizen", who desperately tries to conceal the obvious. After posting a thread in the Questions & Assistance Forum, I came upon a startling discovery.

NO one has tried to find the best Item Descriptions on Gaia! =^O

Some of them are missing, some very bland. Yet there are a few items out there with amazing descriptions, be it really comical, profound(I would hope) or even awesome.
So with Gaia's coming Anniversary, I thought we could celebrate it by paying tribute to those that give us this wonderful site to waste so many endless hours on, by making a Top 10 Best Descriptions List! =^D

Keep an eye out for your favorite Item descriptions and post them here, be sure to mention the item the chosen description is referring to, and tell your friends to lend some of their favorites too.

Once most if not all the memorable "nominees" are chosen. I'll create a thread in the Gaia Pools Forum where we'll all vote for our favorites! I doubt this project will be completed before Gaia's Anniversary Date. But all else fails, we can make it a Christmas present instead. =^D

Here are a few I found that I liked:

"It's skin-tight, but stops the impact of almost everything that hits it. The suit is TOUGH. Now...if you could just figure out how to take it OFF..." - Alien Armorskin

"Not quite as rare as hen's teeth, but still pretty cool." - Snake Eye

"Before you die, you see THE MASK." - THE MASK

"Fold your hands, starting with your left thumb over your right thumb. If you start counting your digits at your thumbs, your sixth digit will be your right hand's middle finger. T or F" - Castaway Black Shirt

"A violent demon, enslaved and bound to this set of armor, bestowing upon its wearer its terrible strength and thirst for destruction. It has already consumed the soul of its former master long ago and has since then been passed through generations of power hungry warriors. Are you resolving enough to conquer the demon? Or will you fall to its corruption like those before you..." - Lidless Demon Armor (All)

"To wind this watch, simply turn your monitor six full rotations every three days." - Leather Dress Watch
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Easter 2k11 Robotic Bunny Ears:
Warning: For indoor or outdoor use only.

Probably my favorite.
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"It looks like dust that was left over from an event. Upon closer inspection you sneeze on it, spraying the dust with your sneeze spittle."

It implies that Gaian snot has mutagenetic properties. mrgreen
"You're a really tall drink now." ;D
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"Just beet it."
User Image
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"No I don't like you! Go away!"
Principal Mills doll.
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>>>: Mona the platypuss: "..."
Since the platypuss is such a strange animal there can be no discription! emotion_donotwant
To be honest I don't think much about descriptions, but now I shall go look
what it says on some of my favorite items, just because :'P
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Magic Glitch

"Human fingers keep turning up buried in its cedar shavings, but it's so cute!"
Gramster. lol

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