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So I was looking for a vampire guild that was less about fantasy and school and romance, and more about characters roleplaying different eras of history, but I couldn't find any that fit the criterium. So I though it might be a good idea to make my own guild.

This one would be mainly about the experiences of the characters during their journey through time.
Think "True Blood" or "Highlander" as far as the flashbacks. Wouldn't it be fun to Rp with characters in the style of the 1950's or 70's? Pick your era.

Thing is I've never made a guild before, so I was wondering if there was someone, or a few people, with a similar interest who would like to build this guild with me.

If there are any similar guilds you know of please feel free to link them. I would love to use them as a reference to make this guild more successful.

Please post any thoughts, ideas, or opinions on the matter.