I'm doing a video project. I want to make a montage of what gaiaonline people do with their hands throughout the day. Nothing DIRTY. Keep it pg-13.

I would appreciate it if you could record a short clip for me. nothing over a minute.

It was also really help if the video is recorded on an iPad... because that is what I am using in my class. But it doesn't have to be.

I would love it if it is in your perspective.

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Some ideas I had and need filmed are...

tying a shoelace
opening a door
opening a bottle of water
grabbing a toothbrush + toothpaste (putting it on)
tying a tie (maybe a mirror shot to keep in in first person pov)
writing a note

it would be great if everyone could film all of the idea it for me... so the hands match and maybe even more. Just anything you do as a daily routine. but if they don't it's fine.

also please leave it in color

help me please?

somehow get it to me. earlfoolish@gmail.com

or through gaia