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Im trying to make a gaian movie llike the show Game of Thrones/Gladiator in one big ******** masterpeice, If it goes very well I will think of expanding it into a series. I have all the video capturing and editing software so all i need is your bodies to help me. Im looking for around 13 people to assist me in this film. I will also need writers, it will be some what comedy.

Background: 800 gaia a.d., takes place in durem and surrounding area's.

Barton Town and South Barton are in a massive civil war, Barton town armies are pro-king, South Barton are anti-king. Durem, is the only other city that joined sides officially supporting the pro-king barton forces. Durem sends 90% of it military to help the City of Barton defeat the rebels.Aekea swears it is neutral but they were seen multiple times selling weapons to the ant-king forces. Aekea is the most advanced city in armor making and weapon making but they have the smallest population of the 3 larger cities,Isles of Gaia(Gambino Island) are a small set of fishing islands ran by several lords whom pledged neutrality. There is a group of wandering barbarian noobs, who are hunters and gatherer's who havent disturbed the city people in decades but everything is going to change.

Great Gaian War: The Rise of the Noob
Durem Reservist Army has to defeat a large Noob Barbarian force with what little they have to protect Durem.

If you want to help be an actor just msg me or post. I can help you out with the cheaper items, but if you want to participate you need to buy some items for your avy(it wont cost you much).

What I need:
Durem Reserve Force 2-5 people(might spend 2k on clothes must have weapon)
Durem Citizens 3(Any old type clothes will do)
Noob Barbarian 3(no more than 300 gold spent on clothes)
Noob Leader (might cost 5k)
Cows 1 needed
Barton Refugee 1 needed 10 gold on outfit.

I plan to finish the script around June 1st and start shooting June 3rd. Post if you can help.
Sounds interesting :]

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