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Welcome my friends to our celebration!

We are here throwing this little get together in honor of Gaia's greatest plot arcs. You know, the ones involving the dedicated men and women in teal, the LabTechs! Without them we would not have G CORP, Grunny, Grombies or most of the other classic Gaian tales and mysteries, even poor old mister Clause would be dead without the work started by our dear LabTechs!

In recent years Gaia's plot has kind of gone astray, events and manga updates aren't what they used to be but that's why we're here! To celebrate those days of glory together and show Gaia that we still do care about our plots, our mysteries and our LabTechs! So if your're a fan of the Techies, G CORP, Zombies, or just classic Gaia plots in general please put on your labcoat and stick around. Feel free to reminisce with us and join the fun! If you've got what it takes you would win some pretty sweet loot too!

We have over 200 mil in prizes to give away through out the week! So feel free to participate in all of our events!

The event will run from March 2nd through March 8th
So enjoy it while it lasts!

The event was sponsored and planned by Legion X.
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Please join our guild!

BONUS! A few of our regulars have gotten together to do a Kawaii Grombie Group Avatar Entry. If you want in on this, please contact HatsuHikari.


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IT LOOKS ADORABLE! You can see the other entries here.

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  • Please follow the Gaia online TOS at all times! User Image

  • Respect your fellow LabTechs and the staff here in the event thread!

  • Please do NOT quote any posts from the first page
    (It's spam and shows that you didn't bother to read the rules)

  • Must follow contest rules in order to be eligible to win prizes. (Be sure to check the rules on submitting entries closely)

  • Have fun! This event is being hosted so you can show off your LabTech pride!

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Fail to abide by the rules and
Bucho here will show you the door.

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Original LabTechs
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User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
The original team of LabTechs hired by Mister Gambino to work on his devious plans.
Their work ultimately resulted in their deaths and then reanimation by the G-virus
as well as the accidental creation of the first of many Grunny parasites.
Everyone was eventually zombified and then obliterated by the silent flash protocol
that decimated the Gambino mansion and all infected Gaians within.

To learn more about the fate of the LabTechs visit the G CORP guild.

LabTech 123
User Image
LabTech123 is the only LabTech to survive the the original Zombie outbreak.
He was later tasked by Gino Gambino to resume his work at G CORP
and was successful in recreating the G-virus, creating hundreds of infectious
Grunny parasites in the process.

LabTech X
User ImageUser Image
The infamous man known as LabTech X, as mysterious as he is maniacal.
X is responsible for the release of the Grunny parasite
and the resulting Grombie outbreak.
To learn more about LabTech X, see here.

LabTech Gene
User Image

A "genetic surgeon" formerly employed by G CORP.
LabTech Gene seemingly survived some incidents at G CORP
that claimed the lives of his colleagues. Gene was eventually drawn into
the Timmy plot-line and is now covered in hair, like a salty scientific Sasquatch.

LabTech Rory
User Image
LabTech Rory was once a LabTech at G CORP, resurrected in a spectral state by the events at OMNI-DRINK.

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How to dress like a LabTech
One of the most important parts of LabTech Week is dressing like a LabTech!
It is a requirement to win any participation prizes this week, so we suggest you get on it if you plan on working in any of our events.
But how do I dress like a LabTech? you might be wondering.
Some of our top scientists have put together this handy-dandy guide to help you out!

Do not worry, you will be conducting your own top secret experiments in no time!

The Lab Coat:
Every good scientist knows a lab coat is required to perform any kind of scientific endeavor.
It is also the most key item when creating your own lab tech avatar.
Luckily for us, Gaia has many lab coats to choose from.

We have found a few lab coats to select from. Of course, there could easily be more, you will just have to find them!

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Scientific Equipment, Instruments, Glassware and Tools
We LabTechs must occasionally perform scientific operations with our very own scientific equipment! These are just a few sciencey things to choose from! There are obviously more, you just have to find them! These are not required items to look like a lab tech.

Eye safety is very important to the average LabTech. Please make sure you are aware of the eye washing stations around the facility. It could save your life. There are many goggles to choose from. Please click the below pair of goggles to be directed to all the Goggles on Gaia.
User Image

Other Safety Wear:
LabTechs needs to keep more than just their eyes safe! They need gloves to help stop the spread of infection and medical masks to keep them from getting the virus. You may also want to wear an apron and scrubs. Click on any of the following images to see a selection of these items.
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Flasks, Beakers, and test tubes are available to all LabTechs.
User Image User Image User Image

Equipment and experiments:
What is a scientist without his or her tools of the trade? Here are some of the sciencey experiment items we found across Gaia.
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

G-Corp Related Accessories:
Well, this is all about G-Corp, right? Here are some items related to G-Corp that we think you will enjoy.

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

On... occasion some of our... ahem... coworkers have started a zombie outbreak. G-Corp is not at fault for these few scenarios, but it is something that happens sometimes. We do have to occasionally fight off the Zombie Hoards here at G-Corp. It's nothing to be concerned about, of course! Merely a fact of life. For that reason, we thought we might collect a few Zombie-related items for you all. There are of course lots more.

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

These are of course all suggestions.
You may dress like a LabTech in any way you see fit!
If you at least try it, you get a gold star in our book!
The most important thing to remember is to have fun.

If you are looking for ideas, please take a look at our sample avatars. Mix and match! Make it your own! (You can click on them to see the tektek lists)

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Dice Contest

Test your luck!

All you have to do is roll some dice and perhaps you will win big!

The Rules and how to play
  • Before hitting the Submit button after you finished writing your post, choose Post Action (default choice should be None).
  • Now choose Roll Dice. Now you should be able to determine the number of sides on your die (Die size) and the number of dice you will be rolling (# of dice).
  • Choose 20 sided and enter 20 in the # of dice field.
  • Anyone getting a score of 125 or less will get to choose from one of the prizes below!
  • If you win, please PM me (labtech705) a link to the post in which you rolled less than 125 and tell us which item you would like to win.

AS OF 11:00 PM EST Friday, You need to roll below a 160 to win! Any after that time will be considered.

Grand Prize:
If you win, you may choose any of the following prizes.

Prizes Won:
EviCa won User Image
Bunthulhu won User Image

HatsuHikari won User Image
Buntaro Mayne won User Image
Won by Violet--WraithUser Image
Won By iandragon30
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Design a LabTech

This for all you character creators out there. We want you to design (via tektek) your own original LabTech character and then write a little background Bio about him or her.

So put your tekteking and story writing abilities to the test!

Entries will be judged on originality.

How to enter?
  • TekTek a Labtech Character
  • Write a little bio, or story about him or her to give us a good idea what his or her character is like. This can be any thing from a journal entry to a simple bio to a little short story. Whatever you feel like doing.
  • Send me a PM with your entry!

NOTE: There is no specific form you have to follow. A lot of people are using the staff bios, and that's fine but not required.

Voila! It's that simple!

First Place:
User ImageUser Image User Image
Second Place:
User ImageUser Image
Third Place:
User Image

1st: x Karurie x

2nd: Ysavvryl

3rd: Infernostar1


I Am Roxas The Nobody
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Name: I Am Roxas The Nobody (But Labtech XIII sounds kinda cool.)
Age: 17 (since turned vampire)
Species: Vampire Human
Likes: The Darkness, his Gramster Rex, and his Key of Hearts.
Dislikes: Shiny things (Except Lab Equipment), those mean Grombies, and other Vampires. (Other Vamps are mindless goons.)
Bio: When Labtech XIII first started his research, he was just an ordinary teen, following in his father's footsteps. One day, a rogue Vampire bit him, and taught him the ways of The Darkness. This Vampire then turned XIII into one of his own and gave him the Key of Hearts. Since that time, he has been researching the heart's vast potential, stealing any that he can. During the Outbreak, he got very conclusive data by using the bodies of dead Grombies to harvest hearts, and even saved his little Gramster friend, Rex, from dissection at the hands of some scientists.

x Karurie x
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Input Password. *********
Password Accepted.
Accessing LabTech File...
LabTech File Accessed.

Searching personal files
Files found.

Name: Dr. Samual Lanchester
Age: 37
Species: Human

Day 1.
I am Samual Lanchester. I work for LabTech.
These entries shall serve as my personal records to my scientific discoveries.
Many would consider my work as unethical. Unorthodox.
I disagree.
My work is revolutionary. It's science.
I have gathered my materials. I have mapped the human genome.
I will create the perfect being. Strong, intelligent, immune to diseases.
If I can unravel the key to applying these...
I can only imagine what my research can accomplish for humanity.
Today will serve as the beginning of a new discovery.

Day 2.

I suppose I should record my findings.
The skin cells rapidly deteriorate despite my best efforts.
I have decided to try a metal base. So far, it's doing as I hoped.
There isn't any signs of rust. It's a very sturdy material.
However, the hair follicles remain intact.
My experiment is showing brain activity as I write.
This is a promising beginning.
I'm unsure whether or not this is a sign of intelligence. More research is needed to complete this theory.
For the time being, I suppose I should give my experiment a name.
I owe her that much.

Day 8.
I've been so wrapped up in these developments that I've forgotten to keep my records.
Sally is awake and functioning.
My initial theory on whether or not any sort of intelligence exists within her has proven true.
I am able to teach her basic things like, dressing yourself, reading and writing.
She doesn't speak. It seems her vocal chords were never fully developed.
Instead, she communicates to me through various gestures or written words.
I caught her reading through my notes that I left pinned on my wall. She seems interested in my work. It's nice to have someone to share this with.
However, lately she seems more and more melancholy.
It seems her brain function is developing human emotion.

Day 19.
Something has upset Sally. Is this her growing conscious?
It seems she is troubled by my means of creating her.
She found the spare human remains that I carefully hid away before her awakening.
She is clever.
She has tried to escape, but I cannot allow her to leave my lab.
It isn't safe. No one would understand my research; no one would understand her.
This upsets her. She's lashed out at me this morning when I approached her for her morning viral injection.
I think she's scared.
I will have to find a way to keep her restrained if I intend to finish my study.

Day 20.
What have I done?
What have I done?
He came towards me.
Arms reaching.
What did he want?
I needed to stop him. I am afraid.
This is a human emotion isn't it?
I feel these. Would he be happy?
It is hard to tell because his face is red. He doesn't respond.
There is a lot of red. Blood is red. I don't have blood.
Did he see red when he cut up those parts to create me?
He never said.
I'll never know.

Is this a story? His story?
I suppose since he is no longer here, I should finish it for him.

Princess Piffle
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Name: Princess Piffle - Subject #293 to the Labtechs
Age: 23
Species: Grombie, now. Human before.
Likes: Being helpful, her grunny-buddy Griselda (Grizzly for short), the Labtechs.
Dislikes: Stubborn people, screaming, sickness.
Bio: Subject #293 doesn't remember whether she originally volunteered or not. If she did, she doesn't remember why. In fact, she doesn't remember much of anything. Subject #293 seems to have very limited intelligence since uh... coming back, but retains one tunnel-visioned objective: help the wonderful Labtechs in their endeavors. She shows no violent tendencies other than when her patients refuse their medicine; otherwise, Subject #293 is fairly harmless. She shows nothing but adoration for the Labtechs and remembers nothing from before her time in the labs.


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Name: Adelaide
Age: 26
Species: Intern
Likes: Experimenting, pink
Dislikes: Yelling
Bio: Adelaide was ecstatic when she was accepted into G-Corp, this had been her dream job! She was an over-eager intern working under one of the biggest research supervisors of the company and so she tried to juggle as many responsibilities as possible. One day, she was working on an experiment--a brand new one assigned to her as a solo researcher--she was juggling two beakers when she accidentally dropped one! Oh no!! Adelaide couldn't see through the smoke that had formed and she frantically attempted to fan it away. That's when she noticed that her hand was bright pink in colour! She shrieked and looked downwards--everything was pink! The only thing that wasn't a bright pink was her trusty lab coat.

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Name of Labtech: SkyRay-09 (Has anyone tried Labtech ? yet?)
Labtech number: ? <Data not found>
Species: Artificial human
Age: 19
Like: hot chocolate, drawing, her fluff companion Currentia (it did choose to help her in her research after all)
Dislike: writer's block, being called crazy
Bio: ? had a theory that even something as bizarre as magic(the type that wizards and such use, not illusions like what magicians use) could be explained scientifically, which lead her to trying to study the phenomena as best she could. Her fluff companion, Currentia, joined her early on in the scientist's quest at a time where her creators thought her idea was silly and refused to support her research. The Jelloh shown is a specimen that ? found alone and brought to where she was conducting her research to study. ? was willing to experiment with practically anything to try and find a lead to allow her to figure out the properties of what had been called "magic", even something as simple as a bowl of sugar or even lab equipment if she can get away with it. ? is well aware that, aside from Currentia and the Jelloh specimen that she found, she's not likely going to have anyone supporting her research, since magic is supposedly a non-explainable thing in the world of Gaia, or most worlds(fictional or not) for that matter, right? And even if magic could be explained like ? believes, she's well aware that there are those like some of her creators who would call her crazy for researching magic to explain it scientifically.

Design a labtech contest - Entry

Oh no!
It seems like I must interrupt the labtech contest for some very important news considering Dr. Ala Lone!
Please review the poster below and don’t contact anyone on her current whereabouts.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Labtech Chess, the Female Animated Chess Piece

Hailing from a mostly unknown background, Chess found the mundane life of a normal Chess Piece to be dreary and pointless. Standing on a board, just waiting to either win a pointless battle or lose a meaningless battle for the amusement of others, the thought bored Chess immensely.

She thought to escape when the 'pick-up' began after one battle, scooting away slowly while tossing all of her pawn equipment onto the ground. She was a free living... Chess Piece now, free to do whatever she wanted. By free to do whatever she wanted, it was negatively affected by her lack of mobility, being turned down by many for a job.

With nowhere else to go, Chess went to the library, looking through books to find something that interested her, anything to give her a idea of what to do...
She found two misplaced books, a chemistry and science book. Being mostly stone, she required no sleep or food, reading both the books for many days... Finally finished reading both books, Chess took off to study more and experiment, to prove herself.

Chess now studies and performs experiments, as a member of Legion X.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Marra
Age: physically 24, mentally 15
Species: Zombie (now dead)
Likes: Hearts, Her teddy bear, the lab Tech that fed her xD
Dislikes: cold food, other zombies, LabTechs besides the one who fed her, humans.
Bio: She was one of the last zombies infected, but before she could turn she volunteered to be poked and prodded so the labtechs could find a cure. Ultimately, she escaped the lab after a cruel LabTech ripped her Teddy apart. Confused and lost, she stumbled onto a campsite where the campers, fearing infection, shot her.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Name: Unknown, but presumed to be Veronica.
Age: 28 [Presumed dead]
Species: Human

Description from files:
-Name smeared- seems like a promising Labtech. We've deployed her in the team that's working on transferring our 'G-virus' into other animals. It seems to have been working fine on bunnies.

Recently, a journal believed to belong to Veronica was found in an overgrown area where parts of the rabbit testing took place. Our scientists found 4 living grunnies and a human skeleton. Scientists were able to make out one excerpt from the journal.

Entry #73, -date torn out-
I'm trying all I can. None of my colleagues are 'alive' anymore. I've been working on this goddamn cure for much too long... not that it matters. I won't be getting out of here anytime soon to share this with anybody. All I have left is my flashlight, gun, and grunnies.

Gaia 7 news, back to the studio.

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My labtech was researching bio-mechanical life and nano-mechanical genetic applications. At the time he was infusing aquatic animal DNA into nano-machines for his experiments, when a lab explosion caused the nanobots to enter his body fusing him with the DNA of marine animals. Fortunately only his physical appearance changed with no need for breathing underwater.

Psychologically and physically enhancing him with increased intellect, enabling him to hold more lab materials with his new appendages, and also able to glow in the dark. After the explosion he decided to be called Labtech Gene. Now-a-days Gene and his three robots keep up with the experiments to find out new, better, and safes ways to insert genetic life into robots (ultimately giving a soul to metal).

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Database Entry 1371
LabTech T_Barton

No new breakthroughs today. It has been very quiet lately. I remember a period of time when I thought I heard distant screams throughout the building. I used to hide a lot back then. Afterward was worse with all the groaning and scratching noises. It started to smell funny too. Now it's nice and quiet - it's been that way for a long time. Sometimes I miss the screaming. At least then I knew other people were around.

Database Entry 1372
LabTech T_Barton

Another day of work, more silence. I feel like my research is going nowhere. It's been so long since I've received updates from my coworkers, that I oftentimes forget what I'm supposed to be working on. I had to find our original memo from the boss in order to set things straight. Speaking of the boss, I haven't seen, or rather heard, him in awhile. He used to always pop in with some crazy new scheme cooked up that kept us busy. It's strange that we haven't heard anything new.

Database Entry 1373
LabTech T_Barton

Sometimes when I go looking for some of my colleagues' notes, I come across things that disturb me. Dark splotches on the walls, weird stains on the floor, scraps that look uncomfortably like torn labcoats... I prefer to stay in my own lab that is nice and clean.

Database Entry 1374
LabTech T_Barton

Something happened today that I can't really explain. I wandered into the bathroom today for the first time in ages, and when I passed by the mirror something caught my attention. I have no reflection. When did this happen? I used to have a reflection. Having a reflection is normal. I also realized something else that I can't explain. I haven't been to the bathroom in a long time - since I used to hear all of the moaning. I used to go to the bathroom every day, although I can't remember what for anymore. I immediately returned to the lab and can't decide if I should go back or not.

Database Entry 1375
LabTech T_Barton

So, after a frustrating hour of attempting to continue my work and realizing I just cannot remember what I was originally researching, I decided to return to the bathroom again. Something about it kept bothering me, almost as if I was forgetting something. I wandered past the empty stalls, noticing that many were either missing doors or had the doors dangling from the hinges.

When I got to one of the stalls toward the end of the room, I realized why I didn't go in the bathroom anymore. Why I couldn't see my reflection. Why it was always silent.

I went back to check my previous database entries, and realized that the ones before 1300 were all erased. And I remembered why. The last time I remembered, I deleted them all. And promptly forgot again. That's why it was so hard to remember my research. I had deleted all the entries about the G-virus, about the Grunnies, about the other Techs dying and turning into Grombies. About waking up and seeing my body scattered across that bathroom stall.

Database entries are all automatically archived, and I was able to pull up the archived copies. As I read through them all, not cognisant of the passing of time since time no longer mattered, I shuddered as all my buried memories came rushing back. I began to notice that my lab wasn't as clean as I had tricked myself into believing, that it also had scattered papers, dark stains, and odd smells.

I began to wonder, why am I still here? What am I supposed to do? There was obviously no point in still doing research. Gambino must have given up on us, if he was even still alive, and none of the other G-Corp Techs appeared to have survived. Not even I survived. And it's not like I could do anything about what happened - we brought it upon ourselves by pushing scientific research too far.

I have decided this will be my last database entry - for now. I'm going to try to see if I can find any other souls of LabTechs wandering around, or what has happened in the outside world since the invasion. Maybe one day I will return with new findings.

momo_no kawaii
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Username: momo_no kawaii
Age: 27 (appears to have quit aging after the accident)
Species: once human now a type of Acidic Mutant
Likes: sour things & talking to herself
Dislikes: weak floors
Bio: Acēre was a newb scientist working with acids and catalysts in industrial and organic chemistry, trying to create a super weapon to fight against the Animated. As a newb and a bit of a clutz she mixed up some of the chemicals in her experiments which caused a bit of an explosion. Acēre survived, but what she became can no longer be called human. Everything she touches rapidly begins to melt, as her skin has become so acidic she may never know the touch of another human ever again. Her mental state appears to be deteriorating just as fast as the things she touches. As a danger to everything and everyone around her, she was put in a special acid proof chamber. She herself became the weapon that she was looking for, but she may be too dangerous to control.

Hot Pisces Princess
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Mei Yow
Age: unknown
Species: Human Hybrid
Likes: Being in control.
Dislikes: Not being in control.
Bio: I was a sweet little girl and then my world came tumbling down around me. I was taken from Gaia by Zombies, they couldn't turn me so to them I was of great intrest. They soon realized that I was a Hybrid and so the experiments began but I did not buckle as it only made me stronger. I finally escaped and my goal is to take over the zombies that stole my childhood from me! I have discovered a celestial lantern that will contol the giant space kittys and with this power I will take over and dominate the zombies!!! waahaahaa

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Accessing files of LabTech:
Entering Recordings:
Name biggrin r. Vanya Beilschmidt
Age: 22
Species: Human

Day 1:
Hello? Is this thing working? Hope so. So first time using a recording. This is Vanya Beilschmidt. I work for LabTech. My methods are quite different from what one is use to. Afterall in science, if you want to discover new things you have to push the boundaries. These recordings will be following my path to bring back the dead to full conscious sentient beings. This is where my...intern...comes in. Healthy female, age 25, no relatives to speak of. Now let's get started. Of course, intern must be dead now. Excuse me....

Day 2:
After administering the first of two reanimating injections, there has been zero progress. Perhaps, I am being impatient. I will give it a few more days before trying again with a better subject.

Day 10:
It took longer than anticipated, but finally we have signs of life. The subject has finally gained consciousness though it have yet to become sentient again. However, her strength has improved greatly. A noted side effect that could prove useful in the future. It took five of our strongest to hold her down to administer the last injection.

Day 18:
I am unhappy to report that there has not been much improvement. The subject is still dead by medical standards. The second injection has yet to do anything. I will give it more time but I am growing impatient. I have taken to throwing her random homeless from the streets to feed her. It's nice watching her rip into their flesh, and the screaming, and their blood pouring everywhere,

Day 19:
Unfortunately this was not a complete success. She has only regained some human thought. She understands that I killed her and that if she tries to kill me, that will cause a chain reaction and kill her seeing as I placed an explosive inside of her. She is still a wonderful assistant though. Able to do simple task like hand me things and such. Perhaps a third injection needs to be created? There is a fine possibility that she will regain full human thought and will be patient zero. I'll keep looking into it. Until we meet again.

The Sacred Darkness
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[recovered journal entires from Dr. Jeanne Marione, the only ones that were not stained in blood]

Journal Entry #47:
This is Dr. Marione once again. Today we decided to take our research another step further. We attempted the use of the equipment on a grunny today. Finding, they do not react well to implantation part of our experiment. The serum worked excellent. The grunny did exactly as it was told, though it bleed out before we could do anything further. Project Puppet X may be delayed once again.

Journal Entry #49:
Doctor Drille decided to help us in our endeavor today. He did help us once again try to use the implantations on another grunny, but once again it has failed us. They kept scratching and running away once we inject them with the serum before the eventually collapse dead. It seems no grunny will work with this equipment.

Journal Entry #52:
Dr. Drille came to me today and said that it may be humans are our only chance to get our experiments to work. To create a living puppet with a grunny is one thing, but with a human? He is out of his mind. I may have to talk to my superiors about his immoral thoughts.

Journal Entry #55:
Drille had to be detained today. He has been removed from this project. There is no way we are using human test subjects! It's too dangerous and the serum has only been tested on grunnys. I took full responsibility for informing the others about this, and Dr. Drille is not pleased. He needs to know where his place is in our research. NO HUMAN TESTING.

Journal Entry #56:
Hello, this is Doctor Malcom Drille. Our dear friend Dr. Marione has expressed her thoughts towards the "immoral" values of utilizing human test subjects in our experiments. My colleagues and I thought... different about this. Human testing will commence soon, and Project Puppet X shall be completed.

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Grunetang destroyer of cows

Grunetang is a chimera created by accident when a rogue prunnie went on a rampage in the tourist center, (hence the grunny memorabilia). Grunetang, much like La Chupacabra has become a legend in the farming community for making off with livestock, specifically cows. No one knows where Grunetang will appear, or how she has avoided capture for so long.

Hi there! I want to join your design contest! For a LabTech!
Here is my entry:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Dr. Elinoe (Last name unknown)
Age: visually 19, physically 2285 (there is a high probability that she's way to older than that)
Species: Dark Elf

Her Lab, cigarettes, Her last experiment, syringes, sterile places, volunteers

Her ex-Boss, dirty places, screaming, begging for help, stupid people

She maybe look innocent, but to be honest shes a coldblooded sociopath. "Years of experience" like she like to say.

For hundreds of years she works in secret underground facility with other similar to her minds. She was working for Don Kuro on secret weapon against vampires... and others species too. She refuse to talk about that later when she lost her eye in accident. After that, there was too many new and very suspicious incidences when she was near. Bloody one's.

Sometimes in her presence other scientist sees a little girl, too blurry to recognize in sweet dress with blood stains and a kitchen knife in her hands. They whisper that she was her last "volunteer".

No one wanted to work with doctor after that.

So she leave the facility looking for new employer...

And hear that Gambino is looking for "new" faces.

Zabora Lionheart
Destiny grew up in a small house out in the country. Her mother devolped cancer early on in Destiny's childhood and died shortly after. This left a big impact on Destiny's life. She became determined to become a scientist and began looking into curing cancer so noone would have to sit by and watch someone the love die of this disease again. After college she got an intern possition at G-corp and quickly rose in rank and eventually was offered a perminant possition. Not long into her career the grunnies were created and unleashed upon Gaia. One of the grunnies had bitten a labrat who had stage 4 lung cancer. Upon autopsy of the rat, it showed significant reduction in the tumor cell regeneration. Since then she has been working exculsivly with grunnies. Testing their blood, saliva, everything.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

((I'm really sorry if the text is hard to read. Feel free to let me know if I need to redo it/transcribe it.))

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
Chick here if you can't see it.

August Star Of Heaven
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Charles Orwell Dean has a secret life... at one of Aekea's robot labs he infiltrates and extracts data at the mainframes and sells the designs to the highest bidder in the black market as extra income to his paltry salary as a technician. After becoming an E-Corp member unbeknownst to his current employer, Dean salvages parts from outdated rabbots to design and create his own automatons. The young man has another more personal reason for his fascination of mechanical creations...

If he cannot have the perfect woman, he will create one...

No matter the consequences...No matter the cost.

Here is my entry smile

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Natalija Van Baarle - Subject #667
Age: 25
Species: Vampire, Human before
Likes: Blood... lots of blood.
Dislikes: Pink, fuzzy animals and lemons.
Bio: Natalija was known in her previous life as being the happy-go-lucky, pink haired Labtech. This was until one faithful day when she was experimenting with vampire blood on a subject. Said subject broke free and drank her dry. The Labtechs managed to revive her but it was to late. Her skin paled, eyes reddened and fangs emerged behind her now blood red lips. They shackled her arms to restrain her, though she is more lethargic than dangerous. Some day she remembers her life as a human, and that is why she continuously cries bloody tears. As of right now she is currently in a holding cell in the Labtech facility, it is said her cells reeks of blood, and at night she escapes and drains failed experiments dry.

Entry #452 (Written by Labtech Monroe)
(static) 667 seems to becoming increasingly violent and unstable. I'm beginning to believe I should have never revived her. Her bloodlust continues to grow to ominous levels, despite my treatments. -(Screaming heard in the background)- Wait, what? No... No... I saved you! Stay away from m--- (recording cuts out after bloodcurdling screaming is heard)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: *name redacted*
Codename: Labtech 356

Bio: Bio? I can't tell you anything about myself. It's a risk just talking to you. They're after me; knowledge is my fortress and I can't allow anything to chip a weakness in my defense. But you asked, so if I end up dying a horrible death, know that it's entirely your fault for asking. Hmph.

I was asked to research some things for Johnny. Old things, from back when people thought everything was explained by magic. Foolish ancestors. Everything is explained by science! Even their magic. Science has come to the point where we can recreate their miracles. Heck, you should see what I can do with my gun. All science, but you would swear that I was bending the rules of reality to do it. That's because you don't know enough; I know enough, too much according to them. The gods are jealous and they don't like people knowing this much. Hah, as if we need them anymore. ...I may have said too much already.

We were supposed to tell Gino something. No, I won't tell you that! That's knowledge I defend with my life, knowledge that I sacrificed my hand for. It will go to the person who is supposed to hear it. They keep trying to fool me with fakes, but I know things they don't. I'll blast away at all those fakes. Anyone with blond hair who's not Gino or Johnny coming into my lab is going to regret trying to be like them. In the meantime, I'm continuing to study and advance what science can do. Most people don't pay attention to this lab anymore, but that's no problem. The fortress of knowledge is kept safe.

Now you, on the other hand... are you a blond?

Hello. I am entering the Design a LabTech Contest.
Here is my entry. Thanks!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Name: Shanika (Test Subject X)
Age: 19
Species: Human?

My hands were trembling. My mouth became dry. I had no idea of what to expect. "Welcome, Test Subject X." A rich, chocolaty sort of voice whispered by my left ear, "This way." it muttered as it strolled forward. I lifted my head and started straight ahead. A small, white-haired small stood a few few before me. He stuck his nose in the air and walked farther away from me. I started to panic and ran after him.
After what seemed like forever he finally stopped in front of a door. He pushed it open ad beckoned me inside. "Sit." He grunted. I winced and sat on the floor. "On the chair you nitwit!" I instantly stood up and sat on a shiny, red chair. He smirked as he pulled out a injection full of deep purple liquid. He strolled over to me. "Hallucinations..." He mutter as he injected the liquid into my arm.
I gritted my teeth together as my blood started to boil. Silent tears dripped down my cheeks. Then it happened. I felt a warm, tingling sensation from my feet. It rose upward than turned into a roaring blaze. I tired to moved. I tried to scream. But I was paralyzed. My legs were burnt to a crisp. I felt the remains of my legs blow away. I braced myself for when I would hit the floor. But it never happened.
"Give in." A harsh voiced croaked. I was being held up by a shadowy monster, "You hurt... Give in." The monster glared at me with its red eyes, "Give in... You'll get your legs back..." I tried to run, but the monster hel me tight. My stomach started to go ablaze, "The pain will stop." The monster grunted. I opened my mouth. I let my shoulders sage. My arms started splitting.
But there was no pain. I carelessly watched as bat wings sprouted and the roaring fire creep away. I glared at the monster's red eyes, unaware that my eyes may be turning red too. My hair spiked and turned black and white. I stared into his glowing eyes. My suffer ceased as I let myself go.

Blueberry Jam

March 1st, 2014

The lab head is too obsessed with his experiment now to even care about me anymore. I even wore this hairbow to the lab for him...last time I wore it he told me I looked cute, but now...ever since he started experiment Y, he has been referring to it as his "baby" and refuses to let anyone else see it! Sometimes at night I hear him singing to it from behind the reinforced doors, it's absolutely ridiculous!

I finally had enough of this stupid baby of his and decided to sneak in three nights ago. Well it turns out his "baby" is just some bratty little girl. She was sleeping when I walked in, breathing evenly with her eyes closed. Her body was riddled with tubes and she was strapped down though; it looked like she was being pumped with tranquilizers. The lab head has been so secretive of late it was hard to tell what exactly he meant to accomplish with this little girl of his. As I walked closer though she opened her eyes and automatically turned her head towards me as if she had known I was coming. That is, however, scientifically impossible...I knew she was being pumped with enough sedatives to take down an army. I reached out my hand to calm her down...y'know pat her head, comfort her, but the little hellion bit me! She bit me so hard blood started welling up! I wanted to slap her, but I knew the boss would know. I made do with spitting some choice words at her and she just looked at me and smiled. I shivered as I backed out of that room (to keep an eye on her in case she decided to leap on me despite the restraints), and she kept her eyes on me the whole time with that sharp smile fixed to her face. I wanted to slap her again.

The funny thing is though ever since that night, the lab head has been paying more attention to me. Two nights after I snuck in, he actually started paying attention to me and inviting me in to see experiment Y. He even has me help him to take samples now. I know all the other labtechs are jealous. I noticed he added an extra bed next to the little girls and I wonder if I will be knocked down to third place in his attentions once again once his second new experiment comes in. His attention has yet to wane yet and I enjoy prettying myself up before I come to work. Everyone else looks at me strangely but I know I look prettier than before, I know they are all just jealous...


My Pet Werewolf
Clearance Level 4

Labtech Number 301

Species Werewolf

Rank Test Subject

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Special Procedures: When dealing with Subject 301 she is to remain restrained at all times by the ankles and wrists. She is to be contained in solitary confinement with little to no human contact, due to her violent outbreaks and tendency to eat the LabTechs. Full body armor is to be worn whenever a LabTech deals with her in any way shape or form. Her cell will remain guarded by three or more LabTechs with clearance levels of four or higher at all times. When she has injured herself too much, a special team of doctors is to be brought in to tranquilizer her and go into her cell to treat her. This is to be done in under thirty minutes, unless the wounds are too server and require an extra thirty minutes of time. No more time can be given due to past incidents.

Description: Subject 301 stands just shy of 5' 4" with patches of dark grey and light grey fur. She remains very humanoid, despite all the experimentation. Most noted is her jaw set - only K9s have changed. Her tail has finally started to come, after several intense experiments. Her age is no longer noticeable but she came to G CORP at age 20, stated in earlier files.

((I really hope you guys enjoy my SCP inspired file page for an innocent girl who was tested upon to the point of werewolfification. Too bad we don't have a highlighter option when changing the color of letters >n< wink )


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Create your own Abomination Experiment
An Art Contest

This is an art contest to create your own experiment. G-Corp is well known for their Grunnies, but what other wild abominations were created behind the closed doors of G-Corp Laboratories?

That is where you come in!

Design your own Abomination!

How Do You Enter?

It's that simple. We will be accepting art of all varieties traditional to digital and anywhere in between!

We will be looking for originality and a tie to Gaia if possible.

First Place:
User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Second Place:
User ImageUser Image
Third Place:
User Image

1st: LittleLordGothleroy

2nd: aeerdna_X

3rd: Midnightglow18

The contest will run all week long. Judging will take place after the event ends.



User Image

User Image
...had fun xd


i call it enfer

User Image

An attempt to make Old Pete more cute gone wrong...

I know its not overly original, but I wanted to draw a Brunny! >.< It has a back story too. See, there was a Gaian who just LOVED bunnies SO much dressed up in a lab coat and sneaked into the Lab. They took out all of the bunnies from their cages and was playing with them when a LabTech walked around the corner startling them. The bunnies scattered and one of them found itself right in the middle of an experiment on the Cold Fusion Theory and became fused with it. The exposed Gaian tried desperately to gather all the lost bunnies up but the last one was acting strange and had a blue tint to its fur. When they reached for it the bunny bit them and ran off. Days later the Gaia noticed their skin turning blue and ravenous feelings. They spent day and night eating. They even started biting other people. Suddenly a baby blue bunny burst it's way out of their stomach. This new breed of bunny needed human hosts as well, but in a different way. rofl

User Image


User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Flash Space Party

Since everyone is going to be looking so amazing, we figured it might be fun to have a Flash Space Party. So, every other day we can choose a place to meet and run around as Lab Techs!


Meeting Times

    When: Friday, March 7th at 7-10 pm EST (Time Zone Converter)
    Where: Gambino Plaza
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    How Do I get there?: here Head to the steps. I just loaded there.
    What if I show up and I can't find anyone?: You can either keep reloading until you get into the right instance, or you can add one of us as a friend and show up that way.

    When: Sunday, March 2nd at 4-7 pm EST (Time Zone Converter)
    Where: Gambino Plaza
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    How Do I get there?: here Head to the steps. I just loaded there.
    What if I show up and I can't find anyone?: You can either keep reloading until you get into the right instance, or you can add one of us as a friend and show up that way.

    When: Monday, March 3rd at 4-7 pm EST (Time Zone Converter)
    Where: Gambino Plaza
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    How Do I get there?: here Head to the steps. I just loaded there.
    SPECIAL: The Party is Zombie themed. Show up in your zombie best and we will chase people around yelling brains!
    What if I show up and I can't find anyone?: You can either keep reloading until you get into the right instance, or you can add one of us as a friend and show up that way.

MORE TO COME! Check back regularly!

Screen Shot Contests:

Grand Prize Winner: x Karurie x

1st: HatsuHikari
Runner up: lucky7seven

1st: Shrimp_Man
Runner up:Gumby Ningata

1st: iandragon30
Runner up: XinYunMei

    During the week, we want you to take screenshots of your avatar causing a ruckus all across the various flash spaces in Gaia. We want people to fear the Labtechs! For that reason, we have a little contest to give you some incentive to go crazy.

    Take a screenshot and PM it to me. Tell me what category you want. Enter as many times as you like in as many categories as you like.

    The point of this contest is to send in a screenshot of you dressed as a labtech (or experiment if you prefer) doing crazy stuff in towns.

      There will be a few categories in which you can enter your screenshot. Only the person sending in the screenshot will qualify for a prize.
    • Funniest: These are screenshots that convey absolute hilarity.


      I got a few from the flash party on Sunday!! biggrin
      User ImageUser ImageUser Image

      x Karurie x
      User Image

      "Is this how it ends?"
      LabTech. We smother for SCIENCE!

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      funny screenshot

      dis: gumby finds her head

      This kind soul put up very little fight. Successful conversion into a zombie. ONE OF US!! scream
      User Image

      Sweatpants Princess
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      I'd like to submit in all categories- particularly funny, because I was standing around when Gumby Ningata's headless avatar ran by chasing Darksp's scientist holding a severed head. Also science though, because we are clearly a group of affected labtechies.

      Gumby Ningata
      Funny: People need to stop taking my head!
      User Image
      User Image


      Not sure what exactly what was happening here... Not sure I want to know...
      User Image

      Hassli has many, many, many adopted babies.
      User Image

      Funny: User Image
      User Image

    • Most Scientific: These screenshots show a group of labtechs doing something sciencey.
      Science: User Image
      User Image

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      Sweatpants Princess
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      I'd like to submit in all categories- particularly funny, because I was standing around when Gumby Ningata's headless avatar ran by chasing Darksp's scientist holding a severed head. Also science though, because we are clearly a group of affected labtechies.

      Gumby Ningata

      Scientific: Got to do research. Even if it is YeataXHassli.
      User Image

    • Best Group Photo: For two or more labtechs group photo. (only the person submitting will win the prize)
      Gumby Ningata
      E-Corp crashes the party:User Image

      Yeata Zi
      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

      Gumby hiding behind me on Grunny Day.

      User Image
      For the group entry

      A group of labtechs and experiments taken refuge on the steps of the mansion and on the prowl for some potential victims.


      Just a few of us chasing people down.
      User Image

      User Image


      Group: I like both of these for the group.
      User Image
      User Image

      Each category will have one winner and one runner up.
      Winner: User Image
      Runner up: User Image

      AND there will be one grand prize winner for our favorite screenshot out of all three categories. and they get to win a mad scientist bundle.
      Grand Prize winner: User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Daily Prizes

With seven days of LabTech Week going on, we were hoping to give out a daily prize to folks simply for posting in this thread while dressing like a LabTech.

To be eligible to win you must post in this thread and be dressed like a LabTech!


The Prizes:
One Stage 3 Potion a day.
User Image

Sunday: Vorpal Slash
Monday: Cree -anon-
Tuesday: KnightwingRG
Wednesday: HatsuHikari
Thursday: PrincessTeala
Friday: Stop Dont Believin
Saturday:: Airayasha

At the end of the week, one lucky person will receive a Stage 5 potion.
Week Winner: EviCa

Zombie Bite Page Prizes:

Every 50 pages until we run out of prizes, the first person to post on a page dressed like a labtech will win a Surprise Zombie Prize.

Pages awarded prize

Quote that Grunny
Sometimes a staff member will post this picture of a grunny:
User Image
Whenever you see this, quote it and you could win a prize!

LabTech Trivia
Occasionally, I will post a trivia question in the thread. The first person to quote with the correct answer will win a lavish prize!

This is so I remember the layout lol

Question goes here[/color]


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

We have had some really wonderful people volunteer to help put this together. If you are interested in helping us out, you can post in this thread. All donations can be sent to me, Labtech 705.

User ImageUsername: xcrimsonlegendx
Age: 30
Species: Prombie
Likes: LabTech X, G CORP, Grombies, Grunnies, Zurg, Von Helsons (PRE-2009), Brains.
Dislikes: Onions, embalming fluids, open flames, pitchforks, angry mobs, sunlight.
Bio: Crim has been a devout plotwhore since he joined Gaia, dedicating his time to the understanding of how Grunny and Grombies came to be as well as G CORP and those involved in the events of the 2005 outbreak of the G-virus, including the infamous LabTech X.

User Image
Username: Yeata Zi (but please call me Zi)
Age: 24
Species: Some kind of red succubus demon monster thing
Likes: SCIENCE, NPCs, Zurg, comic books, top secret experiments performed in Gambino's basement, hot tea.
Dislikes: Brussel sprouts. No seriously. Those things are disgusting.
Bio: Zi ran Section 13 at the GiB for some time from 2007 until 2012 when she took over running the Gaians in Black in full. In those years she headed many experiments stolen from G-Corp. She is very pleased to now be working for Legion X, and not having to go through nearly as much red tape as she had to in her GiB days. Those GIB dudes has consciences, Legion X doesn't. The freedom is nice.

User Image
LabTech Soosh

User Image

Username: Gumby Ningata
Age: Look it up.
Species: Goat Human
Likes: Goats, rping, Zi and helping people out.
Dislikes: Assholes, and trolls (as in haters, not the species)
Bio: Talk to me and fill in the blank for yourself.

User Image

Username: Qyp
Age: 25
Species: Zombie-Viking-God of the Bacon.
Likes: Stuff.
Dislikes: Other stuff.
Bio: From New Zealand. Best place on Earth.

User Image

Username: Stop Dont Believin
Age: 22
Species: Human
Likes: Working.
Dislikes: Has an intense fear of birds
Bio: Works in R&D creating genetically modified grunnies with poison skin.

User Image

Username: Shrimp_Man
Age: 28
Species: Werewolf or Human if you want to be technical. whee
Likes: Harry Potter, specifically Professor Severus Snape. Sherlock Holmes, any and all adaptations, not just BBC!Sherlock.
Dislikes: Haters. Seriously, I don't give a ******** what you ship, watch, or don't watch. Just don't hate on anyone for what they like.
Bio: First off, I'm a woman. I just prefer playing as guys on games/avatar sites. I'm born and raised in Southern California and never lived more than 20 miles from my first home. I'm single. I have been on Gaia for 9 years this November.

User Image
Username: XinYunMei
Age: Twenty Three
Species: Humanoid?
Likes: Tea, sweets, sleep, books, video games and being useful.
Dislikes: Repeating himself, the dark and spicy food.
Bio: A child like figure, he only started appearing in the lab a few weeks prior to the start of lab tech week. He is obedient yet he questions everything and loyal only to a select few. It is rumored that he is a failed attempt to recreate the process used to create Stein by Lab Techs who only observed the end results.

User Image
HatsuHikari or Hatsu
Age: 22
Species: Blood-sucker
Likes: Research, Science, British telly, candy
Dislikes: Text speak
Bio: I was a normal girl living in Canada, until I became a vamp. Alas, I will continue my research on predator-prey dynamics...

User Image
Username: ChiexSatonaka
Age: 22
Species: human
Likes: The Walking Dead, Anime
Dislikes: People who are haters
Bio: I am from IL and I am more so of a cosplay avatar person, though I have a few original avis I may make in mind.

User ImageUsername: lucky7seven
Age: 15
Species: mutant elf
Likes: cats , cartoons, snack cakes.
Dislikes: jerks, soda,
Bio: i'm the intern. i look really cool, but i have no clue what i'm doing.

All of our generous benefactors.
Cardinalis: Beloved Velveteen--sold for 1.3 mil
Qyp: 800 k, various sciencey items
Yeatazi: Various Lab Tech stuff
xcrimsonlegendx: 500 k
An anonymous benefactor: Capricious Mage--Sold for 660,520
Meushi: A few items (selling: 351,820 g, 33,320 g, 86,240 g) and 5 k
iymcool: 1 mil
AstraSage: Unorthodox Experiment: To be used as a prize!
Mississippi Black Velvet: 2 mil!
Jisen Meizuki: 550 k, Stage 5 potion
Princess Piffle: 500 k
Frawkward: 100 k
scullylam: 2.5 mil <3
LabTech Kestin: 2 mil
Halfling Heroine: 67k
Sagebomb: 1 mil
Shrimp_man: 150k
Vanima Eket: 25 mil!!!! <3
Anon: 100 mil
Anon: 250k
l RADIOACTIVE l: 3.5 mil
Jayce Reinhardt: Labcoats, various items.
HatsuHikari: 1.5 mil <3

These are the people who worked to bring Lab Tech Week together!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Threads, guilds and other LabTech resources:

The LabTech petition

A petition for Gaia to release a full set of LabTech clothes, based on the original designs!

The Prombie Skin petition
Another LabTech friendly petition requesting the creation of a Prunny variant of the Grombie skins.

The ORIGINAL Grunny Fanthread
A fanthread for classic Grunny lovers to show their love of the adorable abomination and learn how the Grunny life cycle works.

The LabTech X fanthread
A fanthread hosted by Legion X, dedicated to the infamous character LabTechX!

Legion X
The original plot guild dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of LabTechX,
the Legion is also responsible for decoding the binary messages hidden in the "Sig-lab" hinting at X's return.
Never forget, x lives.

The Original G CORP guild
The place where it all started, if you haven't already please stop in and read the stories of the original LabTechs and their fate.

G CORP fanthread
The original G CORP fanthread, it is left in a state of disrepair but is still a valuable asset to the LabTech community.

User Image

LabTech week signatures:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Please Enjoy the Festivities!

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