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Aekea Businesswoman

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This looks really awesome! My friend lives near Baltimore, and his girlfriend has her Bachelor's in Sociology like I do. This project is something both of them would love.

If you'd like and try to draw my avatar, by all means. I'm interested in seeing where this goes for you regardless.

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Tipsy Cutie-Pie

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Consider this one please?

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Magnetic Guildsman

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Would you consider me for the project?
It sounds like quite the task - sounds like a really cool end result though! C:

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Enduring Hero

I would love to be a part of this! Hang on I'll have a picture of my avatar up in two seconds. heart

Edit:Here's the picture of the avatar I'd like you to draw. I know it's hard to see them with the hair, but please include her elven ears.

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Chatty Lunatic

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( I had to come here... your Kyubey signature compelled me....must...make contract.)

This seems like quite an undertaking. XDD I'd be overjoyed if you did the avi pictured here!
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Good luck. : 0
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Edit: I'd like to be next to I Found A Sexy 1 redface
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Dapper Ladykiller

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You know I'm sexy, man.
You know deep down in your heart.
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Magic Senshi

Ling, I'd like this avatar to be drawn please. If you could, that is.

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Sparkly Gawker

Subscribing to check out later. :3
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Girl-Crazy Hellhound

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I would love to be part of this project... completely! I especially like the concept of drawing art of my avatar with the gallery-goer!

I am totally into it! *subscribed*

I can change my avi to something much simpler if that would make it easier for you to draw... I can do whatever you want! ^__^

Hehe... someone here, I just told them about it, and he said "That's so cool, It's iterative collaborative socialisation art" ^_^
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Melodious Mage

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im in X3 if youll have me >.> i love a good project X3

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Kain-Senpai's avatar

Magic Senshi

Yay! Thank you, Ling! heart
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Koleda's Wife

Sparkling Cutie-Pie

User Image
User Image
I'd love to be a part of this!
Seeing the avatars in this thread, I know your gallery will be beautiful!
Here's my avatar (be sure to add rainbows and sparkles!):
User Image

User Image
I would love if you could include this avvie, please:
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Rainbow Explorer

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draw me plz?
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