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Sunday 20 October - 3 November 2013

Welcome to the very 1st Halloween Ball. Where you can make new friends, partake in contest, win prizes, and learn about several of the guilds that are out there.

Please go through the first page carefully since every guild that is listed on the front page may be holding special events of their own here with more contest and more prizes. So going through the front page will do wonders for you and open up opportunities as well for you.

My Guilds and Threads

MistyMary24 Glow/Bump Thread

User Image
This is primary my glow thread but I can house around 150 tanks that others own and offer room for people to have a bumper right on the thread if need be. I know that sometimes running and maintainging a glow thread is not always easy so I have put in several pages that bumpers can be and I provide the link for you to put in your signature. When your tank is bumped the bumper brings your tank immediately to the the most recent page of the thread for everybody to see. No hassel and you do not have to worry about maintaining a glow thread.... Just putting the link in your signature and away you go.

Mystical Booty Grabbing Guild

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This primary a place for Mystics and everybody else that loves to booty grab or just to hang out. I do host a variety of contest in this guild an a raffle each month. Right now we are having a halloween/day of the dead party in here as well.
Everybody is welcomed to join and par-take. Along with my other guild Insomnia this is one of the main head quarters for my charity thread Mystical Charities.

Insomnia Guild

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Before I was the captain of Insomnia I was the Vice Captain here. I just recently re-opened the guild back up to the public and would love to see more active members there.

Right now it is more of a hang out for those that are left from the original Insomnia and we are slowly but steady getting back up on our feet. Through Mystical Booty Grabbing is the primary home of Mystical Charities, Insomnia does get a glimpse into the Charity.

Insomnia is a great place for people who can not sleep to meet others like them. All are welcome in Insomnia smile

Mystical Charities

This is my charity group. Throughout the year I try to get about 3,000,000 in gold for this charity which becomes very active during the Winter Event that I host. It is housed primary out of Mystical Booty Grabbing but will soon have a second home that is smaller out of Insomnia as well.
The goal with Mystical Charities is to help out with those hard times like winter holidays. Thou this coming year I am hoping to bring it out with each of the four seasons events. So that People can get help during the summer, fall, spring and winter.

Contest & Raffles
Hosted by MistyMary24

50/50 RAFFLE
Current Number of Tickets Sold: 190 Tickets
Current Ticket Sales - 160,000 Gold
Current Jack Pot (one lucky winner will get) - 80,000 Gold

Tickets are 1,000 Gold per ticket
or 12 tickets per 10,000 gold

Make trade with MistyMary24 and put Raffle in the title
Last Day to Purchase Tickets is 3 November 2013
All Trades have to be finalized by 5 November
6 November will Announce the Winner over on my Glow Thread

Prize is 1/2 of ticket sales so if the ticket sales
For Example: If the tickets sales come in at 20,000 gold the Prize will be 10,000 gold
The remaining 1/2 of the money will be put towards the guilds I own, my charity Mystical Charities, and to funding the next major event. Plus towards the funds for the contest I am hosting this event All Funds form here are solely owned by MistyMary24 and the organizations that she runs on Gaia. .

Tickets Sold so Far To
will be listed once sale is finalized through trades

Ticket Numbers --- Ticket Holder --- Amount of Tickets Purchased ------ Price Paid
1-12 ------------------ girffrommars --------------------- 12 tickets -------------------- 10,000 Gold
13-84 ---------------- Javier Cross ----------------------- 72 Tickets ------------------- 60,000 Gold
85-96 ---------------- sand_jedi --------------------------- 12 Tickets --------------------- 10,000 Gold
97-108 -------------- ChrisXXRedfield ----------------- 12 Tickets -------------------- 10,000 Gold
109-120 ------------ girffrommars ---------------------- 12 Tickets ------------------- 10,000 Gold
121-132 ----------- Sanguinaura Bloodstone ------- 12 Tickets ------------------- 10,000 Gold
133 - 144 --------- Michelle Chiba ---------------------- 12 Tickets ------------------- 10,000 Gold
145-156 ------------ girffrommars ---------------------- 12 Tickets ------------------- 10,000 Gold
157-180 ----------- sweety techno -------------------- 24 Tickets -------------------- 20,000 Gold
181-192 ------------ shamantra -------------------------- 12 Tickets ------------------- 10,000 Gold

The person which has bumped this thread out the most will be the winner
1st Place 300,000 Gold - sweety techno

1. All Post must be numbered to count in this contest
for example bump 1, bump 2, bump 3 etc....
2. Can use a bumper or chat. with others.
3. I have the right to modify this contest as needed.
4. You can not hire a bumping service to bump for you to win this contest.
5. The Contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern time 3 November 2013
6. Winner will receive gold somewhere between 4 - 8 November depending on circumstances in my real life...Still in time though for Christmas......

This spoiler opens up to show who has been bumping with their bumps numbered
Plus what page I have checked up to..... Yes I am checking that you are numbering your post.

sweety techno - 575 bump
Princess Zelda21 - 165 Bumps
Javier Cross - 143 bumps
Sanguinaura Bloodstone - 100 Bumps
Ananaa - 83
Winter Creator - 33 bumps
Arashisora - 30
Underwater Croissant - 18 bumps
Unreadable Story - 7 Bumps

Remember you have to number your post to count...
Caught up to page 116

First People on the Following pages will receive 5,000 gold
Page 10 ---- girffrommars
Page 20 ---- Underwater Croissant
Page 35 ----- Ananaa
Page 60 ------ sweety techno
Page 75 ------- Ananaa
Page 86 ------- Javier Cross
Page 91 ----- Javier Cross
Page 110 --- Sanguinaura Bloodstone
May add more pages as need
Must have traded on to receive prize.

Random Items on Pages
(whoever post on the page will get random item from the categories listed
1 treat per person on the following pages. everybody on the pages listed gets a treat.)
Page 12 - random candy and sweets
Who was on the Page
Robo Moon Shadow
Received Ghost Chocololli

Page 15 - Random Halloween pails - there are a variety of them so never know which one you get
Who was on the Page
Identity Glitch
sweety techno
Madame Xiva

Page 18- Refurbished Sheet - never know which ghost sheet it turns into
Who was on the Page
Winter Creator
Underwater Croissant

Page 23 - Random candy and sweets
Javier Cross
sweety techno

Page 26 - Random Mask
Javier Cross
sweety techno

Page 29 - Random item that is associated with pumpkins
Sanguinaura Bloodstone

page 31 - Random candy and sweets

sweety techno
Javier Cross
blue pussycatkitty

Page 49 - Random food item

sweety techno
Princess Zelda21
blue pussycatkitty

Page 54 - Random Gloves

Princess Zelda21
sweety techno

Page 62 - Random Candy and Sweets

Madame Xiva
Princess Zelda21
sweety techno

Page 68 - Random Costume item

Princess Zelda21
sweety techno

Page 71 - Random Mask

sweety techno
Princess Zelda21
Javier Cross

Page 78 - Random Item

sweety techno
Princess Zelda21

Page 82 - Random Costume Item

sweety techno
Princess Zelda21
Javier Cross

Page 89 - Random Candy and Sweets

sweety techno
Princess Zelda21
Javier Cross
Michelle Chiba

Page 93 - Random Item

Sanguinaura Bloodstone

Page 100 - 1,000 Gold

Javier Cross
Winter Creator
Sanguinaura Bloodstone

Page 109 - Random Item

Sanguinaura Bloodstone

Page 117 - Random hat

Samurai Dragon-Frog
sweety techno
blue pussycatkitty
Javier Cross
Neo KitsuHino
Michelle Chiba
Princess Zelda21

Will add more as needed
must have gifts and trades on to receive items.
No gift or trade than no items
If I have put a strike through the page number than that page has had all items sent out; if no strike it means I have it recorded and will send it out. Due to personal life I might fall behind but will get everything sent out, no worries.

Random Gifts worth 20,000 - 30,000 Gold

Will give out a random item worth 20,000 - 30,000 Gold every so often through a random drawing. Will determine page and slot of person on page by Random Number. This will be a random event so keep bumping and posting entities you to a chance to win a random item worth 20,000 to 30,000 Gold
Who Has won so far

25 October
Chocolates_and_Kisses - Page 2 Slot 3 - gift sent

October 31
sweety techno - page 69 1/3 people on the page -

More contest that I am holding in both Mystical Booty Grabbing and Insomnia so please check them out as well.
Plus There are more contest being held by other guilds and threads on this page.

Feel Free to Gift people in this thread
Please put when you gift somebody in your message to them

"You are gifted through The Halloween Ball
Where the spooks and ghost have came out to play
All are invited to join in on the scary and spooky ball so please come and join us"

Please remember if you are gifted to put a thank you as well. here. I love hearing seeing gifting take place
Gifting is not a requirement but a fun thing to do. Please try to make all gifts at least 1,000 Gold plus in value if you do chose to par take in gifting.

Banners, Bumpers, and Signatures
Feel free to get a bumper, banner, and/or signature from within the spoiler.
Plus like I tell all my members feel free to save and up load them to your favorate Photo Saver for quick and easy access to use them while out there bumping away smile

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/2e22f589-aeb7-4fb1-a57c-72b9dfae1c98_zpseb69233a.jpg[/IMG]

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/halloween-ball-contest-games-prizes/t.88377431/][img]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/2e22f589-aeb7-4fb1-a57c-72b9dfae1c98_zpseb69233a.jpg[/img][/url]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/516ebdf9-ecd9-4b5c-9f62-ef3202a96bd6_zpsb8dfa608.jpg[/IMG]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/15b5f8d2-8d70-415d-b6b0-382fded6da73_zps28024e31.jpg[/IMG]

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/halloween-ball-contest-games-prizes/t.88377431/][IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/15b5f8d2-8d70-415d-b6b0-382fded6da73_zps28024e31.jpg[/IMG][/url]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/c3d09017-9bfa-4321-a058-f32b2cde20b3_zpsf6b27b12.jpg[/IMG]
[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/halloween-ball-contest-games-prizes/t.88377431/][IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/c3d09017-9bfa-4321-a058-f32b2cde20b3_zpsf6b27b12.jpg[/IMG][/url]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/97c39b6c-52fb-49d5-82e1-f1e87705a547_zps9aca774f.jpg[/IMG]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/63222054-e0d0-4afa-bd84-db532eb7d57f_zps292f7767.jpg[/IMG]

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/halloween-ball-contest-games-prizes/t.88377431/][IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/63222054-e0d0-4afa-bd84-db532eb7d57f_zps292f7767.jpg[/IMG][/url]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/96468114-9f16-4d3a-be26-2922d12d17cb_zps425f416b.jpg[/IMG]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/7d1c0667-6554-4552-be1d-c3f53dd3ccbc_zpse1875e4d.jpg[/IMG]

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/halloween-ball-contest-games-prizes/t.88377431/][IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/7d1c0667-6554-4552-be1d-c3f53dd3ccbc_zpse1875e4d.jpg[/IMG][/url]

User Image
[IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/c19f198c-f446-48d6-872b-f6b31d77871c_zpsd9404d3c.jpg[/IMG]

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/halloween-ball-contest-games-prizes/t.88377431/][IMG]http://i1159.photobucket.com/albums/p636/MistyMary24/Gaia/Halloween Ball/c19f198c-f446-48d6-872b-f6b31d77871c_zpsd9404d3c.jpg[/IMG][/url]

Feel Free to Donate Gold and Items to MistyMary24
Donations Received From

4,000,000 Gold --- anonymous benefactor ---- Gold Donated to my charity, Mystical Charities
#0000FF Complex Shirt --- anonymous benefactor
Candy Corn Cupcake --- anonymous benefactor
Nitemare Parasol --- anonymous benefactor
Jack's Grab Bag 2k6 (6 of 8 ) --- Darth Scoobadoobacus
Jack's Grab Bag 2k7 (1 of 8 ) --- Sanguinaura Bloodstone

All Contest and Raffle in this post are hosted by MistyMary24. That is me. I am only responsible for the contest and raffle I am hosting and not for any contest or raffles that may be hosted by any other guild or thread on this front page.
If you have questions or concerns about the contest and raffle I am hosting please tell me.
If you have questions or concerns about any other raffles or contest hosted in other post, on the front page please contact the person that has posted it.

All may take part in my raffle and contest even those that are listed as a representative of a guild or thread on the front page.

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Truthful Singing

11,350 Points
  • Caroling Champ 100
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  • Love Machine 150
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Guest Rules and Guide Lines

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

1. Please follow all of Gaia's Rules and Laws while partaking in this event.
2. Please par take in any and all contest that are taking place and raffles. Or do not and just chat here. It is your choice.
3. If you win a contest please contact if the rules state so that person that is hosting it. (All guilds and threads are responsible for their own contest and prizes so contact that person if you do not receive the prize as promised) Before contacting the person hosting that contest please make sure that they do not put a specific date or time frame of when they will send out prizes.
4. Have Fun and Share you Halloween Stories here and Music.
5. If you are joining in for the role play hosted by Javier Cross please make sure in your post that you state RP that way all people know you are role playing... and feel free to join in and create a character for this event.

Guild and/or Thread Owners On Front Page Updates

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I want to say thank you to all the guilds that have joined this year for the ball you guys are a very important part in the event and are welcome to join in for the Winter event from about 29 November to 3 January 2013. It is a little longer than the majority of the events that I throw but it is because of the holidays that this event becomes so big.. If you are interested in joining me for that please get hold of me.

You guys are great and your guilds and threads all deserve reorganization,. I am so glad you joined into the festivals of the Halloween 2 week event and hope that during this time you each make new friends, recruit more for your wonderful guilds/threads and have a ball with this.

If you need anything please ask. I am here to make sure this runs smoothly. If at any time you need help please say so.

Some quick reminders
1. You are responsible for your post. That means that you need to make changes to at any time that you will have to do that yourself.
2. We are still on Gaia and that means I need you to follow all of Gaia's Rules, Laws, Tos and Dos.... Please remember that we have a choice to be on her or not and that since we chose to be on here we do have to follow their rules.
3. I am asking that each of you please help keep this thread up on top of the others. I am hoping that this does well this year. Please help this the best 1st Halloween Ball ever.
4. If you are interested in reserving a spot for the Winter event please tell me so that I can make sure you have a spot reserved on the front page for it. Since spots are limited.
5. For those that chose to have contest, raffles, and games through the event, I NEED TO REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. I am not responsible to provide you win any of the prizes that you may be giving out or to run and host your guilds or threads raffles. This is your responislbility so please if you are offering any prizes please make sure that you are able to do such out of your pockets.....
6. Remember to keep in the Halloween/Day of the Dead Spirit throughout the event.
7. Remember when the event starts you are to help keep this up in front by bumping and advertising the event - benefits all of us because all our guilds/threads are seen in doing so.
8. Have a Great Time and Please remember you can provide links at any time throughout the event for your guilds or threads. So please if want to bump with your guild or threads link feel free to do such. I have asked in the past to Gaia about this and as long as the owner of the thread agrees on it than it is allowed. .

Thank you again to all the guilds and threads that have chosen to take part in this event. I am glad to have you aboard and hope you have as much fun here as can be have. Keep it spooky and mysterious. Keep up the Halloween/Day of the Dead Spirit. .

Halloween Music

Halloween Ball Role Play Event Hosted by Javier Cross
Javier Cross is hosting a Halloween Ball Role Play Event here as well.
Submit profiles Here
Please make sure that you put that you are role playing as well in the upper corner of your post this will let people know you are role playing
I will bring profiles here as well so that people can follow them. Check last post for profiles
Check Javier post for more information on how to take part in the role playing part.
Plus any questions about the role play should be addressed to Javier Cross and not to MistyMary24. Javier Cross is hosting the Role Play Event here and can answer all questions and concerns about this event.

December Event Signup

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Would you like to host your guild or thread on the front of the Winter Festival Event? If so please contact my by private message and tell me so.
The Winter Event will run from 29 November through 3rd of January. It is a little over a month long giving each of the guilds plenty of time to host games, contest, raffles, give-a-ways. and to advertise their guild.
I do ask those that do join to please remember that you will be responisble for your post on the front page and that you are responsible for the content in that post. If you do have contest, raffles, etc... that you are fully responsible for all prizes that you are giving out.
Plus that you have to keep in the Winter and holiday themes with your post.
Space for the front page is limited since Gaia only permits 15 post per page. I reserve the first two post leaving room for 13 guilds or threads to be featured.
If you are going to commit to this please make sure that you have somebody that is ready to represent your guild on call to bump and report in to you if you can not be on to do so.

Please fill out the following form and send to MistyMary24

Winter Celebration Event
29 November-3 Januray
date may change a day or two depending on what is going on in my personal life but these are the dates as of now....

Guild/Thread Name:
Representive to be contacted when thread is put up:
Owner of thread or Guild:
A little information about Guild or Thread:
Will you be hosting contest, raffles, etc....:
You are or will have somebody available to answer and handle on your behalf during this time period:
You are aware that you are fully responsible for all contest, raffles, and content of your post:

Disclaimer... MistyMary24 is not responsible or reliable for any prizes, raffles, games etc... that may associated with any other guild or thread or person that post. MistyMary24 is only responsible for contest, raffles, and games she is hosting. All that do join in with their threads are fully responsible for their own contest, games, post, prizes, etc...


User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Enduring Gaian

User Image

We're a peaceful group looking to have our opinions voiced loud enough for someone to hear.

We want our group to work together to find the best ideas to get our point across
whether by wearing a certain item, putting something in our signature,
not logging in or posting on a certain day, or presenting a united front
with our Avatar Arena entries.

Let's work together to save Gaia!

We miss having fun.

We're tired of being bombarded with GC.

We want change.

User Image

If you would like to donate to the cause, please do so via our
Revolution Charity Mule.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Javier Cross rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 2 Total: 4 (2-12)

User Image

Reserved for The Armada!

How to put it in simple terms?

One hand we got the threat of a Faction-based Civil War, threatening to escalate and lead to a Supernatural World War at any time, which may even escalate beyond that if things get too far.

On another hand we got a set of rules since we're an RP group, I'll suppose I can just list out the basics in the following tag.

There may be spoilers for The Heroes of Olympus and its prequel series in particular, so warning you now that they only pertain to the rules, and we're not just covering them either.

1.) No Children of the 3 sons of Kronos(or his Latin 'Yang' side Saturn!) if you want to get any Boot Campers accepted either for CHB or New Rome!
2.) Do not reveal the True name of New Rome's Boot Camp.
3.) If you feel you can respect the basic RP rules and guidelines, you are welcome to do so, but either way I am not gonna lie so I'll be frank and say each 'Sub-forum'/Area is meant to be going to One Sub-group, if you feel you can lead said Sub-group for the better you can let me or X_of_Pentacles know about it.
4.) If possible, we will not hesitate to host contests, any Holiday Ball like the All Hallows' Eve Ball may be considered but the Yule Ball only arrives whenever there's a Triwizard Tournament as approved by the Ministries of Magic.
5.) Respect the Balance of Power as you RP, this can't be stressed enough.
6.) If you feel you are ready to help revitalize a sub-group, speak with X_of_Pentacles for a possible list.
7.) There are ALWAYS Consequences for one's actions, none of the factions should be different in the slightest so they must stay out of trouble at all times!

These are the basic rules, if you can respect the rules, we will be glad to have you on board.
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7,100 Points
  • Signature Look 250
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Hygienic 200
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Moonlight Giver

16,050 Points
  • Generous 100
  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Invisibility 100
User Image

Welcome to the Halloween Ball, representing the Greatest Gift of All Guild, I hope we get along~Thank you to MistyMary24 for having us!

What is GGoA? We're a anon-gifting community We're mostly forum based, but we are a guild. We run events every few months, for holiday gifting occasions and for fun.

We're currently in the middle of our Halloween event, being hosted by our captain. We host various games and contest each event and sometimes in between~

Sound like something you're into? Anonymous gifting, gifting art, being involved in a fun-filled community?

You can contact our guild captain Lnk1001, the vice captain TheBlackCatLentheritia, our guild mule GGoAGuild and to gift art regardless our art mule RandomAnonymousGifter.

Or visit our Home Thread, our current Halloween event: Ghosting, or our Guild

User Image

Ten Day TekTek: Countdown to Halloween

Starting Oct. 21, 2013 for ten days we will host a TekTek contest. Each day will have a different theme listed below. The entries will be posted in spoilers corresponding to their day. At the end of the event for each day you participate you will recieve 1,000 Gaia Gold, so if you play all 10 days you earn 10k and a special mystery treat. Entries must be PM'd to me, TheBlackCatLentheritia, by 11:59PM[EST] each day to count. For the bonus you may include that avi with any other entry or mail it separately on Halloween. Try to avoid 'I AM' items, there is no price limit! HAVE FUN little ghosts
Theme List

Day 1 [Oct. 21]- Cute Trick or Treater
Day 2[Oct. 22]- A Monster[Vampire, Werewolf ect.]
Day 3-[Oct. 23] Spirit from beyond the Grave
Day 4[Oct. 24]- Zombie/Apocalyptic
Day 5[Oct. 25]- Wicked Witch
Day 6]Oct. 26]- The Good Witch
Day 7[Oct. 27]- Horror Movie
Day 8[Oct. 28]- Alien Attack

Day 9[Oct. 29]- Comical Halloween
Day 10[Oct. 30]- Candy Related [Too much candy, candy corn, etc.]
Bonus Day[Oct 31]- Halloween Party

Entries will be posted in spoilers inside this spoiler marked by day

Day 1- Cute Trick or Treater
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Day 3- Spirit from beyond the Grave
Entrants- MistyMary24, Christopho
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Day 4- Zombie/Apocolyptic
Entrants- MistyMary24
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Day 5- Wicked Witch
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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Truthful Singing

11,350 Points
  • Caroling Champ 100
  • Object of Affection 150
  • Love Machine 150
Role Play Characters
Remember to submit all your profiles to Javiars Thread in his guild. Easy to join
Click here to submit your profiles


User Image
Name: Mystical
Age and School Year: Unknown and over educated
Gender: Female
Orientation: The Unknown
Position: Artiest, Photographer, Explorer
Special: She always travels with a dragon and a fairy
Likes: Music, meeting new people, Exploring, Art, Music, the Unkown
Dislikes: Telling people about herself
Personality: Quiet but can become loud, She is very mystical and only shares what she wants people to know about her
Bio: She is a traveler of sorts and loves the art world. You can find her dancing and singing and taking photos of everything and anything.
She has traveled the universe and has no real home. There is more to her than meets the eye but few know much about her. She appears out of no where and vanishes as well. She does have powers and can make strange things happen around her

the gothic beauty 2

User ImageName:Nicole Claira Maire Covington
Age and School Year:17, 11th
Special Talent:Singing
Likes:Sushi, singing, dancing, any type of music
Dislikes: people asking about her life, being protected by her father
Club: Music and Dance
Personality:She is gentle and kind, but she also has a naughtty playful side. She likes to be alone most of the time.
Bio: Nicole is the only child of a Japanese and Romanian couple. Her mother was Japanese and had fallen in love with a Romanian prince. Her parents were very happy to learn they were going to have a child, but during her birth, her mother passed away. Her father was heartbroken to lose his wife, but he had a daughter to raise and a country to look after.

As Nicole grew older she looked more and more like her mother creating a new heartache for her father. She would ask about the pictures of the woman that looked like her, but she wasnt told very much. When she found out what happened to her mother she understood.

What she sounds like

Michelle Chiba

Name:Micki Chiba
Age: unknown
Special Talent:artwork
Likes:animals,flowers,dolls and dragons
Dislikes: people asking about her age, being used by evil forces
Personality:She is gentle and kind,but had fun side to her when she breaks the 4th wall.
Bio:Micki is a princess to the world called rainbowlia. due a problem in the kingdom,she force in exile and learns the ways of sensei by grand wizard's powers allowing her to produce her pre-cure like abilities. using a special pen known as rainbowlian wand, she transforms into angel-like warrior.

here's the second one:
Name:An Shoji
Username: Julianne
Character Gender:Male(but switched to female by Zelkova)
Class:Blade Brandier
Special Talent:baking,cooking
Likes:special french foods,old movies and Macha
Dislikes:Morganna,PKers who PKed newbies,abuse
Personality:Bright and Cherry,understanding to others,repects friendship.
Bio:Julianne is Blade Brandier and originally had the looks like Endrance except for infinity symbol brooch and lacey ascot with sunflowers on the hat.
her original account was Tsusaka a wavemaster in R:1 the world,now returns to R: X of the world to find the User behind Sora.
Like 10 years ago, Sora rescued her from Morganna after she woke Aura up.
after logging out of the world,she hasn't heard one word from Sora or Seen him.
10 years later,after announcement about the R:1 returning,An tries to Log on Tsusaka for first time but fails. but learns after e-mail from Yata, she needed to help Meshelle on RKing a bunch of R:1s to restore them in thier updated accounts.

Princess Zelda21

Name: Princess Fiora Darnassa

Name Meaning: Little Flower

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Race: Light Elf

Birthplace: Blackthorn Empire

Eye Color: Dark green

Hair Color: White

Build: Small frame, slender

Family: Lyriel Darnassa- Mother (Half Drow/Half Spider-Wolf demon/Part Succubus)
Cardinal Caelius- Father (Light Elf)
Aero Darnassa- Brother (Demon)
Saebrielle & Axel Darnassa- Older twin half siblings (Half Drow/Half Demon)

Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Bio: Born in an empire from a far off land, Fiora was the youngest. She enjoyed spending time in the castle library reading many books while growing up. However, her relationship with her big brother Aero became a bit difficult, causing them to grow apart for some time. As the years passed, Fiora became good friends with the princess of Hyrule. Late one evening when Fiora had been spending time with her parents, a fight broke out between her brother and father. Lyriel tried to help resolve the situation, but to no avail. It raged on for several hours, causing Princess Zelda to become injured. Caelius did what he could to protect the Princess of Hyrule as she recovered. Yet alas the battle had ceased as he laid there upon the floor, his heart giving its last few beats before going silent. A few months later, Fiora had gone on a trip back to Hyrule in order to take a break from her own duties at home. There she remained for several weeks until she was ready to return.

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