Guild Wars 2012

I am Commander Lynx, leader of the military guild, Fort Lynx. Here at Fort Lynx, we roleplay our gaia personas or our avatars. I am looking for others, like myself, who like to roleplay, participate in community projects, and have fun. Guild Wars 2012 is the first in what I hope will be many, Guild Wars, where various military guilds team up to fight each other in a massive war.

You don't even have to be apart of a guild. You can go ahead and lone wolf it up, either you are a merc for a hire, or you got lost in the gunfire.

There is no limit to how many people can join, but I do want some others to help me out, as crew members. I can always make a second guild for everyone to face off in. Each military group can have their own subforum, or we can compete in various lands. The story that my guild takes place in is Gaia, but more so, the Gaia forums. I don't pay too closely to the gaia storyline; I usually make my own story up based on the forum and it's users.

Groups & Guilds apart of Guild Wars 2012

Fort Lynx
Basura's Scrapyard Lair

I'm currently trying to get the Zurg Hive and GIB to join, as well.

So, post if you are interested or have a guild that fits the criteria.